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☽ Late October (22nd), YDAU - WYYY, Madame Psychosis

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Madame Psychosis
not just a byname for DMZ, but also a radio show host

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apotheosis is the glorifying of someone to a divine level

having a tendency to kill one's father

a person who studies insects scientifically

a misspelling for sphenoid, "a winged bone at the base of the cranium." Merriam-Webster Online. 25 May 2009

having the form of a funnel

having to do with the epiglottis

a nationwide (worldwide?) Jewish student union present on several campuses

corpus callosum
the part of the brain connecting the left and right hemispheres

laryngeally fissured
having ridges like the human larynx

receiving funding from the university in exchange for work rendered to the university

Page 183

a lightweight, balanced, plain-woven fabric

To limn means to describe or delineate

referring to the parietal lobe of the brain, responsible for sensory memory and response

Midwesterners in the U.S. use this word to denote what others call "soda," i.e., Coca-Cola, 7-Up, etc.

a pun on the Chinese word tao, ("the way") and the Dow Jones Industrial Average


Eastern Standard Time

literally that part of the brain responsible for autonomic functions like heartbeat, organ activity, etc.

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I. M. Pei
Ieoh Ming Pei (born 1917) is a Chinese-born American architect who designed, among other famous buildings, MIT's Green Building.

Endnote 60

J. A. Stratton
Julius Adams Stratton (1901-1994) was an American educator and president of MIT between 1959 and 1965.

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cerebral cortex
that part of the brain responsible for higher-order thinking

"...what she's said for three years of midnights..."
Up until 'Look at that fucker Dance,' the rest of her introduction is from Genesis 1.

Largest Whole Prime On The FM Band
109 is a prime number, i.e., divisible only by itself and by 1. Actually the highest number you can get on FM is 108.

probably denoting "electromagnetic"

that force in a spinning object that tends to push away objects from the angle of rotation

Hundt Act
Reed E. Hundt (born 1948) was chairman of the Federal Communications Committee in 1996, when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed. Wallace may be riffing on that, as it appears there was no equivalent legislation in 1966.

spatter's center
The spatter referred to here is probably the small amount of FM bands that can be sent out.

When used with regard to demand, this term means tending not to change.

3-km. cannon
The range is about 1.86 miles.

Physical Education

The study of literature or language.

Page 185

lack of function of the ovaries or testicles

Nodular leprosy with leonine facies
a form of leprosy that generates lesions made of nodes and that produces lion-like facial expressions (i.e., "leonine facies")

The acromegalic and hyperkeratosistic. The enuretic.
Arcomegaly is a disorder of the pituitary gland whereby it produces too much human growth hormone, resulting in giantism. Hyperkeratosistic means that one is suffering from hyperkeratosis. Enuresis is the inability to urinate.

The spasmodically torticollic.
having a head tilted to one side (torticollis) involving convulsions (spasmodic)

transuranial metallurgist.

`transuranial' refers to the elements with an atomic number greater than 92.

Guaranteed Student Loan


between nerves

semitic ideograms
Semitic languages actually tend to be written uses alphabets, where a symbol denotes a phoneme, rather than in ideograms, like Chinese and Korean are. The oldest alphabet is the Phoenician, which was Semitic.0

rostral lamina
in biology, a beaklike or snoutlike (rostral) layer of tissue (lamina)

Neuroform is actually the brand-name of a type of stent.

Standard Operating Procedure

adhering to Italian neorealism

Peterson/Broughton and Dali/Buñuel
Sidney Peterson and James Broughton collaborated on The Potted Psalm (1946), an experimental film.

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Púbol (1904-1989) and Luis Buñuel Portolés (1900-1983) were both Spanish artists. They collaborated on Un chien andalou (An Andalusian Dog, 1929), another experimental film.

Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid codirected Meshes of the Afternoon

Michelangelo Antonioni (1912-2007) was an Italian filmmaker probably most famous for Blowup.

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky (1932-1986) was a Soviet-Russian filmmaker, most famous for Voyage in Time, made with Antonioni.

Sometimes Ozu and Bresson
Yasujirō Ozu (1903-1963) was a Japanese filmmaker. Robert Bresson (1901-1999) was a French filmmaker.

hoary dramaturgy
According to Wikipedia, dramaturgy is "the art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage." To call it "hoary" would be to imply it's old.

Sir Herbert Tree
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1852-1917) was a British actor and manager. You can hear his performances of Hamlet here.

In the style of Pauline Kael (1919-2001), an American film critic for New Yorker magazine.

De Palma, Tarantino
Brian De Palma and Quentin Tarantino

Endnote 61

dissociative formalism
presumably formalism that focuses too much on form and not enough on character and other aspects of filmmaking

Stan Brakhage and Hollis Frampton
Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) and Hollis Frampton (1936-1984) were American avant-garde filmmakers.

