0.473 litres<br /> 222; one pint

AA/NA<br /> clich&eacute;s, 270; "the Gift" 273; Getting In Touch With Your Feelings, 446; "accept it on faith" 533; Powerless, 546; rationalizing, 555; is your Higher Power "omni-potent enough to make a suitcase that's too heavy for him to lift"? 564; Gratitude List, 596; "Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it" 606; Suicide Contract, 697; Attitude of Platitude, 706; Denial Aisle, 707; black addict (Reginald or Roy Tony?) who blows off pregnant wife and child, 708; Interval of Issues-Resolution, 716; Ninth Step, 815; Pulsing Blue Light, 833; White-Knuckle, 838; Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me A Drink, 839; Church of Perpetual Revenge (CPR)--what White Flaggers call AA, 844; "One Day at a Time" "Keep It in the Day" 858; "AA's real gift: it's no accident they call it The Present" 860; Old Cold Bird, 860; 13th-Stepping (newcomer-seducing), 863; "Let [thoughts of taking a Substance] come as they will, but do not Entertain them" 890 (see also p.26); "The truth will set you free, but not until it's done with you" 973; "Addicts Don't Have Relationships, They Take Hostages" fn.292/1054

Abbott, E. A.<br /> 281; author of Flatland

Abrams, Shoshana<br /> 756; rooms w/Spodek at ETA

Academia de Vera Cruz<br /> 259; tennis academy in Mexico

Academy of Visual Arts and Sciences<br /> 548;

ACOA<br /> 1050; Adult Children of Alcoholics

ACOG<br /> 1050; Adult Children of Gamblers (?)

ACONA<br /> 1050; Adult Children of Narcotics Addicts

Actaeon Complex<br /> 290; "deep phylogenic fear of transhuman beauty"

A.D.A.<br /> 55; North Shore Assistant District Attorney who has it in for Gately; lives in "upscale Wonderland Valley section of Revere"; wife "needs Valium just to floss" 59; 818; 821; talking with Pat M. about apologizing to Gately, 960; wears a Stetson w/feather, fn.14/984-85;

ad valorem<br /> 33; Latin: to value. "In proportion to the value"

addiction<br /> marijuana, 17; giving one's self away, 53; "Drug addicts [...] are not often inclined toward violent crime" 55; "Who teaches your U.S.A. children how to choose their temple?" 107; Kicking The Bird, 135; Mario I. to Madame Psychosis' WYYY show, 171, 190; methadone clinic in Unit #2, 194; stats and info on, 200; "all but lose your mind when [the enslaving substance] is taken away from you" 201; "Analysis-Paralysis," 203; McDade's tattoo of "flaming skull on his left shoulderblade" 206; Joelle's to "the Material [freebase cocaine]" 222; Pemulis' "neurasthenic stomach" 267; Troeltsch and 'drines" 267; Hal's "devolution from occasional tourist to subterranean compulsive" 270; "some people never get over the loss of what they'd thought was their one true best friend" 273; The Spider, 274; "difference between abstinence v. recovery" 277;

advertising<br /> Statue of Liberty, 33, 367; "declining fortunes of broadcast television advertising, 150; sponsorships, 264, 266; TV-advertising's demise, 411;

A.F.R.<br /> 89; aka Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents, aka Wheelchair Assassins of Qu&eacute;bec

Agnew, Spiro<br /> 281; Vice President under Richard Nixon; resigned in disgrace

Ahts of Vancouver<br /> 243; primitives

AlaTeens<br /> 1050;

ALGOL<br /> 491; fn.223/1036

All-Bright Printing<br /> 894; where Parias-Carbo works; near Jackson-Mann School;

Allen, Woody<br /> 944; American comedian, film actor and director; parodied by Himself in Death in Scarsdale

Allston, MA<br /> "Kiss me where it smells, she said, so I took her to Allston" 154, 578

Alphonso<br /> 178; resident at Ennet House, from Cuba

Altman, Robert<br /> 835; American film director - "crafted imitation of aural chaos"

American Council of Disseminators of Cable (A.C.D.C.)<br /> 412;

Anchorman's Bloat<br /> 147

anhedonia<br /> Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure; "You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible" 84; "it is often more fun to want something than to have it" 205; simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93

annulation<br /> "cold annular fusion" 64; annular hyperfloration cycles, 65; vicious circle of drug-taking and tennis, 67; "circle of arms" 69; "annularly overfertilized forests" 93; "firelight's circle" 103; "curve's classically annular shape" 150; "annularized Great Concavity's No-Time," 183; "cold-fusion ring" 185; "annulation equations" 185; "the ultimate annular fusion" 222; "some beastly post-annular scopophiliacal vector" 233; "subannular regions of the Great Concavity" 241; "annular-generated amps" 242; 306; 309; &amp; Jim Incandenza, 502-03; and shame, 535; "the annulated Shawshine River" 561; 569; explained, 570-74; annular medicine, 572; Mr. Green "clunking around in circles" 580; people "milling in rings" around an Empire W.D.V. mishap, 620; "concentric rings of pond and crowd" 622; Metallurgy of Annular Isotopes , 624; "his finger's annular pallor" 638; more concentric rings, 718; ETA's annular heating system, 870; "concentric circles" 891;

Anschluss<br /> 1020; German: "connection"; O.N.A.N.ite Anschluss, 421; "of Hitler" 777;

Anti-Anti-O.N.A.N. Activities' Agency<br /> 549; under U.S.O.U.S.; fn.229/1037

anticonfluentialism<br /> 185; 376; 380; fn.61/996

Antitoi Entertain[m]ent<br /> 215; "cut-rate mirror, blown-glass, practical joke 'n gag, trendy postcard, and low-demand old film-cartridge emporium [...] just up Prospect St. from Inman Square in Cambridge's decayed Portugo/Brazilian district" where Pemulis bought the DMZ from 2 Canadian insurgents, on Inman Square in Cambridge, MA; owned by Antitoi brothers, 300; 304; Gately drives past, 480; sell used entertainment cartridges, 483; and PT "Poor Tony" Krause, 690-91; Krause running to, 720

Antitoi, Bertraund<br /> 480; "the brains of the outfit" viz. the Antitois' cell, "self-contained, a monomitotic cell, eccentric and borderline-incompetent"; death, 486; Front-Contre-O.N.A.N.isme action against the "Canadian Minister of Inter-O.N.A.N. Trade, 690-91;

Antitoi, Lucien<br /> 480; Bertraund's brother who doesn't know French; death, 488;

Antonioni<br /> 185;

appropriation artist<br /> 23; former romantic interest of Gately's

Arslanian, Idris ("Id")<br /> 98; 14-year-old Pakistani ETA student; 567;

Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents<br /> See Wheelchair Assassins of Qu&eacute;bec

ATHSCME<br /> 51; make fans that blow toxic smoke/fumes north to Canada; "giant protective [...] fans atop the hugely convex protective walls of anodized Lucite" 93; "make really big fans" 240; 268-69; Sunstrand Plaza, 542; de-linting, 542; 1017;

A.T.P. Tour<br /> 111; 259

Au Bon Pain<br /> 130; cafe in Harvard Square; 212

Avalon, Frankie<br /> 168

Axford, Trevor ("The Axhandle")<br /> 50; ETA student; clean-urine sales (w/Pemulis), 151; "only three-and-a-half digits on his right hand" 332; fireworks accident 3 Interdependence Days past, 512; "a true redheaded person" 512; fell off his bike and "received a tiny lesion-type brain injury after which all food everywhere tastes horrible to him" 628; Big Buddy to Penn and Ingersoll, fn.209/1035

Axhandle, the<br /> See Axford, Trevor


B., Louise
348; White Flag Group member and attempted suicide

199; "Bacon's popes"

Bain, Kevin
800; Marlon's older brother, at Inner Infant group Hal happens upon; parents killed in traffic helicopter accident, 803; "short thick person with a dark swart face" 805;

Bain, Marlon
46; ETA student in Orin's dream; Orin's affair with his sister, 47; 246; ETA student when Orin attended, 284; 296; had O.C.D., 1039; excessive sweating, fn.234/1039; inDeath in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; never leaves home, which is one room, "practically lived" with the Incandenzas in Weston AZ, fn.234/1043; letter to Steeply, fn.269/1047; mother "decapitated by a plummeting rotorblade" 1051; in Himself's films, 687; dislikes meeting people outside his home and office, 663

726; A.F.R. member making rounds of halfway/rehab houses; haven't located veiled performer as of 11/19/YDAU, 845; going to place large mirror on highway to commandeer Québec team's bus, 846;

435; breaking & entering;

186; poem


Bash, Jennie
114; ETA student; 551

Baum, Crosby
229; "academic" at Notkin's party

Bay Bank
130; "off Sherman Street" in Boston

491; 745

Beak, Peter
97; 12-year-old student at ETA; sleeping with eyes open, 110; 460; rooms w/Whale and Virgilio, 757;

32; "I Want To Tell You"; 243; Dr. Robert, 927; See also McCartney, Paul

Belbin, Jennifer
207; Ennet House resident w/teardrop tatoos; 363; 596;

Benny, Jack
828; American entertainer

235; "Ecstacy of St. Theresa"

Better Late Than Never
209; AA group at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; 534; "St. E's" 540;

834; 60s TV sitcom

Big Book
360; AA's book

Big Buddy
66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E.T.A. player in 18-and-Unders has four to six 14-and-Unders kids he's supposed to keep his more experienced wing over" 98

Big Red Soda Water
222; Joelle's favorite soft drink from childhood

3; Dean of Athletics at Univ. of AZ, "interviewing" Hal

Bing [Crosby]
545; slang for cocaine; "the 'Express Elevator to AA'"; 712; fn.27/994

Bioavailable Five
582; rock band

Birch, Herbert G.
fn.24/987; plays the dentist in Himself'sFun with Teeth; plays son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

204; metro Boston for a jail sentence


Blanchard's Liquors
546; "off Allston's Union Square"

Bloom, Professor H.
fn.366/1077; "turgid studies of artisticinfluenza "

Blott, Kent
97; 10-year-old student at ETA; father "a cutting-edge E.N.T. oncologist" 111; confessing anxiety re masturbation to Lyle, 390; "humanities-type kid" 668;

Bly, Robert
806; American poet and author ofFire In The Belly; "The fire in the belly" fn.321/1066;

Bodine, Jethro
1007; "Ass't Mailroom Technician for the N.O. Saints"; 1014;

20; headshop in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Bollettieri, Nick
79; in Sarasota, tennis camp

Bonk, Mildred L.
38; beautiful 8th grader; 179; 207; the name Bruce Green has tattooed on his right triceps

Bonk-Green, Harriet
39; daughter of Mildred Bonk and Bruce Green; 180

Boone, Bridget C.
49-50; ETA student; introduced Hal to marijuana, 67; 633;

Boston AA
343; Betty Crocker Cake Mix trope, 467;

Boston Univerity
284; Terriers, 286;

Bouncety-Bounce, Mr.
35; host of Interlace Spontaneous-Dissemm. children's program; "-brand bow-biters" 111; 520; "appears in his old cloth-and-safety-pin diaper and paunch and rubber infant-head mask" 648; 878; Gately loves the show, 922;

129; gay bar in Harvard Squar[e], Boston

314.1-3; lost or impaired ability to make decisions or act independently, abulic.


Brando, Marlon
157; American film actor who ruined two generations "with their own bodies and everyday objects" 157;

Brandt, Otto
32; janitor at ETA; "Submoronic-to-moronic" 873; appeared inZero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;

Bread & Circus
478; organic, chi-chi grocery in Inman Square, Cambridge MA; shopping carts with calculators attached, 623;

944; compared to Himself

185; Parisan-French filmmaker compared to Himself; 944

Brewster's Angle

138;See alsoGlynn, Doony

Brighton Fence & Wire
607; where Glynn Doony worked;

Briggs electrode
470; implanted in brain to prevent seizures

Brigham and Women's City of Boston Hospital

Brighton Best Savings Bank (B.B.S.B.)
542; 708;

88; (fn.38) "Goethe's well-known"; 641

825; usually brodie, to commit suicide by leaping off a bridge

Brookline Young People's Mtg. (B.Y.P.)
555; AA group "on Beacon neary the Newton line"; 736

185; ??

Broullîme, M.
127; member of Les Assassins; Marathe's superior, 420; 722; lectures on Trans-3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid, a material present in "the sweat of grave mental illness" 733-34;


140; Before Subsidization; last year B.S. Was 2001

Québecois Sepératiste Left term for Office of Unspecified Services; See Unspecified Services

Bud, Uncle
221; Joelle's; 239

Bulat, Doshka (?)
447; Gately's missing Estonian father

Bunyan, J.
322; author ofPilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come

185; French ?? filmmaker

Burns, Major
642; M*A*S*H character

Burroughs, William
21; American writer of the "Beat" generation; 212

695;melancholia ;

Bush, G. (George)
63; American president, 1988-92; 230; 473;

Byrne, F. X. ("Follow That Ambulance")
512; "rapacious personal-injury J.D."

Byzantine Erotica
Hal's interest in, 29; "a triptych of high-quality" 35; 950


60; 284; 511; 620. Fn95, p. 284/1003 reads "Pink being Microsoft Inc.'s first post-Windows DOS, quickly upgraded to Pink2 when InterLace took everything 100 % interactive and digital; by Y.D.A.U. it's kind of a dinosaur, but it's still the only DOS that'll run a MathpakVEndStat tree without having to stop and recompile every few seconds."

C, Bobby
128; "Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth"; junkie in Boston who hangs with Poor Tony and "yrstruly"; takes off patty's ear, 129; 300; henchman for Sorkin, 917;

1055; "pimple cream," (see fn 304a, p. 1062) [NOTE: this is not the chemical formula for benzoyl peroxide as some have suggested. (That formula is C14H10O4.)] And...as I was informed by a reader named Olympia McGurk, "...this is not benzoyl peroxide; its chemical name is propionyl peroxide (or more correctly but less commonly dipropionyl peroxide). It is a precursor used in the synthesis of some polymers but is most emphatically not pimple cream as DFW claims. I suspect it would burn your skin off." Although, Olympia continues, "I also realized that it could just be a printer's or editor's error: the formula would be correct for benzoyl peroxide if it were (C6H5CO)2O2 instead of (C2H5CO)2O2. The substitution of C2H5 for C6H5 (ethyl for benzyl) would be a natural error for someone who knew a little bit of chemistry but who wasn't thinking about aromatic rings."

fn.26/994; "scandal thought brought down so many funeral directors in the Year of the Purdue Wonderchicken"

"cages over the lightbulbs";

Cage, John
fn.24/989; his4'33 an unnamed influence of Himself'sThe Joke

Caisse de Dépôt et Placement
751; workplace of Health-Benefits administrator whose name Maranthe appropriates

Cambridge City Hospital

Cameron, James
48; American filmmaker (Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, etc.)

Camus, Albert
12; Nobel Prize winning Fr. writer/philosopher

Candida Albicans
33; a dimorphous organism that can be either a yeast, in which form it is not invasive, or a fungus, in which form it is.

Cantor, Georg
82; fn.35/994

410; early ETA prorector; and Clipperton in YoW, 432;

Carty, Gary
891; friend of Gately's with whom he'd trap lobsters "in the pre-dawn reek of low tide"

Casey , William J.
473; former director of the CIA

Cathy or Kathy
920; beautiful R.N. who assists Gately in defecating

Chang, Michael
389; tennis pro

Chaos Theory
and tennis, 81-82; "What if heredity, instead of linear, is branching" 220; 341; fn.34/994

Chawaf, R.-L.-O.
See''''Richardson-Levy-O'Byrne-Chawaf, Ms. Soma

Cheap-O Records
129; in Boston

Checkpoint Pongo

834; late-80s/early 90s TV sitcom, with "Sam and Carla and Nom"; Nom as Gately's "own organic father" 836; Gately's memories of, 883;

Cheery, Mo
643; owner of Cheery Oil, Troy NY, and employer of Steeply's father

Cheese, Susan T.
130; junkie in Boston; 300;

China Pearl Place
133; in Boston

Chit Chat Farms Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania State
749; where Maranthe (as Henri, the Swiss) did detox

Choosy Mothers
582; (name taken from 1970s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif."

