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'''conic sections'''<br />
'''conic sections'''<br />
These are studied in advanced trigonometry; they are geometric shapes forced by passing a plane through a double-naped cone at different angles and observing the cross-sections, i.e., circles, ellipses (see note ''supra''), parabolas, and hyperbolas
These are studied in advanced trigonometry; they are geometric shapes forced by passing a plane through a double-naped cone at different angles and observing the cross-sections, i.e., circles, ellipses (see note ''supra''), parabolas, and hyperbolas.
==Page 853==
==Page 853==

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November 19th, YDAU - AFR on the Move

Page 845

from the French for "left" but here meaning "crude" or "socially unacceptable"

Gately Dreaming

Page 846

leur rai pays
cf. note suprafor NOTRE RAI PAYS on page 222; this would be idiomatic French for "their home away from home" or "their colony" (Québec)

Page 847

the sort of body Gately's only ever seen with a staple in its navel
a centerfold nude in a magazine, such as Playboy

fifth post
You get the picture.

Taj Mahal

i.e., the Taj Mahal; Wikipedia

very thick

Page 848

see note supra for page 634

Page 849

Page 850

i.e., stark naked

Page 851

November 20th, YDAU; GAUDEAMUS IGITUR - Hal Narrates

Page 851

Gaudeamus Igitur
A traditional European graduation song that exhorts the listener to enjoy all that our brief lives have to offer--in particular, the recreations in which university undergraduates typically partake. The phrase comes from the opening Latin words of the lyric: "Let us rejoice therefore/ While we are young/After a pleasant youth/After a troublesome old age/The earth will have us."

Page 852

50 cm.
nearly 20 inches

A formula for the temporal relation...
To understand why Hal's insight is true, first take a look at the Trammel of Archimedes. Now imagine a system in which the two shuttles travel back and forth along their respective axes and flash each time they reach the ellipse before reversing direction. Both shuttles are confined to the ellipse, so that the shuttle on the major axis travels farther (and temporally longer) between its flashes than does its counterpart on the minor axis. There are two formulas for describing the ellipse, one for the major axis on the horizontal and the other for the major axis on the vertical.

conic sections
These are studied in advanced trigonometry; they are geometric shapes forced by passing a plane through a double-naped cone at different angles and observing the cross-sections, i.e., circles, ellipses (see note supra), parabolas, and hyperbolas.

Page 853

terre batu
French for "beaten earth," this is a reference to French clay courts.

Page 854

Gately's Dreaming, cont.

Page 854

shining brilliance

probably a misspelling of "huipil," which is a kind of thin Mexican blouse

Page 855

And Lo
the words used by Madame Psychosis to open her radio show (p. 184)

Page 856

Mexican sandals

perhaps Boston University Multimedia - but more likely B.U.M. Equipment, a clothes manufacturer that can be read about here

St. Columbkill
this is actually spelled "St. Columbkille," one of the many names of St. Columba, who was also called "Colum Cille," meaning "dove of the church," and was one of the "Twelve Apostles of Ireland" who converted the native Irish - St. Columbkille Parish is a real Parish in Brighton, MA, as end note 348 mentions, the website of which is here.

Page 857

word of mouth

another name for loco weed

have to much to go on
this appears to be a misprint of "have too much to go on"

Page 859

Evel Knievel
Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr. (1938-2007), was an American motorcycle daredevil.

Page 861

United Parcel Service

Route 45
U.S. Route 45 runs from US-98 in Mobile, Ala., to I-43/I-94 in Milwaukee. It passes through Kentucky.

Page 863

i.e., orgasm, an interesting pun considering it incorporates "chasm," meaning "abyss"

German: love-death - this is the final aria sung by Isolde in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde

Page 864

Hal's Narration, cont.

a high-protein energy drink distributed, in powered form, in cans

an ornamental border that has intersecting curved lines that form a continuous circular design

lee side
nautical term meaning the side facing away from the wind

Page 865

ritualistic washings of the body

November 18, Eastern Standard Time, 04:56 a.m. (Despite the fact that it's apparently November 20th. Whether this is an error or not is unclear.)

dialect pronunciation of "foreigners"

Page 866

Mount Auburn
probably the Mount Auburn Club in Watertown, Mass.

Federal Aviation Administration

shrieking; playing of bagpipes

Page 867

duck blind
a shelter for concealing duck hunters

Winchester double-aughts
This is the Winchester 00 rifle, "aught" being a widespread expression for "zero."

raison d'être, French: reason for being

Page 868

candied or covered in sugar

i.e., medians

Page 870


having a "projecting structure, such as a beam, that is supported at one end and carries a load at the other end or along its length" (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

i.e., telekinesis

descriptive of a bandage that closes a wound and keeps it from air

Page 871

making up the parts of the parts of an atom; very, very small

Moët & Chandon is a French champagne manufacturer

having the mumps

half a meter
about 1.64 feet


Page 872


Page 873

Endnote 352


betel-nut extract
This extract causes the teeth and gums to be stained red

destructive to both sides (of a conflict, esp. within an organization)

Page 873 (cont'd)

a naive male

dried up

S.-B. I.Q.
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Quotient

Year of the Perdue Wonderchicken

an office requiring little or no work

a misspelling of Bahá'í, a Middle-Eastern faith

Page 874

not quite manic, but close

one of the same generation or era; contemporary

Endnote 353


Page 874

fireman's carry
to carry someone by draping them over your shoulder

in the style of Noh (alternative romanization: "Nou"), which is the highly stylized, elaborately costumed classical drama of Japan


Latin: nothing

Page 875

Good prince Hal
Falstaff addresses the future King Henry V in this manner in Act II, scene ii, of I Henry IV.

Anglo-Saxon prince or royal heir

misspelling of cachinnated, i.e., laughed loudly

Spanish term for "friend"

Page 876

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