Beth B.
You can read about her here.

the Snow brothers, Vigdis Simpson
One of the Snow brothers would have to be Michael Snow (born 1929), a Canadian-American filmmaker, principally known for Wavelength. Vigdis Simpson seems created.

Page 185 (cont'd)

Brutalism, Found Drama
Brutalism may refer to brutalist architecture. Found Drama is the cinematic extension of Found Art.

inharmonious with other things (here, aspects of Madame Psychosis's taste)

Page 186

Imamu Amiri Baraka (born Everett LeRoi Jones, 1934) is an African-American poet, playwright, author, and political activist.

actually two words: Pia mater

plural of "sulcus," a furrow or groove, particularly between sections of the brain

A.Y. ('V.F.') Rickey's summum opus
A.Y. "Vector Field" Rickey, as first referenced back in Endnote 3 as the architect of the cardioid E.T.A. buildings. Possibly named after V. Frederick Rickey, a prominent mathematician. It is notable that there is, in fact, no Student Union building at MIT.

The summum opus would be the "greatest work" while a magnum opus would be a "great work."

referring to both the parietal lobe of the brain, as well as the occipital lobe, which is where vision is processed

Pons and abducent
The Pons is a structure on the brain stem, while the abducens nerve is a nerve in the muscles of the eye.

basilar-stem artery
a stem of an artery that carries blood to the brain

the second half of the full name of the medulla


a passage or opening leading to the interior of the body.

Page 187

acronym for "fluorohydrocarbon," this is a type of fluroplastic, known to give off poisonous fumes

The company's Web site is here.

fifty degrees Fahrenheit

five m.
almost 16.5 feet

vascularly hued
colored like a blood vessel

employing the element mercury

lacking the larger speaker (i.e., the "woofer") found in multi-speaker systems

noses having a collapsed nasal bridge

shrinking in size

Scleredema adultorum
a disease characterized by non-pitting induration of the skin

suffering from serodermatosis, a skin disease with serous effusion into the skin

having water on the brain

tabescent and chachetic
Tabescent refers to a person with tabes dorsalis, and chachetic (probably misspelled) apparently refers to a person with cachexia.

This would seem to be a type of glioma, though it is mentioned almost nowhere.

carbuncular or steatocryptotic
Carbuncular means "pimply," while steatocryptotic refers to a person suffering from steatocryptosis, which is derangement of the sebaceous glands.

Marin-Amat Syndrome
This is involuntary closure on one eye, named for Manuel Marin Amat, an early 20th century Spanish ophthalmologist.

suffering from cutaneous tuberculosis

Bell-shaped steatopygiacs
A steatopygiac is a person suffering from steatopygia; if you're bell-shaped, it just means the fat is closer to the bottom than the top

Pityriasis Rosea
a skin disease marked by patches of pink, oval rash

"Blessed are the poor in body, for they."
This is not one of the Beatitudes.

Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed

probability waves for subhadronics
Probability waves are a concept in quantum physics that expresses the probability that "a particle or particles in a particular state will be measured to have a given position and momentum" (Wikipedia). Subhadronic refers to a particle smaller than a hadron.

Page 188

Radcliffe's Bunting Institute
Radcliffe is the women's college at Harvard University. According to the Harvard Web site, "The Bunting Institute is a mutidisciplinary center for women scholars, writers, artists, and activists of demonstrated achievement and promise. Each year, approximately 40 women pursue projects that make significant contributions to their fields, working in a community that fosters interdisciplinary discourse, and creative and intellectual leadership. Some describe their experience as "the Bunting transformation."

L.A.S. tradition
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Endnote 64

Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson, LL.D. (1709-1784), was a British poet, essayist, novelist, literary critic, and lexicographer.

Patricia Beesley, an early 20th century American educator who did author the book named.

There is no such Web site.

Page 188 (cont'd)

mens-sana pedagogy
"healthy-mind" teaching

ad valorem
Latin: by value

corpore potis
Latin: able of body. The second part of the play on "Mens sana in corpore sano."

Thorp's Trigonometry of Cubes
Edward Oakley Thorp (born 1932) is an American mathematician, but he seems not to have created a "trigonometry of cubes," which would be, frankly, impossible.

aphotic to apochromatic
Aphotic means without light, while apochromatic means developing color.

Best Boy
a member of a film crew, assistant to either the gaffer or key grip

an area of Cambridge, Mass.

Page 189


misspelling of xanthodontic, which means yellow-toothed

basilisk-breathed and pyorrheic
A basilisk is a type of dragon, and pyorrhea is the condition of having gum disease.

Page 190

peronic or teratoidal
Peronic probably means having a bent penis (from Peyronies disease), while teratoidal means malformed.

phrenologically malformed
malformed in the shape of the skull

supuratively lesioned
having lesions that ooze pus

having blisters on the nose

radically -ectomied
-having to do with body-part removal (think radical mastectomy)


having masses of ulcerated infections of the skin

lazarettes and oubliettes
A lazarette is a hospital that treats infectious diseases, while an oubliette is a dungeon accessible only by trapdoor.

kyphotic and lordotic
Kyphotic means having abnormal rear curvature of the spine (i.e., hunchbacked), while lordotic having abnormal forward curvature of the spine.