Chore Boys
222; 225

Chr&#05;étien, J.
384; Canadian Prime Minister & co-Vice Chair of O.N.A.N.

Christianson, Daphne

Chu, LaMont
112; ETA student; 328; confessing addiction to being a famous tennis star to Lyle, 388; 458; 757; filmed by Mario

Chuck or Chick
531-33; guy who shoots guy who "made him look small" in front of his girl


635-13: partly digested food passed from stomach to duodenum

264; ETA student


Claprood, Governor
576; pre-O.N.A.N.ite governor of MA

Clarke, Mrs.
112; works in kitchen at ETA; 120; 193; "former Four-Star dessert chef" 380;

65; "sad old ex-QB" for Arizona Cardinals

Clean and Serene
699; N. Cambridge NA group

See Henderson, Clenette

573+4; kilometers

Clinton, Hillary R. (aka Hillary R.C.)

Clipperton, Eric
407; Clipperton Brigade;fin de siecle unseeded 16-year-old tennis legend who threatened to shoot himself if he ever lost a game; 431; from Crawfordsville IN, 433; 681; 759; the Clipperton Suite in East House

Clow, Lori
fn.209/1035; ETA student playing microtennis w/Freer

292; central nervous system


Columbia Guide to Refractive Indices Second Edition
161; book young J.O.I., Jr. is holding in garage

343; "some members of one Group commit to hit the road and travel to another Group's meeting to speak publicly from the podium"

Concavity Cabinet
400; Pres. of Mexico, J. Gentle, R. Tine, Sec. Int. Blaine, Sec. State Billingsley, Sec. Transp. Marty, Sec. H.E.W. Trent, Sec. Treas. Chet, Press Sec. Jay, Sec. Def. Ollie; Sec. H.U.D. Sivnik;

Consummation of the Levirates
171; old print of "minor and soft core Alexandrian mosaic" in Hal's & Mario's room; 952

Contraria Sunt Complementa
713; Latin: "We Are What We Are Against"

conversationalist, professional

Cortelyu, April
206; Ennet House resident

620; "The fellowship and anonymous communion of being part of a watching crowd" as antidote, 621;

Coyle, Kyle D.
50; ETA student; 266; rooms w/Stice, 394; from Erythema AZ (outside Tucson), 453; stepdad went to "one of those men's-issues-Men's-Movement-type Meetings" 804; "having them discharges again" 868; "doesn't have his key since the accident with the whirlpool" 942;

1019; Calgarian pro-Canadian Phalanx; 489;

fn.24/987; one of the subjects of Himself'sKinds of Pain

129; mug; rob

Criess, Jolene
514; young ETA student; 755;

Crocodiles, The
354; elder White Flaggers


Csikzentmihalyi, Zoltan
98; 16-year-old, little-English speaking student at ETA; "a marginal Slavic kid" fn.324/1070;

219; molded plastic chair of, at Notkin's apartment

Culte du Prochain Train, Le
732; of which Maranthe was a member; "La" "The Cult of the Next Train" fn.304/1058;

Culte de Baiser Sans Fin, La
fn.304/1061; "Cult of the Endless Kiss," another Québec separatist cult

283; Clean U. S. Party, Gentle's party; "annular agnation of ultra-right jingoist. . .and far-left macrobiotic. . .a surreal union of. . .disillusioned fringes" that "swept to quadrennial victory" as a third party, 382; 1016;1022;


Dali, Salvador
185; Spanish surrealist painter

See McNair, Stokely

Day, Geoffrey
209; Ennet House resident; "red-wine-and-Quaalude man who [...] manned the helm of a Scholarly Journal" 272; fn.90; "closet poofta" 561; the dark, billowing horror triggered by violin notes and vibrating window-glass, 649; attended Brown University and graduatedmagna cum laude, 650; telling Gately about his brother who "had enormous red loose lips and wore eyeglasses so thick his eyes had looked like an ant's eyes" w/phobic fear of leaves, 828; article on A.F.R. that Struck is reading (by G.T. Day), fn.304/1056;

33; "of maxillofacial yeast"

273; TP viewer

Decade Magazine
284; ran a short interest-piece on Orin

Deep Throat
955; a B.S. 70s porno flick

Delco incident

Deleuze, M. Gilles
792; "posthumousIncest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment

deLint, Aubrey F.
3; ETA prorector; 306; described, 657;

Delphina, Lady
131; dope dealer "down by the Empire" in Boston; selling to Joelle v.D., 225; 300;

DeNiro, Robert
944; American film actor

De Palma
185; (Brian) American film director

Department of Social Services (D.S.S.)

Gompert's clinical, 69; unipolars ("tormented by the conviction that no one lese could hear or understand them"), 75; 692; anhedonia, or simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93; clinical, 695; psychotic, 695-96; a "trapped person [who] reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise" 696; beyond human aid, 697; DISCUSSION

Deren, Maya
185; at Notkin party; 228

Desai, Dick
491; in Data Production, B.S.S.

Desert Beat Theater Project
63; J. Incandenza, Sr.'s interest

725; A.F.R. volunteer who viewed the Entertainment

975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; DesMontes [sp] "had no realy loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078

Dickinson, Emily
fn. 110/1005

Diehl, Gavin
177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596;

Diggs, Mrs.
76; co-worker of K. Gompert

Dimock Detox
272; where Geoffrey Day came from

564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House

"your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357;

Dixon, Franklin W.
811; name used for high-interest account of Ewell's Money-Stealers' Club

170; [Link to Oneirine] powerful psychedelic described as "temporally-cerebral and almost ontological", akaMadame Psychosis ; 211-15; "envision acid that has itself dropped acid" 214; "time-tested entrepôt" 216; traded to Antitois by old hippy (Sixties Bob?) for "antique blue lava-lamp and a lavender-tinged apothecary's mirror" 481-82; Pemulis researching, 785; fn.8/984; per Pemulis: "doesn't show up on a G.C./M.S. [...] Struck tracked this down off an obscure Digestive-Flora footnote. It's the fitviavi-mold base. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.321/1064; "original intent was to induce what they called quote transcendent experiences in [...] chronic alcoholics in the like 1960s at Verdun Protestant Hospital in Montreal" fn.321/1064;

Doocey, Tommy
18 (not named); "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, 179; 584;

acid trails, 43; one-hitter, 49; at E.T.A., 53; "oral narcotis addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction" 57; Seldane, 60; "Amanita Muscaria, a.k.a. the fly agaric mushroom" 66; Parnate, 70; Thousand-Meter Stare, 76; "involuted marijuana-type thinking" 136; Talwin, 210; Ecstacy, 230; marijuana addiction, 503; cocaine hydrolysis' effect on various characters inIJ, fn.232/1037; "Marijuana Thinking" fn.269/1048; "operating a pharmaceutical company without a license" 699; "humboldt County hydroponic marijuana" 804; Tenuate, fn.3/983; P.S. (Pulmonary Sloth), fn.6/984;

A.F.R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditionalfleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S. Leap like a knight of faith into the arms of Peano, Leibniz, Hilbert, L'Hôpital. You will be lifted up. Fourier, Gauss, LaPlace, Rickey. Borne up. Never let fall. Wiener, Reimann, Frege, Green" fn.324/1072;

Doucette, Anton ("The Boogerman")
fn.147/1029; ETA student; confessing to Lyle re booger-like mole, 390; clinically depressed, 567;

"talent's unconscious exercise [...] a long waking dream of pure play" 173; "expect some rough dreams [...] Keep a flashlight by your bed" 174-75; "This is also how not to fear sleep or dreams" 175; "dreamy, dreaming music that had the rhythm of long things swinging" 183; "nightmares where you prepare immaculately and [...] the exam questions are in Hindi" 253; "I kept dreaming of a face in the floor" 254; Dream Duty, 272;

Dretske, Fred
70; (pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Philosophy Dept., Duke Univ.)

Delirium tremens

marijuana cigarette; ("doobie")

Duffy, Maura
973; childhood schoolmate of Gately's

Dukakis, Michael
576; former Governor of Mass., & US presidential candidate who lost to George H. W. Bush in 1988.

Dunkel, Rik
381; ETA prorector; 457;

DuPlessis, Guillaume
30; "the most infamous anti-O.N.A.N. organizer north of the Great Concavity" 58; Gately's strangulation victim (59); "victim's prior involvement with the widow of the auteur " 91; Perec was "stenographer-cum-jeune-fille-de-Vendredi ["Girl Friday"] to, 92; former ass't. coordinator of the pan-Canadian Resistance (92); "once studies under radical Edmonton Jesuits" 420; "late regional patron" of the Antitoi brothers, 480; "of the Gaspé Peninsula" 480; 722;

233; fn.145/1027; film critic at M.I.T.

Dworkinite Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx
929; Brown Univ. feminist protesters at Yale/Brown basketball game Eighties Bill bets on

17; 9-year-old soft-skulled, blind tennis kid from "Nowheresburg, Iowa" who will be enrolling at ETA "next term"; "little blind Illinois kid Thorp thought so well of" 246;Moment article on, 247; 518; 567;


E., Tommy
960; at AA/NA meeting with Mikey

See Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital Complex

East Coast AeroTech
602; where Gatlely's predecessor as male live-in Staff worked

eating cheese
202; Boston street term for informing, squealing, narcing, ratting out

Echt, Tina
381; ETA's youngest student (7 years old); background, 523-24

See Reese, Equus

Ecstasy of St. Teresa
235; sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini; 238; 373; inPre-Nuptial Agreement of Heaven and Hell, 742;

Egede or Egette
891; ex-lover of Gately's: "sharp-nosed round-cheeked dead-eyed nurse with a weird Germanish accent [who] couldn't come close to coming unless he burned her with a cigarette" 891

272; unidentifiable word (typo?)

Eighties Bill
"sartorially eccentric cranio-facial-pain-specialist" (not named), 721; upscale gambler who figured in Fackelmann's downfall, 926; son of Sixties Bob, 931; "Sorkin's personal migrainologist" 931;


Elit[e] Diner
354; White Flaggers' hang-out, nextdoor to Steve's Donuts in Enfield Center

Ellis, Bret Easton
191; "ghastly" American novelist

Empire Waste Displacement
121; catapults waste into the Great Convexity; 217; 241; 475

Endless Stem
221; a section of the Charles River (?)

Enfield, MA
about, 240-

Enfield Marine VA Hospital Complex

aka Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex (E.M.P.H.H.); 87; managed by U.S. Veteran's Administration, 137; "resembles seven moons orbiting a dead planet" 193;

Enfield Tennis Academy ("ETA")
3; boarding school in Enfield, MA; layout, 51-52; 63; "hilltop shaved flat" 79; pre-Tavis motto: "Te Occidere Possunt Sed Te Edere Non Possunt Nefas Est" 81; Tavis' new ETA motto: "The Man Who Knows His Limitations Has None" 81; "ritualistic [...] bitching and moaning" 111; "We're each deeply alone here" 112; 153; 6-term Entertainment Requirement, 188; philosophy of, 188; prorectors, 283; dawn drills, 452; blue, 508; inanimate objects on the move, 632, 671, 765; "a progression toward self-forgetting" 635; abundant tunnels, 666; Tunnel Club, 667, 899; brooms on the wall, 765; yearly November exhibition/fundraiser, 265, 852, 964, fn.321/1064; "Lots of the top players start the A.M. with a quick fit of crying" 864; Head Trainer before Loach suffered a terrible accident in the sauna, 971;

Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House
137; founded in Boston by "Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name"; 193-98; described, 197; Dream Duty, 272, 785; "20+ bored crammed-together street-canny people" 596;

216; "the incredibly potent stash now wrapped tight in Saran and stashed deep in the toe of an old sneaker that sits atop the aluminum strut between two panels in subdorm B's drop ceiling"; "Entrepôt-bound" 916; "Pemulis's entrepôt-yachting-cap" fn.5a/983; "This was way before the discovery of the ultimate entrepôt above the false ceiling in Subdorm B's male hallway" fn.324/1067;

Epps, Columbus
38; brother of Delores Epps

Epps, Delores
37; sister of Columbus Epps

Erdedy, Ken
17; pothead; Ennet House resident, 209; "college-boy ad-exec" "a yuppy, an account executive at Viney and Veals Advertising" in late 20s, 360; at NA meeting, 503;

154; tennis-court game based on CD-ROM nuclear-conflagration game (fn.53/997); "a Croatian-refugee transfer had brought [it] up from the Palmer Academy in Tampa" 284; 321-42; ESCHAX directory, 509;

Ethan From
884; book Gately couldn't finish in 10th-grade English; 905; 906; 916

674; shooting star; fn.273


Ewell, Eldred K., Jr. ("Tiny")

85; "elf-sized" personal-injury attorney from Watertown, MA (208); 177 (not named); "white-collar" resident at Ennet House; "I'm notdenying anything" 177; 205; "hypertensive flush and little white beard" 352; 362; Money-Stealers' Club, 810;

"the beginning of the Experialist migration in the subsidized Year of the Whopper" 93; "great pre-Experialist upheaval" 283; 385; "a tight and considerably tighter Experialist U.S. of A.,under Gentle" 391; 402-06; 1013;

Exposed Northerners
834; Northern Exposure, late 80s/early 90s weird TV drama


F., Robert (aka Bob Death)
444; biker at TSBYSCD Group meeting; "What the fuck is water?" joke, 445;

Fackelmann, Eugene ("Fax")
614; criminal colleague of Gately's; "Dilaudid. Blues. Fackelmann's Mount Doom" 886; "eliminated map after the insane scam on Sorkin and a disastrous two nights of Dilaudid" 886; "a towering, slope-shouldered, wide-hipped, prematurely potbellied, oddly priapistic, and congenitally high-strung Dilaudid addict with a walrusy mustache" 912; scamming Sorkin, 916; "temporary giganticism in one tit" 931; eyes sewn open, 979;

1019.5+4; sickle-shaped

Family Trivia
521; 771

Father & Son Market
115; near ETA; 476; Ngs', 593; Benson & Hedges, 759;


Feaster, Ernest
697; a depressed civil engineer (of Wellesly MA) who built model trains whom Kate Gompert came to know

Federated Funnel and Cone Corp.
928; in Providence RI; Eighties Bill "cast himself as White Knight in Bidding for majority control"


felo de se
286; Latin: suicide; 308;

Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx

47; paranoid-schizophrenic on educational cartridge

254; ETA teacher

feral hamsters
58; 93; 561; possible ETA sighting by Blott, 668; "Piranha of the Plains" 670;

feral infant
See Infant, The

"Ferocious Francis"
See Gehaney, Francis

Fiends in Human Shape, The
156; band's name on Pemulis' T-shirt; lead singer looks like Mildred Bonk (to Bruce Green), 276; 582;

835; silenced background characters in drama and ballet

Fils de Montcalm
fn.110/1011-12; Québec separatist organization; fn.304/1057, dropped shit-filled pie shell onto the rostrum of U.S. President Gentle's second Inaugural" 1061;

331+3; fin. five-spot. fiver. five dollar bill.

647; brand of Belgian cigarette Steeply smokes

Flatto, Thomas M., B.S.S.
490; director of Input/Output testing of "the Entertainment"; 646

Flechette, Dwight
949; ETA student during Orin's time there

Flechette, Walt
46; ETA student in Orin's dream

201; brand of earplug

310; Fronte de la Libération Nationale

722; responsible for cardboard wheelchair guy w/the Entertainment w/smiley face and French phrase;bureau centrale on Allston's Rue de Brainerd, 726;

282; ETA student

Foltz, Johnette Marie
208; Ennet House live-in Staffer; 272; wheelchair-bound NA fiancé, 461; 503; 593; "of South Chelsea and then the Right Honorable Edmund F. Heany Facility for Demonstrably Incorrigible Girls" 786;

Fond du Lac's NoCoat Inc.
151; marketed tongue scrapers; 413

601; "depressing Sober Club in Somerville's Davis Square" (fn.246);

Ford, G. (Gerald)
63; American president, 1974-76

Formal Affair, A
717; store Lenz rips off tux jacket & spats

Fortier, M.
89; "the leader of the Wheelchair Assains' U.S.A. cell" (fn.39/994); 319; Marathe's superior, 420; "A.F.R.'s U.S.A. cell's leader" 722; described, 722, 728; fn.39/994;

Foss, Chandler
207; Ennet House resident; 363; 564; finished out his nine months, 824; "recently graduated nonstick-cookware salesman" 972;

Found Drama
185; 376; "the historical zenith of self-consciously dumb stasis" 398; fn.145; fn 234/1038;

Foundation for Continental Freedom

Fourier Transforms
"The Implications of Post-Fourier Transformations" 7; 182; 966;

Framingham Women's Prison
195; where methedrine addict from New Bedford ends up and gets killed

Frankie the No-Thankee Hankie
878; nixed vehicle for warning about the Entertainment

Freedom of Speculation Act
fn.304/1057; pass in Y.P.W.c.

Freer, Keith B. ("The Viking")
50; ETA student; 198; 282; "his face and body match" 638; dad invented Phoneless Cord, 638; described, fn.324/1067;

Freeway Access Group
707; NA group from Mattapan; 710;

Frightful Hog
692; Lenz's cognomen for his penis; 719;

Fukuoka-Hearn, Judy
fn.24/986; narratedTennis, Everyone ; narratedFlux in a Box, fn.24/986;

Fully Functional Phil, the prancing ass
879; animated character to convey warning about the entertainment cartridge; his Warning Dance, "a Native-American-cum-Breakdance-type dance" 882;

a fly ball hit especially for practice fielding by a player who tosses a ball in the air and hits it as it comes down (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary)


G., Francis
See Gehaney, Francis

G., Nell

resident at Ennet House; complaining about someone's drumming on table, 176; 177

Gabor, Dennis

Gala, the
102; Interdependence Day

880; the Cat

Garton, Dr.
73; Kate Gompert's therapist; 76; 78; 776;

Gately, Donald W.
with Wayne and Hal, digging up Himself's head 17; 3 months in Revere Holding, 55; "twenty-seven-year-old oral narcotics addict" 55; "reliable and double-mufflered 4 x 4" 58; 176; 178; resident at Ennet House 194; live-in Staffer, 208; 270; "Substance-free for 421 days today" 274; "almost twenty-nine and sober and just huge" 277; "oral narcotics man" 278; 344; Gehaney is his sponsor, 357; dream of the well-dressed Sergeant at Arms, 359; 997; Higher Power, 442; childhood, 446; Bulat, Gately's missing Estonian father, 447; aka Bim ("Big Indestructible Moron"), 448; Ennet House chef, 461; "solidly pro-American" 479; story of Chuck, 531; moving residents' cars at midnight, 602; altercation with Nuck Hawaiians, 608; in hospital, 707; "the [hospital] ceiling bulged and then deflated, shiny as a lung" 809; polyurethane vacuole, 809; dream of mother getting sucked up by tornado, 816; Otis P. Lord in adjacent bed in hospital, 817; dream of tiny acne-scarred Oriental woman at whom Gately looks up, with rigid dog in distance, 828; appearance of wraith, 829; and the M.P., 840; w/ R.N. nurse addict in Malden, 843; dream of Joelle w/face of Winston Churchill, 847; dream of Joelle as Mrs. Waite, unveiled with angelic face, but is Death, 850; "this certain woman who kills you is always your next life's mother" 850; "the sense of endless Now" 860; shame at lusting after Joelle, 863; resisting Pakistani M.D.'s insistence on his taking Demerol, 887; dream of grabbing Pakistani pharmacologist's balls, 889; and Demerol, 891; scams w/Fackelmann and Kite, 892; "shot cement instead of narcotics" 893; and nurse "out of a racy-nursewear catalogue" 895; childhood, 902; 13-15, "devotee of Quaaludes and Hefenreffer-brand beer" 904; "The Attack of the Killer Sidewalks" 904; "Rite-Aid pharmacist's assistant with disfiguring eczema and serious gambling debts" 906, 975; how he met Sorkin, 911-12; Dilaudid "created a terrible five-second mnemonic hallucination where he was a gargantuan toddler in an XXL Fisher-Price crib in a sandy field under a storm-cloudy sky that bulged and receded like a big gray lung" 915; gorgeous R.N. (C/Kathy) and a goopy-eyed M.D. (Pressburger) rigging bed next to Gately's, 918, 920; late-day dread, 923; dreaming, 933; "dreams he's with a very sad kid and they're in a graveyard digging some dead guy's head up and it's really important, like Continental-Emergency important [and] the sad kid is trying to scream at Gately that the important thing was buried in the guy's head and to divert the Continental Emergency to start digging the guy's head up before it's too late, but the kid moves his mouth and nothing comes out [...] while the kid holds something terrible up by the hair and makes the face of somebody shouting in panic:Too Late." 934; wrecked on Dilaudid w/Fackelmann, 934; comes to "on the beach in the freezing sand, and it was raining out of a low sky, and the tide was way out" 981

Gates, Bill
415; owner and CEO of Microsoft Corp.

Gaudeamus Igitur
Latin: "Therefore, let us rejoice."

Gehaney, Francis ("Ferocious Francis")

209; Crocodile in White Flag AA group; 273; emphysemic, 356; Gately's sponsor, 357; "one of the most ancient and gnarled of the Crocodiles" 468; with Gately at hospital, 884;

Gentle, President Johnny (Famous Crooner)
65; "Famous Crooner" and U.S. President; 283; library phase-out, 288; "né Joyner, lounge singer turned teenybopper throb turned B-movie mainstay, for two long -past decades known unkindly as 'the Cleanest Man in Entertainment'" 381; 398-407; presidential campaign managed by P. Tom Veals, 418; 1013; affair with wife of Canada's Minister of Environment and Resource-Development Enterprises, fn.176/1032;Sans-Christe Gentle, 481; endorsing products, 558; poster of in Ennet House, 831-32;

832; come into Gately's mind in presence of wraith; 922;

77; Kate Gomper's cat

Giovanni's Room
191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. (1956 book by James Baldwin)

Giving It Away
"people are virtually unlimited in their need to give themselves away" 53; "Our attachments are our temple [...] What we give ourselves to" 107; 12th Step: speaking in front of AA Groups, 344; "We are all dying to give our lives away to something [...] A flight-from in the form of a plunging-into" 900

Glass, Philip
802; minimalist American composer

Gleason, J(ackie)
fn.324/1070; "Leith's historical b/w" American sitcom actor (played buffonish and noisy character Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners," a program that ran before color TV.)

fn.324/1070; male ETA student w/ locker between Freer's and Hal's

Glynn, Dwayne "Doony" R.
bricklayer accident, 138-39; Ennet House resident with tatooed neck, 206; 275; 363; skygrid, 542; VW bug, 578; "has recurrent diverticulitis" 594;

does Hal believe in, asks Mario, 40; "the God of their understanding helps them find parking places" 204; "speaks and acts entirely through the vehicle of human beings" 205; "God might regard the issue of whether you believe there's a God or not as fairly low on his/her/its list of things s/he/it's interested in re you." 205; "Coordinated as God" 242;

fn.24/988; his "neoconceptual structuralist films" parodied in Himself'sVarious Small Flames

Gompert, Katherine Ann ("Kate")
68; suicidal drug-dependent patient; data-clerical in a Wellesley Hills real estate office, 69; resident at Ennet House, 206; 361; at NA meeting, 503; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714; drinking with Maranthe, 774; missing from Ennet House, 824; [NOTE: there is a real life Kate Gompert, and she sued Wallace over the use of her name in Infinite Jest]

282; author ofOblomov

Good Morning, Midnight
191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. (1939 novel by Jean Rhys. Also a poem by Emily Dickinson, 1830-1889)

Gopnik, Josh
119; younger ETA student; 330;

Grateful Dead
208; 481; 904; 918; 927;

Great Bisbee Palm-Rot epidemic
167; in AZ in 1933

Great Concavity
58; 67; 233; provenance, 402-03; "three-quarters of the Concavity's northern border runs contiguous to Québec" 1017; 1018; reason for being, 572; "a surrounding environment so fertilely lush it's practically unlivable" 573; delimited by "Lucite walls and ATHSCME'd checkpoints" 670;

Great Convexity
59; 233; "the glass-walled Great Convexity whose southernd array of ATHSCME Effectuators blow the tidy U.S.'s northern oxides north" 385; provenance, 402-03;1018; "massive lucite walls" 438;

Green, Bruce
38; 8th grader who fell in love with Mildred Bonk; at Ennet House, 179; 207; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid" 276; 363; Lenz's confidant, 546; 553; parents, 578-81; "'For God's sake no Mr. Ho don't light it!'" 651; broken nose, 819;

Green, Bruce, Sr.
578; father of Bruce; former aerobics instructor (till leg shrank/grew), then "worked in a Waltham novelty or notions concern, something with 'N in the name" 579; packed cigars with tetryl-based explosives, grossly decapitating 3 Rotarians and 24 Shriners, 581;

Green Babies
288; Avril's houseplants; 745;

Green Door, The
955; actuallyBehind the Green Door, a 70s porno flick

Gregg pen
622; stenographer's pen; 656; 659;

16; and Hal (to alleviate the Moms' guilt), 252; 954

Griffith, D.W.
fn.24/986; Himself dedicatedDark Logics to him

Gunther, Nell
208; Ennet House resident; has a glass eye which she wears backwards, 362;

Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name
137; founded Ennet House; 465;

Gymnasium Kaiserslautern
460; where Schtitt went to school, in Germany


H., Morris
See Hanley, Morris

Habitant Soup
425; 480;

Hagia Sophia
952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man

"That most angelic of distortions" 97; "a kind of pale sweet aura, a luminescence76. Halation, Axford observed" 218; "everything milky and halated through her veils' damp linen" 221; "rain's wet veil blurs things like Jim had designed his neonatal lens to blur things" 222; "fiery violet aura around the heads of respectables" 304; "holding a light-meter and something else too halated to make out on the tape" 410; "the rising sun behind him gives his white head a pinkish corona" 452; "his dental overhead light's corona giving him one of those malperspectived medieval halos" 526; "the stars shine right through people's heads" 617; "as if he's seeing her through a kind of cloud of light, a milky filter" 851; "plus I think a milky blur. Neonatal nystagmus" 939; "pale sweet aura that an LSD afterglow conferred, some milky corona, like almost a halo of approved grace" 999; "a corona of sweat shimmering around him" 1034

49; aka Hal Incandenza


Hamilton, M(argaret)
191; actress who played the West Witch inWizard of Oz, color Xerox of in Avril's study;

"Riverside Hamlet" 171; "signifying zip" 174; 238; 900; "never once doubts the reality of the ghost"; Poor Yorick Entertainment, fn.24/990; "the graveyard scene from" fn.337/1076;

Hanley, Morris

205; Ennet House resident; "special tollhouse cookies" 205; 279; 363; 564; baked cream-cheese brownies for hospitalized Gately, 826;


Happy Patches
420; fn.169/1031; 474;

Happy Slippers ("pisscatchers")
85-86; what they wear at Ennet House

Harde, Dave ("Fall Down Very")
152; narcoleptic old ETA janitor; fn.93; "Flight of the Bumblebee" 405; 666; "spinal funiculi" fn.324/1066;

Hartigan, Neil
454; laconic ETA prorector; "traditional Tahitian shirt and Gaugin-motif sweater" 460; 525; 667;

802; at Inner Child group

Harvey, Paul
271; radio personality known for "The Rest Of The Story."

883; "tie-ins with"

Hawaii Five-O
584; 60s TV detective show

Hayworth, Rita
209; American film actress of mid 20th century.

834; 70s TV sitcom

Millicent Kent hairdo, 122; eye popping out of "C's map" 134; Mario's "large but sort of withered-looking head" 154; "Hal's head, closely monitored by deLint and Staff, is judged still level and focused" 155; Himself "transcending that overlarge head" 158; "the sound of your head revving, and head is still just body" 159; "pencil-necked big-headed asthmatic little kid staring up through Coke-bottle lenses" 182; "The engineer [...] has extremely bad skin" 183; "M.I.T.'s near-new Student Union [...] one enormous cerebral cortex" 184; "a living corporeal head" 189; "phrenologically malformed" 190; "Two-Baggers" 190; "the utterly noseless" 191; "Kornspan's red face is leaping around on his skull" 199; "mesomorphic head" 200; "99% of the head's thinking activity consists of trying to scare the everliving shit out of itself" 204; Didi N.'s tattoo of "tattered screaming skull" 208; "synthetic-narc-addicted kid" named Skull, 208; "her brain heving around in its skull" 226; "brain heaving in its bone-box" 231; "lifted her veil back to cover her skull like a bride" 235; "[Schacht's] own big sick head" 262; Mario's "poor big head" 267; "They identify their whole selves with their head, and the Disease makes its command headquarters in the head" 272; "head-gaming" 273; Treat's "ruined face" 274; "Disease chewing away inside his head" 274; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid [...] face very slightly smunched in on one side" 276; "bird-like head movements" 276; "look of a mean clown" 277; Gately's "massive square head" 277;

Heath, Pam
fn.24/987; played dentist's wife in Himself'sFun with Teeth; played wife in Himself'sVarious Small Flames, fn.24/988; plays "Death as a lethally beautiful woman" in Himself'sMöbius Strips, fn.24/990;

Heaven, Paul Anthony
910; thumbless; played dull Academic inGood-Looking Men ...; "data entry drone for Ocean Spray"; narrated"There Are No Losers Here" fn.24/986; played a son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Heidegger , Martin
233; Ger. philosopher

Henderson, Clenette

37; half-sister of Wardine; at Ennet House, 180; 363; janitor at ETA, 527; the maid in C.T.'s office when Hal & Pemulis got spot urinalysis by O.N.A.N.T.A. urologist, 633; brought "shitload of cartridges" from ETA dumpster to Ennet House, 825;

Herman The Ceiling That Breathed
447; in "decayed beach-cottage" in Salem MA where Gately lived as a child; 923;

Family name for James O. Incandenza


189; Headmaster's House at ETA, where Avril I. and Chuck Tavis live

Ho, Don
583; Hawaiian pop singer; "My Lovely Launa-Una Luau Lady" 586; "voice has the quality of a type of:ointment" 587;

Hobbes, Thomas
12; English philosopher; "Hobbesian sewers" 44

Hoffman-Jeep, Pamela
465; Gately's "totally alcoholic past girlfriend"; about the relationship, 924;

Holt, Gretchen
755; younger ETA student

Home Group
209; "Ewell's chosen"

Hooley, Maureen
876; Vice-President for Children's Entertainment, Interlace Telentertainment, Inc.;

Hope, Bob
51; code for marijuana; fn.27/994 (Bob Hope, American comedian)

82; tennis teacher (? listed with Nick Bolliteri, famous Floridian nurturer of tennis youth.)

551; Stice family dog back in Kansas, and Stice's name for his anger

Howell, Mr.
169; Pemulis' ~ hat, presumably after character Mr. Howell, played by Jim Backus in American TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island."

906; Allen Ginsberg's famous poem about his lost generation

Hoyne, Henri F.
507; head of Data Analysis at B.S.S., victim of "the Entertainment"; 647;

Hoyne, Miriam
508; wife of Henri

Huizenga, Wayne
415; owner of Blockbuster Entertainment (and at least one professional sports franchise.)