Having cellulite, i.e., deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue (as in the thighs, hips, and buttocks) that give a puckered and dimpled appearance to the skin surface (Merriam-Webster)

fatally pulchritudinous
deadly good-looking

Reference to the story of Actaeon - "In the version that was offered by the Hellenistic poet Callimachus (Hymn v), which has become the standard setting, Artemis was bathing in the woods when the hunter Actaeon stumbled across her, thus seeing her naked. He stopped and stared, amazed at her ravishing beauty. Once seen, Actaeon was punished by Artemis: she forbade him speech — if he tried to speak, he would be changed into a stag — for the unlucky profanation of her virginity's mystery. Upon hearing the call of his hunting party, he cried out to them and immediately was changed into a stag. His own hounds then turned upon him and tore him to pieces, not recognizing him." (Wikipedia)

looking like a gorgon

papuled, the macular, the albinic
Papules are inflammatory elevations of the skin. Macular means having opaque spots on the cornea. Albinic is having no melanin.

a concubine or slave in a harem

italics, used for emphasis

a crosier is a type of French roll

a type of beer, medium in darkness

vin blanc
French: white wine

Page 191


Good Morning, Midnight and Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Giovanni's Room and Under the Volcano
Good Morning, Midnight is a novel by Jean Rhys (1890-1979), born Ella Gwendolen Rees Williams, a Caribbean novelist, on the topic of a woman forced to confront her own loneliness and despair. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets is a novel by Stephen Crane (1871-1900), an American novelist, on the topic of a child prostitute. Giovanni's Room by African-American expatriate author James Arthur Baldwin (1924-1987) is a novel on the topic of a young man coming to terms with his homosexuality. Under the Volcano is a novel by Malcolm Lowry (1909-1957), a British writer, on the topic of alcoholism.

Bret Ellis
Bret Easton Ellis (born 1965) is an American novelist probably best known for Less Than Zero (1985), about a drug addict who turns to prostitution, and American Psycho (1991), about a serial killer.

van der Rohe
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) was a German-born American architect.

Endnote 66

R.E.M. and Pearl Jam
R.E.M.'s lead singer, Michael Stipe, was famous for his unintelligible lyrics until around 1987's Document. Pearl Jam's vocalist, Eddie Vedder, is as cryptic now as he was fifteen years ago, when they released their first record.

Page 191 (cont'd)

wall- and cross-eyed
To be wall-eyed is to suffer from exotropia, which is a form of ocular paralysis in which one or both eyes turn outward.

ergotic of St. Anthony
An old name for ergot poisoning is "St. Anthony's fire," which is ergot poisoning. However, given the context, Wallace may be referring here to shingles.

varicelliformally eruptive
a type of eczema due to herpes.

sarcoma'd of Kaposi
Karposi's sarcoma is a usually benign skin cancer common in elderly Mediterranean men that has become the most easily identifiable visible symptom of AIDS.

M. Hamilton as Oz's West Witch
Referring to The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West (and East) was played by Margaret Hamilton.

Page 192


The image can be seen to the right.

having a broken or projecting tooth

having flesh hanging from one's chin, like a turkey

in a way suggesting a werewolf

suffering from Tourette's syndrome

resembling a monster

having bad breath

saurian- and equine-looking
looking like a lizard or horse, respectively


Cushing's Disease
Named for Harvey Williams Cushing (1869-1939), an American neurologist, this disease is an endocrine disorder resulting in rapid weight gain, sweating, thinning of skin, and other negative side effects.

nose job

below the dura mater in the skull

Page 193

les bâtiments sanctifíes
French: the holy buildings

a 1927 film directed by Fritz Lang

Layout of the Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex

Page 193

the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs

Page 194

i.e., financially solvent

a drug used to wean heroin addicts off that drug and onto methadone, which is equally addictive but produces no "high"

the brand name of methamphetamine

New Bedford
a city of Massachusetts, about 50 miles south of Boston

Page 195

a Chevrolet Corvette

the study of birds

introducing an amino acid into something

an improvised prison weapon used for stabbing

Page 196

Long-Term Illnesses

Endnote 67

The Unexamined Life tavern
Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living in Apology.

having an umbrella on or in it

a type of drink

'objay darts'
a bastardized form of objets d'arts, French for "objects of art"

relating to catatonia, a neurogenic motor immobility arising from a disturbed mental state (resulting in little or no movement in the sufferer)

Page 197

This is "a hip roof, each face of which has a steeper lower part and a shallower upper part" (Random House Unabridged Dictionary).


a brand name of popular gum

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