Hundt Act
184; regarding FM bandwidth (1966)

Hung Toys
131; front for Wo's dope business


I, Mrs.
154; aka Avril Incandenza

231; Chaplin-archivist at Notkin's party

I.B.E.W. Local 517
813; Ewell's father's union ("International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers")

Incandenza, Mrs. Avril M. (Mondragon) T. ("The Moms")

10; native of Canada; Hal's mother; "assignations with a certain unnamed bisexual bassoonist in the Albertan Secret Guard's tactical-bands unit" (per Himself), 30; affair with medical attaché, 30, 91, 1049; slipping "certain organic testosterone-regeneration compound distilled by the Jivaro shamen of the South-Central L.A. basin" into Hal's cereal (according to Himself), 30; "agoraphobic workaholic and obsessive-compulsive" 42; working hard not to show her "maternal dread" 50; "black phobic dread of hiding or secrecy," "rarely travels above ground" 51; marriage to Himself, 64; "taught out at Brandeis where [DuPlessis had] done his residency" 91; teaches triad of required Grammars at ETA, 154; 187; "had this effect on older men" 286; "E.T.A. Dean of Academic Affairs and of Females" 288; smokes Benson & Hedges, 391; "The Black Hole of Human Attention" (Family Trivia) 521; "at 50+, is still endocrinologically compelling to males" fn.210/1035; Politeness Routine, 523; w/J. Wayne, 552; father was a potato farmer in Québec, fn.234/1041; style of "abuse" 1050; reaction to S. Johnson's demise, 1051; "views the recipients of [her] charity not as persons so much as pieces of exercise equipment on which [she] can develop and demonstrate [her] own virtue" fn.269/1052; AFR spy ?, 726; "the family's light and pulse and the center that held tight" 737; everyone at the table inclines toward Avril "like heliotropes" 745; chattin with Mario in her office, 762; grandfather's unlucky gamble on Delaware Punch, 765; drunk father, 766; "Death incarnate, 790; "engaging in sexual enmeshments with just about everything with a Y-chromosome" 791; "mother had been ethnic Québecois, her father Anglo-Canadian" 897-98; father was a binge-drinker, 898; "The Moms full name is Avril Mondragon Tavis Incandenza, Ed.D., Ph.D. She is 197 cm (6' 5 1/2") tall in flats" 898; "had Himself interred in her family's traditional plot in L'Islet Province" 907; "birth-mother had died in Québec of an infarction when [the Moms] was eight, her father during her sophomore year at McGill under circumstances none of us knew" 953; affairs with "Bain, graduate students, grammatical colleagues, Japanese fight-choreographers, the hairy-shouldered Ken N. Johnson, the Islamic M.D." 957; "has O.C.D. Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder" fn.234/1039;

Incandenza, Harold ("Hal") James

3; in Univ. of AZ Administration office in 11/Y.G.; "verbal scores that are just quite a bit closer to zero than we're comfortable with" 6; essays parroting his parents' interests, 7; "familiar panic of feeling misperceived" 8; "Call it something I ate" 10; mold-eating incident, 10, fn.234/1041; in an emergency room "almost exactly one year back" (from 11/Y.G.), 16; digging up his father's head, 17; "Is Himself still having this hallucination I never speak?" (Hal is 12), 29; interest in Byzantine pornography, 29, 950; "obsession with having nobody [...] know he's high" 54; drugs and, 67; "atavistically dark-complected" 99; pedigree, 100; ankle, 104; gets high daily, 114; "Blott and Arslanian are looking at him. 'Are you OK?'" 114; "a twinge in a tooth on his mouth's left side" 121; "60% of what he told Orin on the phone since Orin had abruptly started calling again this spring was a lie" 136; paper on modern v. post-modern hero, 140-42; "the catatonic hero, the one beyond calm, divorced from all stimulus, carried here and there across sets by burly extras" 142; bunks in subdorm A on 3rd floor of Comm.-Ad.; date of birth: 10/91, 155; about, 155; training, 172; "the window of opportunity [to take DMZ] looks to be 11/20-21" 217; discovered J.I. in microwave, 248; and the grief-therapist, 252; his tennis game, 260; "asymetrically hobbled on the care-too-much side" of tennis proficiency, 269; "the substance-compulsion's strange apparent contribution to Hal's erumpent explosion up the rankings has got to be a temporary thing, that there's like a psychic credit-card bill for Hal in the mail" 270; "feels at his own face to see whether he is wincing" 342; craves dope, tobacco & sugar, 395; "an almost obsessive dislike for deLint" 460; taking care of the blind kid from Philo IL who had "cranium-issues" 518; "at complete ease with" Stice, 521; lying on his back "photosynthesizing" 560; relationship to the Moms, fn.234/1040; near-loss to Stice, 627; "lifetime virginity is a conscious goal" 634; "a whole new and chemical-free Hal" 635; "Hal's in essence a torturer" as a player, 659; Pump Room hideaway sniffed out by kids, 668; his tennis game, 680, 682; chewing Kodiak, 686; "the sleek little show-offy kid" 745; ONANTA guy holding him and Pemulis by the ear, 759; dream of losing teeth, 770; "O.N.A.N.T.A. guy didn't really extract urine samples from us" 772; how people lie, 773; Mario tells him he, Hal, is sad, 782; shows up at Ennet House, 786; driving to NA group (he thinks), 796; "had become a steadily more and morehidden boy, toward the wraith's life's end" 838; wraith's "youngest and most promising son was disappearing" 838; first-person, 851; zoo dream, 851; inadvertently showing hilarity (cachinated), 875; "My full name is Harold James Incandenza, and I am 183.6 cm. (6' 1/4") tall in stocking feet" 898; reciting random facts, 898; "Himself, for two years before his death, had had this delusion of silence when I spoke: I believed I was speaking and he believed I was not speaking" 899; "I was the meat in the room's sandwich" 902; w/Pemulis, 907;thinks Pemulis is trying to get him to agree to take DMZ, 908; making cage of his hands, 909; "trying to align myself along some sort of grain in the world I could barely feel" 950; 3rd person narration, 964; at ETA Gala, Hal's face "assumed various expressions ranging from distended hilarity to scrunched grimace, expressions that seemed unconnected to anything that was going on" 966; DMZ-dream that he's the soldier and is "screaming for help and everybody's acting as if [he's] singing Ethel Merman covers [...] a quality ofloneliness " fn.321/1063;

Incandenza, James Orin, Sr.
50; "former top U.S. jr. tennis player and the promising young pre-Method actor" 63; Hal's paternal grandfather; wife ("a shover and a thruster"), 157; 1956 Mercury Montclair" 159; father ("A golf man") and mother, 163; aka "Himself", 165; "the Man From Glad" 313; w/wife & squeaky bed, 491; Man from Glad, 492, 494; father was "the blank wooden man who [...] had 'driven' [JOI, Sr.] to 'the bottle' and unrealized potential and an early cerebral hemorrhage" 838;

Incandenza, Dr. James Orin ("Himself") (b. c.1950; d. Y.T.-S. D. B., aka 2004)

16; father of Hal; belief that son Hal does not speak, 29; committed suicide at 54; about, 63-65; buried in Québec's L'Islet County, 65; awareness of the Moms' affairs, 29-30; "gyroscopic balance sensor andmise-en-scène appropriation card and priapistic-entertainment cartridge implanted in [Himself's] anaplastic cerebrum" 31; fear of black widows, 45; "A.E.C.-optics man" 82; Geometrical Optics Scholarship, 154; in 1960, 157; his films, 174; "reviews of his multiple-exposure melodramas" 175; 187; "his neonatal lens to blur things in imitation of a neonatal retina" 222; "Infinite Jim" 225; the completed assembly of what she'd appeared in [...] and doubts that any sum of scenes as pathologic as he'd stuck that long quartzy auto-wobbling lens on the camera and filmed her for could have been as entertaining as he'd said the thing he'd always wanted to make had broken his heart by ending up" 228; 229; "aka The Mad Stork, The Sad Stork, 238; working obsessively on the Entertainment, 249; suicide, 249-58; "half-full bottle of Wild Turkey found on the counter not far away, with a large red decorative gifwrappish bow on the neck" 250; "Himself's head had popped like an uncut spud" 257;Homo Duplex (movie on "John Waynes"), 260 (fn.24/988); films, 297; his father's father Mario, 313;The Man Who Began to Suspect He Was Made of Glass , 375; Found Drama, 376, (fn.145);The ONANtiad , 380;The Medusa v. The Odalisque, 396, fn.223/1036;The Joke , 397; and InterLace, fn.167/1031;Annulateur , 490; and squeaky bed, 491;Death in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; "the victim of the most monstrous practical joke ever played" (sez Orin), fn.234/1041; "helped design these special holographic conversions so that the team that worked on annulation could study the behavior of subatomics in highly poisonous environments" 572;Dial C for Concupiscence , 590; scopophile, never missed Boston's pond-draining, 622;Wave Bye-Bye to the Bureaucrat, 687-89;Blood Sister: One Tough Nun, 689, ("one of Himself's few commercial successes") 703-06, 710-14, fn.289/1053;The American Century as Seen Through a Brick, 695;The Night Wears a Sombrero, 704;Low Temperature Civics, 706; post-carrot anhedonic, 706;Le Masque (as he was called by Avril I), 737;Pre-Nuptial Agreement of Heaven and Hell, 740, 742; unable to speak to Hal or Orin "without their mother's presence and mediation" 743; top collegiate tennis player, 743; referred to his films ironically as "entertainments" 743; funeral took place in "L'Islet Province of Nouveau Québec [...] featuring an interment, not a cremation" 790; "remained alcohol-free for the whole next three-and-a-half months [until] the date of his suicide" 790;The Unfortunate Case of Me, 792; as wraith in Gately's hospital room, 829-40; replicating "life's real egalitarian babble of figurantless crowds" 835; "spent the whole sober last ninety days of his animate life working tirelessly to contrive a medium via which he and the muted son could simplyconverse [...] something so compelling it would reverse thrust on a young self's fall into the womb of solipsism, anhedonia, death in life" 838; "his most serious wish was:to entertain" 839; "used to see his father's ghost on stairways sometimes [...] black-widow spiders in his hair, too" 870;Zero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;Good-Looking Men in Small Clever Rooms ..., 900; "joked about making something quote too perfect" 940;Accomplice!, 941; "had no interest in suckering the audience with illusory realism" 944; didn't use real actors, 944; Dancing Gland, 944; "remained obsessed with something until he became successful at it, then transferred his obsession to something else" 949; "hetero-hardcoreMöbius Strips and the sado-periodontalFun with Teeth " 954; afraid porno would give Orin "an impoverished, lonely idea of sexuality" 956; "made so many films titledCage " 957; "God and the Devil playing poker with Tarot cards for the soul of Cosgrove Watt" 971; "cartridge with the held-open eyes and dropper had been the one about ultra-violence and sadism" 981; "in the days prior to [Himself's suicide], a so-called 'word' appeared on a 'fogged' 'window' of Mrs. Inc's pale yellow Volvo" fn.269/1048; "loved [The Cage] and stuck little snippets of it [...] anywhere he could" fn.366/1077;

Incandenza, Mario

32; brother of Hal (1 year older); "Eighteen in May [...] designated function around [ETA] is filmic" 54; leptosomatic (frail), 79; "a born listener [...] Brady-kinetic" 80; "one of the short strange Himself-influenced conceptual cartridges" he makes, 153; Mario's "conceptual film-type project based on part of [the RiversideHamlet]" 171;Tennis and the Feral Prodigy, written by Mario, 173; "fanatical listener/observer" 189; "his short and upbeat annual documentary" 265; birth & description, 312-17; J.O. Incandenza's "honorary assistant production-assistant" 314; his "kid's adaption" ofThe ONANtiad , 380; with Clipperton, 410; birthday: 11/25, 589; Familial Dysautonomia ("can't feel physical pain very well"), 589; 625; dislike of flourescent lighting, fn.244/1044; "cross between a puppet and one of the big-headed carnivores from Spielberg's old special-effects orgies about reptiles" 746; shooting his documentary w/Bolex H64, 755;

Incandenza, Orin

9; Hal's oldest brother (by 9 years); punter for AZ Cardinals, 42; fear of roaches, 44; roaches under inverted tumblers, 45; flying with the Cardinals, 65; morbid fear of heights, 65; "dodger of flung acid extraordinaire" 223; being followed, 244; Eschaton game-master, 284; punter for B.U., 293; "interview" w/Moment fragment, fn.145/1038; 565; Swiss Subject, 566; "Excitement-Hope-Acquisition-Contempt" cycle, 574; Swiss Subject is left-handed, 598; 11/11/YDAU, "once again embracing a certain 'Swiss' hand-model" 655; "a one-trick pony as a player" 661; "has come to regard the truth asconstructed rather thanreported " fn.269/1048; impression of Avril, 1051; A.F.R. believes most likely to have a duplicate master of the Entertainment, 723; pathological liar, 771; possible affair, as a child, with the Moms, 791; Gately watching him play w/Boston U. on TV, 916; imitation of Himself's mother in wheelchair, 953; in inverted tumbler (glass cage) being interrogated about the Master by Swiss hand-model (Mlle. Luria P.) (see also p.45), 971-72;

Incision, The
233; film

Infant, The

feral, 211; in the Concavity; worshipped by Rastafarians, 559, 562; "propitiate the outsized feral infant" in Himself'sStand Behind the Men Behind the Wire, fn.24/991; "oversized feral infant" fn.24/991;Propitiating the Infant, 562; fn.304/1055;

Infernatron viewer
229; 877; Sorkin's, 930;

Infinite Jest
36 (not yet named - 4/1/YDAU); aka "the Entertainment" (discussed by Steeply & Marathe), 90; "'anti'-Entertainment" 126; 2-D man in a wheelchair anti-ad, 224, 721; "a finalopus somagnum he'd claimed to have had it locked away" 228; "Was the allegedly fatally entertaining and scopophiliac thing Jim alleges he made out of her unveiled face here at the start of Y.T.S.D.B. a cage or really a door?" 230; "the mother-death-cosmology and apologies she'd repeated over and over, inclined over that auto-wobble lens" 230; "cartridge-as-ecstatic-death rumor" 233; "The Face of the Deep" 238; "so bad he didn't want it released" 253; 318; 430; Bertraund Antitoi stole cartridges from wheelchair anti-ad, 483; A.F.R. and, 489; holography, 490; curious victims, 507; eyes "empty of intent" 508; spreading (early November YDAU), 548; opening sequence, 549; describing what happens to the viewer, 647-48; "It was unlikely that any one game figured much in the Entertainment" 658; DuPlessis copy "secured and verified" 724; "anti-samazdat cartridge of F.L.Q.'s allegation" 752; Notkin's detailed description, 788; meeting re ads warning against viewing, 876; Joelle describing, 938-41; Master is buried with Himself, 940-41;Infinite Jest (I) "first attempt at commercial entertainment" fn.24/986;I.J. (V) "its Master cartridge either destroyed or vaultedsui testator, fn.24/993;

Iimura, Taka
fn.24/986; Himself dedicatedDark Logics to him

Ingersoll, Evan
97; 11-year-old student at ETA, "eyebrowless" from Binghamton NNY; engenders dislike, 99; parents founded Rhode Island version of shopping by TP, 112; description, 114; roommate w/J.J. Penn, 335;

Interdependence Day, Continental
31; held on November 8; 52; 221

InterLace TelEntertainment
"two hubs of manufacture and dissemination in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. and Boston" 33; conceived of by Lace-Forché, 415; "4.8-mb PC-diskettes InterLace was marketing as 'cartridges'" 416; 648; Dissemination Grid, fn.18/985; "copyable Master cartridges require special OS-codes and special hardware to run [...] which keeps most consumers out of the bootleg-cartridge business" fn.301/1054-55;

InterLace Subscription Pulse-Matrix
35; broadcasts "spontaneous dissiminations"

Introduction to Montague Semantics
760; Dowty, Wall and Peters's seminal work, on the Moms' desk;

Irish Luggage
541; slang for Hefty bags

608; slang for handgun

Ives, Burl
86; rotund, bearded American folksinger & actor, "Ewell's radically downscaled" version of

221; dumpsters (International? Waste Disposal)


J., Amy
See Johnson, Amy

J., Jack
844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately in hospital

James, William
fn.224/1037; The Principles of Psychology with The Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion; where Lenz keeps his stash, 543; Catharsis, 544; 718;

806; at Inner Infant group Hal stumbles upon

384; Presidente of Mexico & co-Vice Chair of O.N.A.N.

Jivaro shaman
30; of the South-Central L.A. basin

Johnson, Amy

475; new girl at Ennet House; 539; 595;

Johnson, Ken N.
957; had affair w/Avril I.; played Amway representative in Himself'sVarious Small Flames; played son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Johnson, S.
1049; Incandenzas' dog that Orin pulverizes; "spotless doggie-dish under the table" 744; being discussed by Hal and Mario, 771; 950;

725; A.F.R. member ("the red-bearded workhorse") who views the Entertainment


K., David
See Krone, David

K., Glenn
352; White Flagger whose "chosen Higher Power" isSatan ; 367; "Evening, Ladies" joke, 445;


Kahn, Petropolis
17; ETA student; aka "W.M." ("Woolly Mammoth"); "thick and solid" 457;

Kastenbaum and Kastenbaum

Keck, Rutherford
229; "academic" at Notkin's party; 232


Kemp, Jack
177; actually a U.S. Senator from NJ; inIJ, he's a former President of the U.S.; "his exploding home" 422;

Ken-L-Ration-Magnavox-Kemper-Insurance Forsythia Bowl

Kent, U.S.S. Millicent
121; student at ETA; of Montclaire, NJ; came upon Husky VI-brand tripod, 122, 126; transvestite father, 123;

32; janitor at ETA; dreadlocked black guy, 873; "received his doctorate in low-temperature physics from U.Mass at twenty-one and taken a prestigious sinecure at the U.S. Office of Naval Research" 873; appeared inZero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;

118; 251; 512; 527; 569; 575; 630; 784; 869; fn.324/1069; fn.324/1070;

Kierkegaard, Soren Aaby
12; Danish religious philosopher, parodied in Himself'sSafe Boating is No Accident ; "and Regina" 105;

Kimberly-Clark Corp.'s Depend Asorbent Products Division
260; maker of the Depend Adult Undergarment

234; as Paganini

Kite, Trent ("QuoVadis")
55 & 56 (unnamed accomplice of Gately's); 614; "[A.F.R.'s] fatal technical interview of the young burglar" 721; "Dilaudid. Blues. [...] Kite's steep-angled decline" 886; "background was he'd been a computer-wienie at Salem State before he got the shoe for hacking the phone bills of certain guys deep in trouble over 900 sex-lines into the S.S. Adminstration's WATs account"; "rig up an identity and credit record sufficient to rent them a luxury furnished apt." 892; "dyed-in-wool laptop-carrying wienie, chinless and with a nose like a tapir, and pretty much the last fanatical Grateful Dead fan under age forty" 904; "QuoVadis" (Quaalude-isotopes), 904; "got the administrative Shoe from Salem State" 915; "32 Uses for Sterno Me Lad" 980; "once the A.F.R. got through with him" fn.363/1077;

Kittenplan, Ann
330; "butch and suspiciously muscular" 12.5-year-old steroid-addled ETA student; 511;

Klamkin, Maury
9; Coach White's predecessor at Univ. of AZ

Knievel, Evel
859; motorcycle daredevil of the 1970s who became famous jumping his cycle over ever-increasing number of parked cars.

114: Hal's brand of chew

Kondo, Ms. Tawni
35; InterLace aerobics-guru; poster of, 62; 620;

Kornspan, Eliot
198; "steroidic" 15-year-old ETA student; fn.324/1070;

Kosinski, J.
fn.24/987; novelist parodied by Himself inFun with Teeth

Krause, Poor Tony
128; gay junkie in Boston who hangs with C. And "yrstruly"; and "red leather fags" 129; purse-snatching debacle involving lady with heart in purse, 143; stroke, 299; withdrawal, 300; late obstetrician father, 301, 721; 11/11/YDAU, in the stall, 655; 683; former crewmate of Matty Pemulis, 691; running from Ruth van Cleve, 719, 728; "with a supine person Krause vaulted lifting a decayed head from the alley floor to counter with:Go" 721; "newly acquired test-subject" for viewing the Entertainment, 845; probably one of the red-leather-coat girls w/Bobby C. during Fackelmann's demise, 976;

Krone, David

754; crab-like resident at Ennet House; 786; 824;

Kubitz, Glenny
885; relates Ennet House debacle to Ferocious Francis

Kübler-Ross, Elizabeth
253; author of "On Death & Dying"

Kurosawa, Akira
232; Japanese filmmaker.


L., John
345; AA member;

Lac de Deux Montaignes region
732; region of Québec where Maranthe lived as a child

Lace-Forché, Noreen

415; "USC-educated video-rental mogulette"; 620; fn.301/1054

Latrodectus Mactans
159; aka Black Widow; fn.24/987; phylum and species of the black widow spider (ChrisO: ChrisO@fieldschool.com)

Lamb, Mrs.
575; at Parents' Day at Bishop Anthony McDiardama Elementary School w/Mrs. Lenz

Lang, Fritz
48; German filmmaker;Metropolis, 193; "chilling framed print of Lang directingMetropolis " 951; parody/homage to hisRancho Notorious, in Himself'sThe Night Wears a Sombrero

Leary, Dr. Tim(othy)
170; famous acid-head and comedian

234; as Doinel

717; clothing store in Cambridgeside that Lenz rips off

Legal Seafood
743; where Orin took Joelle to meet Himself, in Brookline MA

Le Groupe Vidéotron
412; owner of "five big Canadian Shop-at-Home networks"

Leisure Time Ice
39; where B. Green worked; 577

Leith, Disney R.
51; History of Entertainment and Optics teacher at ETA; 96; 298; Quadrivial colloquium "Reflections on Refraction" 511; fn.145/1027;

Lemon Pledge
99; Furniture polish

Lendl , Ivan
259; "Czech Kid" actual tennis champion who did retire but who has not, as far as can be determined, "suicided" himself.

Lenz, Mrs.
575; mother of Randy; "a thrice-divorcée and Data Processor [...] unspeakably obese";

Lenz, Randy
207; Ennet House resident; 270; described, 276; "small-time organic-coke dealer" 276; 363; 533; walks home from meetings, 539; room w/Glynn & Day, 539; demapping rats, 540; progression of appetite, 541; 553; mother & stepfather, 557, 561; harassing Yolanda, 565; from Fall River MA, 575; Polish Curse, 692; discharged from Ennet House, 692; post-discharge, stalking two Chinese ladies, 716; escaping Chinese ladies, 728; A.F.R.'s "newly acquired test-subject" for viewing the Entertainment, 845;

Leroux, Mrs.
575; at Parents' Day at Bishop Anthony McDiardama Elementary School w/Mrs. Lenz

1014; small African country contained, Vatican-like, within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.;

Limbaugh, Rush
177; radio personality and mouthpiece for the Republican political party; inIJ, a former US President; 382; Limbaugh Era, 411, 562; poster of on Sorkin's office door, 929;

Lindistairne Gospels
950; "tiny pornographic scenes in the Byzantine weave"

254; ETA teacher

Linville, Maury
643; actual first name is Larry. Actor who played lipless and peevish Major Frank Burns in M*A*S*H, American 1970s TV dramedy.

LipoVac Unltd.
413; ads done by Viney and Veals

Liquor World

Little Lisbon
717; area in Cambridge ?

Loach, Barry
102; ETA Trainer; 316; 525; "resembles a wingless fly--blunt and scuttly" 967; was in a Jesuit seminary but lost his religion

Loach, Therese
967; Barry's sister, who carries match-number cards at pro fights

Lobokulas, Stavros
434; foot-fetishist who works with Gately at Shattuck Shelter and "owns the company that contracts with the Commonwealth for the Shattuck's maintenance"; 922;

L'Odalisque de Ste. Thérèse
396; "character out of old Québecois mythology who was supposedly so inhumanly gorgeous that anyone who looked at her turned instantly into a human-sized precious gem"; "In most versions an opal" 529;

710; large Boston airport where black addict works; where Québec team is to land, 853;

130; junkie in Boston; 300;

Longley, Bernadette
50; ETA student; 282;

Lopate, Mrs.
753; catatonic at the Shed; "the objay dart from the Shed that they come and install next to the Ennet House viewer some days" 818;

Lord, Otis P.
116; ETA student & "thirteen-year-old baseliner and calculus phenom from Wilmington DE, who 'Wears the Beanie' as Eschaton's gamemaster and statistician of record" (322); "stats-wienie and Eschaton game-master," 171; 264; Hitachi monitor still over his head from Eschaton violence, 456; in Tavis' office, 527; in hospital bed next to Gately, 817; Hitachi monitor removed on Thursday, 948;

Loring A.F.B.
571; near "what used to be Presque Isle Maine"


150; actually "Luddism;" opposition to technical or technological change

257; Luke Skywalker, character inStar Wars who in the movie's climactic battle sequence does not "remove his targeting helmet" but in fact merely switches off his targeting computer in favor of "The Force" (the movie's quazi-religion.)

Lung, The
51; inflatable covering for ETA tennis courts November-March; 153; inflation day (fourth Monday of November), 268;

103; presumably Martin Luther, German theologian and leader of the Protestant Reformation. Perhaps he wore wooden sandals while dumping too.

114; guru in ETA weight room, who lives off others' perspiration; 127; Deus Providebit ("God Provides"), 198; and Himself, 249; 316; 379; dispensing wisdom for sweat, 387; visited in Ontario by Himself, fn.234 (1041); "appearance outside the weight room, upright and walking across the grounds" 433; hovering cross-legged "just a couple mm. above the top of the towel dispenser" 700; met and bonded w/Himself on Canada's Northwest coast, 706; "'I Don't Know (How to Love Him)' from an old opera Lyle sometimes [...] listened to at night in the weight room" 808; taught ETA kids that "panic sharpens the senses almost past enduring" 896; says that "the most advanced level of Vaipassana or 'Insight' meditation consisted in sitting in fully awakened contemplation of one's own death" 898;

Lynch, David

944; American film (Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway) and TV (Twin Peaks, On The Air ) director; parodied (?) in Himself's Safe Boating is No Accident; Wikipedia


M., Gene
See Martinez, Eugenio

fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student

Madame, The

542; hallucinogen Doony Glynn did in 1989

Made Guys from the North End
609; presumably "made" members of the mafia. (Becoming a made man is something akin to getting tenure.) (Or so I've read.)

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
191; "depressing book" read by Madame, The.

Mainwaring, Reeves
238; at Notkin's party

233; possibly Dusan Makavejev, Belgrade-born filmmaker.

Makulic, Bernard
634; "little 14-C" at ETA

411; owned TCI cable TV network

fn.24/987; filmmaker parodied in Himself'sDeath in Scarsdale

Man o' War Grille
682; Portuguese restaurant on Prospect in Cambridge, where Matty Pemulis is;

129; slang term for face; personal map, 196; "personal competitive map" fn.75; "utter demapping" fn.75; "eliminate their own map for keeps" (commit suicide), 220; 231; "keep his map shut when he's got nothing important to say" 276; 280; de-mapping, 300;

Marathe, Gertraud
89 (unnamed); 126; wife of Rémy; dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; born w/o a skull, 429; 529; 752; "among the first Swiss children of southwestern Switzerland to become born without a skull" 779; her condition, 779; in a comatose state for almost one year, 780;

Marathe, Rémy
88; member of "Wheelchair Assassins" and quadruple agent (fn.40/995); "Something bigger than the self [...] You are what you love" 107; wife dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; "eidetic, near-perfect in recall" 127; reports to M. Fortier, 127; 317; wife was born without a skull, 429; father's death, 490; dreams of father, 528; A.F.R. believes him to be a triple agent, 529; at Ennet House, 730; "prepared to die violently at any time" 732; w/paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people, 735; at Ennet House w/Pat M., 747; aka "Henri" 748; w/Kate Gompert, 774; how he met his wife, 777; "a used Kenbeck pacemaker for Maranthe's father, now deceased" fn.313/1062;

55; where ADA and wife go to "celebrity sailing thing"

386; perpetually wet former ETA student & Orin's doubles partner

Martin, Dean
863; American actor and singer

Martinez, Eugenio

177; volunteer alumnus counselor at Ennet House & Gately's counselor when he was a resident; 196; 273; "ex coke and -phone-bunko guy whose left ear had been one of his Losses" and "grizzled Filipino" 466;

Marxist Film-Cartridge Theory
227; subject of Notkin's oral critique for Ph.D.


639; 70s TV show with which Steeply's father was obsessed; U.N. Korean Police Action only lasted two years, 644; 834;

"blank facial masking" 72; Lemon Pledge husks "a battery of five-holed masks" 223; Notkin's Karl Marx, 227; guy in wheelchair tailing Orin with "some kind of domino-mask" 245; "Wayne's father is an asbestos miner who [...] wears triple-thick masks" 262; "a disguise that makes [Lenz] look like Cesar Romero after a terrible accident" 276;

Massachussetts Department of Public Health
138; of which Division of Substance Abuse Services is a part

222; dope

Mathis, Johnny
102; American pop crooner (50s-60s); "Chances Are"

McCartney, Linda
978; wife of Paul; CD of just her contributions to Wings tunes

McCartney, Paul

978; former Beatle and leader of Wings

McDade, Wade
177; resident at Ennet House; tatoos, 206; 363; "a young hard-core flask-alkie from Ashland KY" 469; 533;

fn.304/1055; "-like chaos" unknown reference

880; "the freaking crime dog;" Smokey The Bear-ish mascot for law enforcement.

462; where Gately did some time (Mass. Correctional Institution, in Billerica.)

McKenna, Kieran
341; ETA student

McLachlin, Kyle
944; KyleMacLachlan, American actor who worked with director David Lynch onBlue Velvet,Twin Peaks, andDune.

McLean Hospital
249; where Himself did "a two-day purge and detox" while working on the Entertainment; fn.145/1027; in Belmont, MA, where J.O.I. planned out Found Drama ("the ultimate Neorealism") "to get revenge" on critics of his films

McNair, Stokely ("Dark Star")

129; junkie in Boston; 300; "the late" 690;

137; MA Department of Correction; 210

Meech Lake Accord
1013; I, II & III; III was "Ottawa's last attempt to placate Québec with a constitutional amendment formalizing the Gallic province's right to 'preserve and promote' a 'distinct society and culture.'" 1021;

219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment

229 (unnamed); "beautiful young woman" high on Ecstacy, dancing in front of mirror, at Notkin's party; 233; 235

105; king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon.

Mercier Dam
259; Canadian dam on the St. Lawrence.

Merman, Ethel
214; American comic actress and singer noted for her poweful voice. 1909-1984

methedrine addict from New Bedford
194; woman who hangs w/Gately at Ennet House

Metheun-Andover border
456; locus of mammoth effectuators, in no. MA; Metheun Fan-Complex, 571; 670;

193; 1927 film by Fritz Lang; "chilling framed print of Lang directing" 951

232; filmmaker?

958; "alcoholic, addict and a sick fuck" with child visitation issues with his mother and sister

Militant Grammarians of Massachussetts (MGM)
288; led by Avril I.; Tactical Phalanx, 288; fn.234/1039

Millennial Fizzy
182; soft drink; fn.138; taken w/Oreos for "jittery amphetaminic buzz" 200

Miller, W.
581; tracts by, being handed out by Bruce Green's aunt

Minimal Mambo
229; danced at Notkin's party

mint green Ford sedan
327; with Nunhagen Asprin ad on its right rear door, 332

Minty, Emil
aka "yrstruly" (12/YDPAH), 128-35; resident at Ennet House, 178; 207; "hard-core smack-addict punk" 275; 300; 615; (Note, Emil Minty is the name of the child actor who plays the "Feral Kid" in the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie "Road Warrior.")

Miss Diagnosis
450; "alto grad student" who is Madame Psychosis' replacement at WYYY; 624;

Mitchell, Joni
966; disk of, playing in J. Wayne's locker. (singer/songwriter, b. Roberta Joan Anderson, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7Nov43)

M.I.T. Student Union
184; "one enormous cerebral cortex"

472; CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in B.S. '53

M & M's
20; Fackelmann, Dilaudid and, 932

472; Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. A tool (test) used to categorize humans by personality. Similar to (and often used concurrently with) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

108; Arab prophet of Islam; established a theocratic state at Medina after 622 and began to convert Arabia to Islam. (American Heritage Dict.)

Moment Magazine
Orin to be interviewed by some profiler from, 48; story about heart-in-a-purse lady, 142; article about Army DMZ casualty, 214; "medical, soft sports, personality, and home-entertainment-trends reporting" 227; story on Orin, 244, 1012; "supermarket-checkout-lane-display magazine" 244; "physically imposingMoment girl" 246; "a national magazine for and about exceptional people" 660;

Monroe, Dr. Robert ("Sixties Bob")
927; "septuagenarian pink-sunglasses-and-Nehru-jacket-wearing N.C.-F.P.F. ergotic-vascular-headachetreatment specialized [who] interned at Sandoz [in Switzerland] [and was] one of T. Leary's original circle"; treats Sorkins headaches; big Grateful Dead fanatic; perhaps got the DMZ he sold to Antitois from Kite;

420; Canadian resistance group

Montesian, Ms. Patricia, M.A., C.S.A.C.
176; Executive Director, Ennet House in Enfield, MA; 196; had a stroke, 278; "photo-seizure-prone" 361; her black 1964 Ford Aventura, 461; husband, 461; background & description, 465; and Mars (husband?), 960;

Moore, Lateral Alice
99; ETA administration, C.T.'s administrative ass't; 174; 432; about, 509-;

More Will Be Revealed
540; NA group

Morris [sic] Code

446; Gately's mother's "live-in lover, a former Navy M.P. who used to beat her up on a regular schedule"; 840-43; drove a "cheese-and-egg delivery truck for Cheese King Inc." 841; maiming flies, 842;

314.1+5. having a sharp point

Mulroney, (Martin) Brian
fn.304/1058; Canadian president from 1984 - ??

Munch, Edvard
1016; 1863-1944; Norwegian artist famous for his painting "The Scream."

219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment

Icarus, 65; "Tristan and Isolde. Lancelot and what's-her-name. Agamemnon and Helen, Dante and Beatrice." 105; "Helen and Paris. He of Troy." Menelaus, 105; Medusa, 190, 529; Popogatapec, 243; "It's a myth no one misses [the Substance]" 273; 528; Circe, 529; "Polycleitos body, Hermes or Theseus before his trials" 636; Job, 740, 895; Promethean-guilt angle, 791; Incandenza family, 838; Camilla, "goddess of speed and light step" 965; "visually lethal mythologic females" in Himself's"The Medusa v. the Odalisque, fn.24/988;


N., Dicky
445; Crocodile

N., Didi
See Neaves, Didi

N., Maureen
826; C. Treat's counselor at Ennet House

N., Tamara
445; at AA meeting

9; collegiate athletic association

Naked I Club
370; where "skinny hard-faced Advanced Basics girl" at Boston AA meeting was a stripper at 16-years-old

National Clays
287; tennis tournament in Indianapolis IN

National Cranio-Facial Pain Foundation
267; where Schacht interns in Enfield, MA; where Sorkin gets treated, 913; ad featuring painting of headachey Sorkin, 977;

Near Eastern Medical Attaché
78; 87;

Neaves, Didi
208; "new black girl" at Ennet House resident w/skull tatooed on her upper abdomen; 543; works at ETA, 634;

Neeld, Harper
253;Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love

235; something on Notkin's bathroom's sink

404; "in Spin" dept of Gentle's administration

See G., Nell

neo-Thomist Realism
745; "Personalistes, an aesthetic schoolf of great influence over French Catholic intellectuals circa 1930-1940" 745;

New Choice
503; "grim" juvenile rehab in Dorchester MA

182; "Newton's II" possibly a reference to Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion (though the "For Every Action There's An Equal But Opposite Reaction" vibe would more accurately be conveyed by Newton's 3rd.)

78; aka Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

291; Orin's doubles partner; 296;

Nickerson Farms Meat Facsmile[sic]
291; Orin's strabismic B.U. doubles partner is an heir to its "fortune"


Nightmare on Elm Street XXII: The Senescence
825; McDade bitching about having to watch

Nixon, Richard
147; "N[ixon]-K[ennedy] debates of B.S. 1960"

NoCoat Lingua Scrapers
151; 235

North American Junior Tennis
431; biweekly & trilingual magazine

Notkin, Molly Cantrell("near-Professor")
219; Ph.D. In Film and Film-Cartridge Theory from MIT; former lover who believed there were "only a finite number of erections possible in the world" 220; father, 234; "thick swart girl" 625; on Himself's "early oeuvre" 740; interrogated by Rod the God Tine, 787;

Notre Rai Pays
222; 753; 1013; 1017; 1019; literally "our spoken country." (possibly this is a term used by Quebecois to refer to their country, separate from Canada?)

N. Paducah Technical H.S. Rivermen
742; football team

Nucci, Vinnie ("Nooch")
886; "favored Dilaudid and spent over a year without ever taking the belt off his wing, dropping through Osco skylights at night on a rope"; "for whom Gately also occasionally held the rope on late-night Osco-and-Rite-Aid-skylight missions" 914; at AA/NA meeting (?), 960;

341; of Framington MA; Cranio-Facial Pain ads, 413;

Nwangi, Tony
98; ETA prorector; "hatchet-faced Kenyan" (fn.73/998)


O., Bud
844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately at St. Elizabeth's Hospital; broke his wife's nose so that it laid flat against her face and refused to let her have it fixed;

203; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

17; Oxford English Dictionary; 28; 30; 245;

Ogilvie, Mr. Urquhart, Jr.
140; teaches "Introduction to Entertainment Studies" at ETA; 188; 411; 515; "Reflections on Refraction" class, 756;

Old Nurse who Asks For Help
196; retired Air Force Nurse in Unit #4 at Ennet House; 608; "HELP WANTED sign up under the window of the lady in Unit #4 that shouts for Help" 894;

471; Canadian scientist at the Brandon Psychiatric Center who discoveredp-terminals, aka "Rivers of Reward." The name Steeply is trying to remember is Olds; James Olds is one of the psychologists who co-discovered the pleasure centers. He made this discovery in Canada, but he's actually an American.

65; Organization of North American Nations (U.S., Canada, Mexico); tumesence of, 283; history, 391; 1013;

4,7; Organization of North American Nations College Athletics Association; 111

36; Organization of North American Nations Medical Association

Organization of North American Nations Tennis Association; urine testing, 151; toxologist, 156; 259;

63; Office of Naval Research, U.S.D.D.; 67

Oo Is 'E When 'E's at 'Ome
834; TV show?

Oxbridge Quadrivium-Trivium curricular model
8; 188; fn.64/996-97

819; Likely malapropism for "iota", double-entendre with "Tater Tot"

Oriental women w/shopping bags (11/7)

Orwell, George. (Pen name of Eric Arthur Blair)
288; 1903-1950, British writer whose works include Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949).
288; "Politics and the English Language"

O'Shay, Gwendine
927; Sorkin's secretary, "howitzer-breasted old Green-Cardless former I.R.A.-moll"

Ossowiecke, R.
726; A.F.R. member making rounds of halway/rehab houses; 845;

See Unspecified Services, Office of

185; filmmaker?


P ------- , Luria
See Perec, Luria

88; desolate region in extreme southwest Québec; fn.304/1058;

"weird Taoist paraboloid logo" 265;

Fenton the paranoid-schizophrenic, 47; "Pemulis's poster of the paranoid king" 60; "dealers that stay around any length of time tend to be on the paranoid side" 75; "Nothing brings you together like a common enemy" 113; "It'll help your attitude to look for evidence of design" 113; "Accident? Random happenstance?" 114; Pemulis "fears the dealer's Brutus" 156; "They" 175; "the people to be most frightened of are the people who are most frightened" 204; paranoid king, 213; "Yes, I'm paranoid--but am I paranoid enough?" fn.211/1035;

Parias-Carbo, Alphonso
363; Ennet House resident; 611; "the totally ununderstandable Cuban" 887;

Parrot, Annie
279; Asst. Mgr. at Ennet House; Ass't Director at Ennet House, 434; to "go get certified in jet-engine maintenance at East Coast Aerotech on a Mass Rehab grant" 822;

Patch the Pony Who Says Nay to Strangers
879; toy manufactured by ChildSearch.

Patty citizen type
128; straight person (?)


Pearson, Heath
672; former ETA student; in Himself's films, 687; founder of the sub-14's Tunnel Club, 899; "former tow-truck shareholder" fn.209/1035;

Pei, I.M. (Ieoh Ming)
184; Chinese-born American architect, b. 1917. Architect of the MIT Stratton Student Center, building W20, 84 Mass. Ave., which dates from the late 60's. The original student center, still standing near Ames St. and Memorial Drive, 142 Memorial Dr., is the Walker Memorial, building 50. This is the one with the columns.

Peckinpah, Sam
185; American filmmaker parodied in Himself'sFun with Teeth, fn.24/987

Pemberton, Hugh
fn.110; ETA student; 1009;

Pemulis, "Da"
683; abusive father of Matty and Michael, who came over "on a boat from Louth in Lenster in 1989;

Pemulis, Matty (aka "Mad Matty")
682; 23-year-old prostitute brother of Michael; described, 683; former crewmate of Poor Tony Krause, 691;

Pemulis, Michael Mathew
40; student at ETA and Big Buddy; rooms w/Troeltsch & Schacht in subdorm B in the back north part of the second floor of West House (171); "reptilian" (according to Avril); 50; "One kid asks you to please commit a crime" 75; "has this way of looking warily from side to side" 95, 211; Big Buddy to Lord & Possalthwaite, 116; clean-urine sales (w/Axford), 151; about, 154; "Please commit a crime" 156; DMZ arrangements with "day-shift Ennet House kid at the booth who raises the portcullis" at ETA, 171; Tenuate (methedrine) spansules, 216, 329, fn.321/1065, fn.324/1068; considering dosing Wayne, 213; puking at Port Washington, 262; "physically 'drine dependent" 267; dosed tennis opponent at P.W., 281; PowerBook, 431; waiting to see Tavis, 509, 526; interrupting Avril & J. Wayne, 552; holding forth on annulation, 570-74; "He goes to the library and pores" 785; trying to cut down on places with 'N' in their name, 908; crawling into the ceiling at ETA, "Entrepôt-bound" 916; to Hal: "cut yourself off of it altogether, you die inside. You lose your mind" fn.321/1065; takes two Tenuate spansules before a tennis game, fn.324/1067; got out of urine-test by threatening to bust Avril and J. Wayne for "major-sport interlude" fn.324/1068; "how 17 can actually go into 56 way more than 3.294 times" fn.324/1069;

921; doctor at St. Elizabeth's tending to Gately

Penn, Jeffrey Joseph ("J. J.")
327; ETA student, "a high-ranked thirteen-year-old but not exactly the brightest log on the Yuletide fire"; roommate w/Ingersoll, 338; perhaps seriously injured, 452 (see p.341);

Penn, Michael H.
333; 21-year-old brother of J.J. and "sworn foe" of Pemulis for calling him "Penisless";

Penn, Miles
687; ETA student in Himself's films

Penn, W. (William)
216; English Quaker colonizer in America, founded Pennsylvania in 1681.

perdre son coeur
fn.304/1060; French: "lose his heart"

Perec, Mlle. Luria

30; "of Lamartine, county of L'Islet, Québec; stenographer to Tine, Sr., and to DuPlessis, 92; with whom R. Tine is "smitten" 92, fn.156 (1030); 440; aka "Swiss" woman, 566, 598, 655, 726, 845, 971-2;

Perot, Ross
382; elfin Texas businessman; presidential candidate in 1992 & 1996

personal-injury attorney
See Ewell, Eldred K., Jr.

Personnes Qui On Doit

Peterson, Sidney
234;The Lead Shoes; 185; "Peterson-shaped directorial chair" 788;The Cage in background ofGood-Looking Men..., 911; 957; "1947 classicThe Cage " fn.24/986; "low-budget classicThe Cage , which is mostly about a peripatetic eyeball rolling around" fn.366/1077;

Peterson, "Sleepy T.P."
115; ETA student; 330;

254; ETA teacher

Prettiest Girl Of All Time

Phelps and Phelps
fn.304/1058; authors ofThe Cults of the Unwavering I

Phiely, R. Bill ("Touchy")
510; "of California's Rolling Hills Academy"; infamous pediphile

Philips Andover Academy
915; Gately made false MA driver's licenses for the rich kids there

961; 12-Step splinter Ass't D.A. attends - codependency-issues

Phoenix House
503; halfway house in Somerville MA; visited by Fortier, 727;

Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
798; "Seated Harlequin" print hanging in Quabbin Recovery Systems; Spanish artist.

274; homosexual

Pine Street Inn
434; "the biggest and foulest homeless shelter in all of Boston" where Gately works as a janitor

Pinker, Steven
fn.24/987; debate w/Avril I. which was subject of Himself'sUnion of Theoretical Grammarians in Cambridge

204; metro Boston for "really quite wonderful" pronounced PISS-ah

358; aka Bernard; "industrial-grunge post-punk" at Ennet House

Plate, Sylvia
593; Gately's foggy memory of Sylvia Plath, an American writer (1932-1963) who committed suicide by sticking in her in an oven

975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; "had no real loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078

17; tennis player in Hal's age group

Poor Tony
See Krause, Tony

Port Washington Tennis Academy
103; I.D. Day; where ETA-PW tennis tournament is held on Long Island; "the Xerox Inc. Of North American tennis academies" 217; "a fancy tri-domed system of permanent all-weather Lung" 258;

fn.145/1027; Brandeis film critic

Possalthwaite, Todd ("Postal-Weight")
98; "the great lobber" at ETA; "endomorphic thirteen-year-old from Edina MN" 330; broken nose, 758; Minneapolis-developer father, fn.324/1068;

Post-Coital Vestibulitis
928; rare neurological disorder that Yale's star power forward has

Poutrincourt, Mlle. Thierry T.
309; ETA prorector who taught a class called "Separatism and Return: Québecois History from Frontenac Through the Age of Interdependence" in Québecois French; 523; described, 673, 675; suspects Helen Steeply is neither a "civilian soft-profiler nor even a female" 1052; "History of Canadian Unpleasantness" course, fn.304/1055;

Powell's Peeping Tom
502; still-posters from in J.O. Incandenza's childhood bedroom in Sepulveda CA (1963)

417; perhaps the BST Apple Mac computer with RISC processor

Presque Isle Maine
571; near Loring A.F.B.

Pressburger orPrissburger, Dr.
920; w/Gately and gorgeous R.N.

Pricket[t], Mrs. Miriam
188; endowed-for-perpetuity at ETA; 229

Prince Q -------

Prins, Diane
fn. 92; Bernadette Longley's doubles partner; 311; 757;

ETA post-graduates "who stay on for two years and serve as deLint's" assistants, 283; "teach one marginal class per term and serve as on-court assistants" fn.94;

Provident Nursing Home
198; near Boston, MA; Hester Thrale works there, 601;

Psychosis, Madame

170; (10/22/YDAU) hosting "Madame Psychosis Hour," M-F 0000h.-0100h., on M.I.T.'s semi-underground WYYY, FM-109, "Largest Whole Prime On The FM Band"; 181; main theme is film and film-cartridges, 185; "issue of enclosure" 189; "strangely empty" voice, 189; music, 190, 191; "Madame's Downer-Lit Hour," 191; 450; 589; inaugural year: YW, 591; 625; "used to read an Eve Arden beauty brochure all the time where [she] says: 'The importance of a mask is to increase your circulation'" 774; mother killed in a garbage disposal, 788; in Gately's dream "with wings and no underwear and asks if they knew him, the dead guy with the head" 934; in Himself's Low-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991; See also van Dyne, Joelle

Public Garden
427; Marathe's favorite off-duty place, in Boston MA; draining the pond in November, 621;

Puente, Tito
22; Latin singer and bandleader (b. Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr., Apr 20, 1923, NYC.)

Purity Supreme Market
461; in Allston MA, where Gately shops for Ennet House

129; junkie in Boston

pursuiva le bonheur
427; French: "pursuit of happiness"; "il ne faut plus qu'on pursuive le bonheur" 483;


Quabbin Recovery Systems
797; where "Inner Infant" group is located, which group Hal happens upon, in Natick MA; "Q.R.S. Infantilist" 954;

Qal'at Si'man

Québecois-Sepératiste Left
29; about, 58; 64; 89; 137; alphabetical tally of groups, 144; highway mirrors, 311; fn.110/1011-1; F.L.Q., 1019;


R., Sven
fn.195/1033; Crocodile who was a refinisher and fixed table Gately cracked

Rader, Graham ("Yard-guard")

60; ETA student; 264; 869;

fn.234/1038;New Yorker film critic

Ram Das

Rancho Vista Golf and Tennis Academy
453; from which K.D. Coyle was lured at 13 years old

Randolph Tennis Center

64; Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Reality Is For People That Can't Handle Drugs Group
707; NA group Joelle v.D. attends

Reat, Ross
46; of Maddox OH (408); ETA student in Orin's dream; 296; playing E. Clipperton, 408; in Himself's films, 687; picture of, in Clipperton Suite, 759;

92; 1017; Territorial Reconfiguration of NE U.S. and SE Canada, fn.177/1032;

picture frames, 229; hand within hand

Redondo, Guglielmo
759; ETA student; rooms w/Esteban Reynes

Reehegan, Mr.
fn.234/1044; next-door neighbor of Incandenzas in Weston, who was "so-called 'friends' with" the Moms

Reese, Equus ("I'll Stick Anything in Any Part of My Body")

aka Eckwus, 129; "hideous" & addict acquaintance of Poor Tony's, 300; 683; Gately acquaintance, 887;

37; boyfriend of Wardine

Reilly, C. N.
fn.24/986; narratedAnnular Fusion Is Our Friend ;

Ren and Stimpy
834; popular TV cartoon of '90s ("Steempy! Youseek leetlemawnkey!")

Reynes, Esteban
759; ETA student; rooms w/ Redondo

627; 631; rank has its privileges

Richardson-Levy-O'Byrne-Chawaf, Ms. Soma
154; aka "Soma R.-L.-O. Chawaf"; teaches Literature of Discipline at ETA ; J. Incandenza Jr.'s "loyal sound engineer, Best Boy, production assistant, and third-favorite actress, respectively" 188; 515; played in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Rickey, A.Y. ("Vector-Field")
186; "E.T.A.'s original architect, Avril's old [...] friend, the topology world's closed-curve-mapping Übermensch" fn.3/983; designed M.I.T.'s Student Union, hissummum opus; fn.180/1032;

Riley's Roast Beef
578; in Union Square in Allston MA

Riney, Uncle Lum
862; Joelle's Daddy's partner at the shop; "breathed some kind of fume at the shop when I was little, and now he'll always try and climb up on top of shit"

Robert's Rules
668; "for the Tunnel Club;"; Robert's Rules of Order, (Henry Martyn Robert ) The Strunk & White for (usu. governmental) meetings, sort of. First published 1876.)

Rockwell, Norman
271; American painter

87; slang for cigarette

Romero, Caesar
276; actor, played The Joker on the campy Batman TV series.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques
12; French philosopher (1712-1778)

37; lives with Wardine (brother?)

Royal Victoria

Roy Tony
37; Wardine's momma's boyfriend; dealing in Brighton Projects, 129; at Boston NA meeting, 505;

Rub'al Khali
33, "Sometimes called "the Empty Quarter." 1. A desert region in the southeast interior of the Arabian Peninsula. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Rusk, Dr. Dolores
50; ETA psych-counselor; 252; 437; w/Stice, 550;Champion An Inner Child Today , 551;

Ryle's Jazz Club (aka Ryle's Tavern)
479; "upscale pub-type bar" in Cambridge MA; Gender-Dysphoric Night, 691; where Marathe & Kate Gompert are drinking, 775;


63; Strategic Air Command

324; Eschaton term. Literally: Strikes Against Civilian Populations. Figuratively: to go "postal."

Sagan, Carl
745; (1934-1996) pop-astronomer of whom Orin does an impression

St. Columbkill Sunday Night Group
209; 12-Step group; 856;

St. Elizabeth's Hospital
209; in Boston, MA

St. Mel's Hospital
86; where Ewell detoxed

St.-Simone, Kimberly

91; Russian: "any sort of politically underground or beyond-the-pale press or the stuff published thereby" 1011; "the Entertainment" as, 490, 549; 658;

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
170; where LSD was first created; 927; where Dr. Robert Monroe interned

San Simeon
952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man

860; "Ferocious Francis's own sponsor, the nearly dead guy they wheel to White Flag"

Saturday Night Lively

138; Substance Abuse Services

Saudi Minister of Home Entertainment

Sawyer, Dean
7; Dean of Admissions at Univ. of AZ, interviewing Hal

Schacht, Ted
31; 50; ETA senior; rooms w/Pemulis & Troeltsch; Crohn's Disease, 103, 266, 633; tight with Mario and with Lyle, 263; "doesn't care all that much whether he wins anymore" 306; "thick and solid" 457;

Schtitt, Gerhardt
52; 70-year-old Head Coach and Athletic Director at ETA; about, 79; "We Are What We Walk Between" 81; in love with a tree, 83; smokes pipe, 391; early supporter of J. Gentle, fn.169/1031; "Traversion is character" fn.234/1039; "self-transcendence through pain" 660; with Mario heading for Evangeline's Low-Temperature Confections, 701; listening to Wagner, 755; It seems that his name should look German, but it is not, since if a "t" follows a "Sch", the "ch" is left out. So the correct way of spelling would be just "Stitt".

835; "a poseur like"

207; what Boston Bikers refer to themselves as

Scorsese, Martin
944; American film director (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, The Last Waltz, Raging Bull, The Last Temptation of Christ, Goodfellas, Casino, Kundun, etc.)

Seinfeld, Jerry
834; American comedian and TV actor

735; paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people to Maranthe; 748

senza errori
165; never-miss consistency; 675; (italian: "without errors")

Sergeant at Arms
359; the well-dressed man outside the Boston AA meetings, in Gately's dream, yanked people out with a shepherd's staff; 463; 468;

"high-pitched grunts that if girls could only hear what their own grunts sounded like they'd cut it out" [Hereally writes that!]

37; lives with Wardine (sister?); daughter of black addict

Sharing and Caring
546; NA group, St. E's

Shattuck Shelter for Homeless Males
272; where Gately works as a janitor; 434; 709;

Shaw, Colonel
223; "equestrian statue of" in Boston, draped in Québecois flag

Shaw, Tall Paul
50; ETA student; sponsorship, 266;

Shed, The
196; Unit #5 at Ennet House, where catatonics are "stored"

Sherman statutes

Sherman, W.T. (William Tecumseh)
925; "with the ladies" (1820-1891) "American Union general. Appointed commander of all Union troops in the West (1864), he captured Atlanta (1864) and led a destructive March to the Sea, which effectively cut the Confederacy in two." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Shiny Prize Biting Shoats
741; KY football team on which the first boy ever to approach Joelle in a male-female way played as a lineman ("half blind on Everclear punch"), 741;

Show, the
53; pro-level sports, specif. the A.T.P. tour (111); 109; 111; "When you hit the Show is when you'll understandprimitive" 243; 259; 263; 269;

Shuco-Mist Medical Pressure Systems
198; near Boston, MA

Sidney or Stanley
619; "hammered" security guy at Gately/Nuck altercation

Sierpinski gasket
213; the Sierpinski gasket (aka Sierpinski triangle) is a type of fractal using equilateral triangles; Waclaw Sierpinski (1882-1969), Polish mathmetician


Sir Osis of Thuliver
834; play on words: cirrhosis of the liver.

Siress, Erica
514; young ETA student

Sixties Bob
See Monroe, Bob

208; Ennet House resident

525; "barrel-chested Latvian" satellite pro (fn.221)

131; ethnic slur for an Asian person

Smith, Burt F.
130; (not named) mugged by Poor Tony and left to die; Ennet House resident with no hands or feet, 274;

Smith, Stan
110; Tennis pro whose cartridge Hal and his Buddies are viewing

Smothergill, Phillip T.
229; "insufferable child actor"; 714; in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

582; rock band

Sol Hoopi Players
583; Don Ho's back-up band

Sorkin, Whity
131; addict buddy of C's in the days of his youth; scammed by Fackelmann, 886; "the migrainous bookie" 892; "terrible cranio-facial neuralgia" 913; arrives for Fackelmann's demise

Sorrow and the Pity, The
835; Gately "wiggling his pinkie to indicate the world's smallest viola playing the theme from" (1971 documentary. 4+ hour long French film documenting French attitudes toward the German occupation in WWII and in particular their (the French's) complicity therewith.)

special attaché to the Saudi Minister

Spider, The
274; aka the Disease aka addiction/dependence

Spodek, Carol
102; ETA student; 198; 636; Big Buddy to Kittenplan, 758;

sporting lint
202; Boston street term for having no money

Spur, The
154; "outlying district zoned for sprawl" where Pemulis is from (in Allston, MA); 180

896; aka MDMA, Ecstacy

Statue of Liberty
"Libertine Statute, wearing some type of enormous adult-design diaper" 33; "other arm holds aloft a product [...] changed each 1 Jan." 367

Steenbok, Danielle
208; Ennet House alumna & volunteer counselor; Gompert's counselor, 361; rumored to attend Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, 462;

Steeply, M. Hugh (aka Helen)
88; Unspecified Services field operative; described, 93; his "green sedan subsidized by a painful ad" 107 (see also p.327); "made his early career [...] conducting technical interviews" 108; aka "Helen" the journalist--story about heart-in-a-purse lady, 142; "Putative Curriculum Vitae" of Helen, 227; 317; "assigned to cultivate some of the Entertainment's alleged filmmaker's relatives and inner circles" 375; 1012; going to ETA as "Helen" fn.147/1028; "the ugliest supposedly female feet" 419; what America really wants, 423; 565; 622; at ETA, 627; his father, 638; H.H., 639; kid sister, 643; at Stice/Hal match, 652;

"sharp star of frond-shade" 165; "star's points" 187; Stelliform Cultism, 560; "perfectly round [...] radiating knives of light" 88; "gigantic asterisk shadows" 88; something Lenz talks about; "antihistorical American stelliformism" fn.304/1058; "stelliform offshoots" ofLe Assassins " fn.304/1060;

203; metro Boston for panhandling

Steve's donuts
129; junkie hangout in Enfield Squar[e], Boston

Stewart, Rod
44; British rock singer ("Rod the Mod")

Stice, Ortho ("the Darkness")
17; patriotic ETA student; big fan of Schtitt, 105; Big Buddy to Wagenknecht; 264; rooms w/Coyle, 394; conferring w/Lyle, 394; fn.185; crewcutted, 520; counterphobia, 550; parents (Mr. Stice and The Bride), 628;11/11/YDAU match w/Hal described, 652; forehead stuck to window, 865; 3 statisticians joke, 867; bed is on the ceiling, 942; bet Coyle "he could stand on his desk chair and lift it up at the same time" 943;

281; ETA student on "C" team, singing opera on the bus

Stokely-van Camp Corp.
329; candded- and frozen vegetable conglomerate (?)

Store 24
206; where McDade works

Stott, Donnie
121; ETA student; Donni, 523, 965; "Valley-Map laugher" fn.324/1067;

Stove, Betty
123; "Power-game tradition"; Dutch tennis player of the mid-70s, winner of numerous Grand Slam doubles titles playing with Wendy Turnbull.

Struck, James Albrecht Lockley, Jr.
49; of Orinda, CA; ETA student and Big Buddy to Tallat-Kelpsa, Traub & Whale; Gopnik); pet tarantula, 519; wears braces, 638; studying Québec-separatist history, fn.304/1055; about his dissipated dad, fn.304/1058;

student engineer at WYYY
82; 239; kidnapped, 622-26; 726-27;

Subject, The
43; Orin's affectionate moniker for his partners in one-night stands; 566;

Subsidized Era
151; when corporations sponsor a year, which year the sponsor may name, at the end of which year they sell the sponsorship to the highest bidder; chronology, 223 (first was B.S.2002 [note: I left this 2002 thing in because I couldn't disprove it, but nor can I recall in the text where one can fix subsidized time to "regular" time. In fact when I did it I came up with a different year. I can't recall how I came up with my answer either. -SMR-]; "Subsidized Time," 234; 260; "a revenue-response to the heady costs of the U.S.'s Reconfigurative giveaway" 438; 439-42; fn.304/1057;

Sudbury Half-Measures Avail Us Nothing Group
563; AA group whose Chair used to be a nuclear auditor for the Defense industry ("used tod wear a four-piece suit and the fourth piece was him")

Sunstrand Power & Light
342; Himself's ad for, fn.24/986; "like being down at Sunstrand Plaza when they fired the transformers" fn.234/1042; "O.N.A.N.-Sunstrand waste-intensive fusion facility up in what used to be Montpelier"

Sutherland, Joan
fn.324/1069; theme; (b. 1926, Australian operatic soprano)

Svelte Nail Co.
540; "just east of Watertown on No. Harvard St." in Boston

Sweeny, Chip
552; younger ETA student

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. (1837-1909)
fn.269/1047; British poet and critic who wrote musical, often erotic verse in which he attacked the conventions of Victorian morality. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Syrian Satellite Pro
216; at ETA for "two paid weeks of corrective instruction"


Tallat-Kelpsa, Audern
118; younger ETA student; 265;

Tap & Whack
515; grueling tennis drill, aka "Puker"

Tarantino, Quentin
185; American filmmaker (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction)

Tarkovsky, Andrey
185; "some Russian guy" (1932-1986), Soviet film director

722; A.F.R. volunteer to view cartridges; partial colostomy, 725;

TaTung Corp.
975; box carried by a "very bland groomed collegeish guy in a Wembley tie, during Fackelmann's demise

Tavis, Charles ("C.T."), Ed.D.
3; bald, plump & 48 years old (314); Headmaster at Enfield Tennis Academy; half-brother of Avril Incandenza; "a former engineer most recently employed in Amateur Sports Administration at Throppinghamshire Provincial College, New Brunswick, Canada" 64; "either Mrs. Incandenza's half-brother or adoptive brother, depending on the version' 81; "his collection of platform shoes and unconvincing hairpieces and StairMaster" 253; 285; becomes Assistant Headmaster at ETA, 286-87; possibly Mario's biological father, 451; "a reverse-Buddhism, a state of Total Worry" 451; background, 516; "possibly the openest man of all time" "a cross-section of a person" 517; 526; 655; "a master charmer past all social gauge" fn.266/1046; "Gretel the Cross-Sectioned Dairy Cow" fn.269/1048; "misadventure at Himself's funeral" 907, 910;

Tavis, Elizabeth
901; Avril's step-mother, "an American widow [who] seems almost certainly to have been a dwarf" 901; "still alive and somewhere in Alberta" 953;

tecato gusano
200; "some kind of interior psychic worm that cannot be sated or killed" (Latin slang for one's addiction)

Tech Talk Daily
182; CD-ROM student paper at MIT

See TP

Tenderhole, Bridget
300; Boston prostitute who copes for Poor Tony

and drugs, 67; combination of chess & boxing, 81; Schtitt's theories on, 81-84; "The true oponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself" 84; Stan Smith cartridge, 110; "It's an individual sport" 112; 3 types of student (Despairing; Obsessive; Complacent), 115; "sheer repetitive weight makes it sink down into the gut" 117; and Brando, 158; the ball, 160; The Zone, 166; service,172; seeding, 174; in the groove, 242-43; 258; "largely mental" 269; college recruiting, 284; after achieving top ranking, 436; the Fresno family that's poisoned, 436; dawn drills, 452; "This second world inside the lines" 459; "junior players don't have the emotional juice left over after tennis to face what dating requires" 635; "Axiom: the man who has to hit up from the net is going to get passed" 653; what top tennis requires, 675-76; famous burnouts, 676;Billboard Who Walks, 676;gestalt orcomplete game, 679; "ability to transcend the goal" 680; Sydrome of the Endless Party, 681; "Life is like tennis. Those who serve best usually win." 952; match-wrap, 966; See also Show, the;

44; roach exterminators in Phoenix, AZ. (No evident relation to Terminix.)

Thode, Mary Esther
113; "Girls 16's/18's prorecter" at ETA (338); "regarded by the upperclassmen as probably insane" 307; "The Toothless Predator: Breast-Feeding as Sexual Assault" 307; takes lots of thiamine, 339; her sister Ruth, a senior at ETA during Orin's time, 955

Thorp, Corbett
188; prorector who teaches Trigonometry of Cubes at ETA; prorector in Hal's dorm, fn.82; "Deviant Geometries" 306; terrible stutter, 456;

Thrale, Hester
180; female Ennet House resident; Earth tatooed on her stomach, 207; Alfa Romeo gets towed, 823;

Thrust, Calvin
195; Ennet House alumnus & volunteer counselor, former NYC porno actor; Bruce Green's counselor, 582; cartridge Gately saw of Thrust having sex with a lady with only one arm" 819; recounting Ennet House fight w/Nucks to Gately, 819-21; air of imminent departure, 823;

Tilden on Spin
171; Tennis book written in 1937

Tilden, Bill
289; tennis champ of early 20th century. BookTilden On Spin, p.171

Tine, Rodney, Sr.
92; Chief of Office of Unspecified Services; acknowledged architect of O.N.A.N. and continental Reconfiguration; and Luria P.("a great and timeless love"), 94, 105-06; 312; 392; "former O.C.D.-support-group-sponsor and later Clean U.S. Party campaign manager" fn.156/1030; penis measuring, 548; in State House Annex, 622; White House Adviser on Interdependent Relations, 876;

Tine, Rodney, Jr.
622; D.S.S. Regional Operative; meeting re ads telling kids not to watch dubious entertainment cartridges

Tingly (Tingley)
208; Ennet House resident; "stout alcoholic kid" 609;

34; chocolate candy imported from Switzerland; 48

Tode, Mary Esther
80; prorector at ETA

Tolan, Billy
fn.24/987; plays academic in Himself'sFun with Teeth

Tolstoy, Count Leo, (Lev Nikolayevich)
95; sentence syntax; (1828-1910) Russian writer/philosopher. (War and Peace, Anna Kerenina)

Tommy S. or F.
364; U.H.I.D. member at AA meeting;

961; wife of Ass't D.A. after Gately

what Hal listened to over and over after Himself died, 41; "protracted death-aria from" "There is no music for free-floating misery likeTosca" 896; Puccini aria.

Totalitarian's Guide to Iron-Fisted Spin
404; by Pol and Diang

Toucan Sam
880; cartoon character; (for Froot Loops cereal, a la "Tony The Tiger")

Tough Shit But You Still Can't Drink

442; AA Group in Braintree


20; Teleputer: combination television/VCR/computer/videophone; power-Tps described, 60; "difference [...] between your historical broadcast TV set and a cartridge-capable TP" 96; "InterLace-designed R.I.S.C.-grade High Def-screen Pcs with mimetic-resolution cartridge-view motherboards" 417;

Trappist monks
705; Catholic monks who have taken a vow of silence

Traub, Philip
118; younger ETA student

Treat, Charlotte
207; Ennet House resident; 270; "violently red hair" & former prostitute & HIV-positive, 277; "secret dream [...] to get her G.E.D. and become a dental hygienist" 575; "father had been one-time Chair of the Northeast Regional Board of Dental Anesthesiologists" fn.239/1044; developed "goopy Virus-related eye infection" 826;

Tree, Sir Herbert
185; "hoary dramaturgy of" British actor/stage director of late 1800s/earlt 1900s.

Tree Lady
196; catatonic at The Shed who comes out and touches the tree in #5's lawn

Treffert, Gilbert
757; tennis pro (possibly fictional)

Triple Bind
441; faced by Gentle's administration: "Outflows required, inflows restricted, balance demanded"

8; 188; (see FN # 64)

Troeltsch, Jim
50; ETA student and Big Buddy; rooms w/Pemulis & Schacht; "promoting" Pemulis's Tenuate, 60, fn.5a.983; "constant 'drines" 267; wants a tennis-broadcasting career, 308; "left-eye-nystamic" 329; paranoid about powdered milk, 630; "and sex: no way" 634; 673; "heavy-browed red-nostriled kid" 677; sleeping in Axhandle's room, 869;

Trudeau, Pierre
282; PM of Canada

443; See Tough Shit But You Still Can't Drink

922; "fake-Turner fog-and-boat print" on Gately's hospital room wall

Turner, Ted
411; owned TBS cable TV network; 473

Turner Diaries, The
903; lectured on by the Naval M.P. [?? Orkin man, see line 25] to young Gately; 1978 novel by William Pierce (pen name Andrew Macdonald), leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. About an Aryan revolution that deposes the US government.


533; seeUnion of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed

Uncle T.S.
738; Joelle's Personal Daddy's uncle

Under the Volcano
191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. Under the Volcano (1947) was written by Malcolm Lowry)

Unexamined Life, The ("T.U.L.")
50; tavern in Enfield, MA, with Blind Bouncer; 476; 997; 581;

Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed (U.H.I.D.)
187; "an agnostic-style 12-step support-group"; an 11-step support group; Madame Psychosis reads their announcement on the air at WYYY; "The fatally pulchritudinous" 190; "unofficially founded in London in B.S. 1940 [to] afford the scopophobic empathic fellowship and the genesis of sturdy inner resources through shame-free and unconstrained concealment" 226; "Compelling Within Compatible Limits" 231; 317; 363; explicated, 533; and Bud O.'s wife, 844;

Universal Bleacher
710; where black addict worked;

Unspecified Services, Office of

88; akaBureau des Services sans Spécificité (B.S.S.); 382; why A.F.R. gives them the fantods, 420; encompasses Nat'l Security Agency, "A.T.F. and D.E.A., C.I.A. and O.N.R. and Secret Service" fn.228/1037

Unwin, Frannie
50; ETA student; 264; 682; described, 703;

Updike, John
fn.24/987; American novelist parodied in Himself'sFun with Teeth

65; possibly US Dept. of Defense (usu. abbreviated DOD)

See Unspecified Services


vade mecum
156; " A useful thing that one constantly carries about; A book, such as a guidebook, for ready reference." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Valayat, Pir
34 ; promulgater of "North American sufism"

van Cleve, Ruth
595; "brand-new Court-Ordered female" at Ennet House "who looks like one of those people you see in pictures of African famine"; 698; dumped her baby in an alley, 699; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714;

van der Meer, Dennis
82; "a Dutch immigrant low-level pro who became a major pro coach and tennis-education-theory guru" (fn.184); 457;

van der Rohe
191; architect

fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student

van Dyne, Joelle

219; "retreat into broadcast sound" 220; wears a linen veil, 220; contemplating "the absolute end of her life and beauty" 221; "excruciatingly alive and encaged" 222; "veilless [...] like some grotesque clown" 223; involved w/Jim Incandenza, Jr., 224; "after the acid, after first Orin left and then Jim came and made her sit through that filmed apology-scene and then vanished and then came back" 225; "Imitate the wife and mother they both declined to shoot" 225; aka Madame P., 225; formerly lived w/Orin I., 227; living on Himself's "generous trust" 228; "has never seen the completed assembly of what she'd appeared in [...] and doubts that any sum of scenes as pathologic as he'd stuck that long quartzy auto-wobbling lens on the camera and filmed her for could have been as entertaining as he'd said the thing he'd always wanted to make had broken his heart by ending up" 228; "mirror of quality plate" 229; background, 234; "deveiled, too pretty for words, maybe the Prettiest Girl of All Time" 239, 290; 249; 289; "the prettiness getting visibly worse day by day" 298; admitted to Ennet House on 11/8/YDAU, 345 (& fn.134); 361; 364; vegetarian, 475; talking w/Gately, 531; the veil, 533; "I'm so beautiful I drive anybody with a nervous system out of their fucking mind" 538; aka "Joe L."543; inI.J. , 549; 563; "after [J.v.D.] had been disfigured" 634; considering showing someone "the face" 710; obsessing on her teeth, 723; dream of Gately, 724; and cleaning, 736; and earplugs, 736; and Orin, 736; aka "Pokie" 737; introduced to Himself by Orin, 739; majored in "Film/Cartridge Studies" at MIT, 743; "terrible accident and deformation" 790; father "a low-pH chemist for a Kentucky reagent outfit" 792; the horrible accident described, 793; real name: Lucille Duquette, 795; bull named Mr. Man and mule named Chet, 861; being interrogated by B.S.S., 938-41; returning to Ennet House after interrogation and seeing in parked in front "the Middlesex County Sheriff's car [with] a uniform at the wheel absently feeling his face" 958; See also Madame Psychosis

van Dyne, Joe Lon
295; Joelle's father, of Shiny Prize, KY, and of the Dyne-Riney Proton Donor Reagent Corp. Of Boaz KY; 315; still "sucking air" 563; mother died same Thanksgiving Day that Joelle had "irreparable facial trauma" 791; real name: "Earl or Al Duquette of extreme southeast KY" 795; never named dogs, 861;

van Slack, Duncan
fn.148/1029; ETA student; "kid who carried a guitar around with himself everyplace but never played it" fn.324/1071;

van Vleck, Brian
115; ETA student; 460;

265; ETA term for Vector/Angle/Pace/Spin; 568;

Vaught Caryn
214; 17-year-old ETA student & twin of Sharyn, from Akron, OH; ONAN's top-ranked junior women's doubles team (w/Sharyn); "special one-match doubles exhibition" 217; twins "play as one" 218; 661;

Vaught, Sharyn
214; 17-year-old ETA student & twin of Caryn, from Akron, OH; ONAN's top-ranked junior women's doubles team (w/Caryn); "special one-match doubles exhibition" 217; 661;

281; Victory by Default

259; #1 American tennis "kid", in Florida

Veals, P. Tom
415; co-owner of Viney and Veals; Gentle's campaign manager, 418; Veals Associates Advertising, 440; 11/20/YDAU meeting re ads warning against viewing dubious entertainment cartridges, 876;

Velvety Vocalists Guild
381; "the tanned, gold-chained labor union" headed by Johnny Gentle; enforced "Live Silence" strike-thing

64; 190; stress, 144-51;Video-Physiognomic Dysphoria (VPD), 147;Transmittable Tableau (TT), 149;Optimistic Misrepresentational Masking (OMM), 149; Tableaux, 149, fn.234/1039;

Vienna, Virginia Szechuan steakhouse
411; "where ... Subsidized Tim was conceived";

204; street argot for the bookmaker's commission on an illegal bet

Viney and Veals Advertising
360; in Boston MA; orchestrated cable campaign against the Big Four; 393; 412;

Vinoy, Kely
129; prostitute in Boston

231; of Emerson College, at Notkin's party


W., Bill
833; founder of AA; Bill Wilson (1895-1971)

Wagenknecht, Stephen
119; younger ETA student; 1017

Waite, Mrs.
447; neighbor of Gately's as a child; about, 847; suicide, 848

Wall, The


Ward and June

93; progenitors of feral hamsters; (presumably named after Ward and June Cleaver, parents of Wally and The Beaver in 1957 - 1963 b/w feel-goody sitcom "Leave It To Beaver.")

931; father and son in 50s TV sitcom "Leave It To Beaver" (See Ward and June, above)

Watson, Tex
98; ETA prorector; 306; teaches "energy in models of resource-scarcity and resource-plenty [...] fossil fuels all the way up to annular fusion/fission cycles" 569; [Note: Tex Watson is the name of one of the members of Charles Manson's clan that slaughtered Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and four house guests in August, 1969.]

Watt, Cosgrove
Hal: "I think very briefly of the late" 16; 941; inAccomplice!; "one of the very few professional actors Himself ever used" 944; lived with his mother and her cats in Glen Riddle PA, 944; "Himself had actually put Watt, mother, and cats up in a contiguous suite of what later became prorectors' rooms off the main E.T.A. tunnel, the Moms [...] instructing Orin, Mario, and [Hal] never ever to remain in a room alone with Watt" 944; in Himself's Various Small Flames, fn.24/988; plays CEO father in Himself's Low-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991

68; rococo style; (Jean-Antoine Watteau. French Rococo Era Painter, 1684-1721)

Watts, Dr. Allan
170; writer of popular books on Zen Buddhism & Eastern philosophy

Wayne something
856; 19-year-old-who-looked 40 who Joelle saw at St. Columbkill meeting; had a 10-year blackout; deep diagonal furrow in face "the Flaw"

Wayne, John ("No Relation")
"standing watch in a mask as Donald Gately and [Hal] dig up [Hal's] father's head" 16; 17-year-old Canadian student and best tennis player at ETA; dinners at HmH w/Incandenzas, 192; from Montcerf, Québec ("an asbestos-mining town"), 259; his tennis game ("an automatic beauty"), 260-63; hangs out with other morose "Nucks" 263; w/Avril, 552; 681; WETA incident, 899; "had been involved with the Moms sexually since roughly the second month after his arrival" (according to Hal), 957; "Troeltsch's got Wayne on the air and Wayne's lost his mind" fn.324/1072; "jury-rigged the Duke into candid sharing for the WETA broadcast" fn.332/1073; imitation of C.T. asking a cheerleader out, fn.332/1074; "public castigations of his various peers and instructors" fn.332/1074

Wayne, Bernard
fn.304/1060; asbestos miner's son, the sole participant in le Jeu who did not jump

Weaver stance
609; (two-handed shooting stance with the weapon arms slightly bent to absorb recoil. Seen in countless movies where police have time to set up (e.g., outside a suspect's hotel door). Supposedly named after one Jack Weaver, though — also supposedly — Weaver did not invent it.)

Welch, Raquel
371; phenomenally voluptuous 1970s American actress

815; former president of I.B.E.W. during whose administration Ewell's father lost the I.B.E.W. account

Wellesley Hills Skating Club
716; where Kate Gompert played crack the whip as a child during "Wee Blades' Toddler Skating Hour" 716

694; German: world-weariness

10; suburb of Tucson AZ, where the Incandenzas lived when Hal ate the mold; aka "Volvoland" fn.234/1041

wet work
130; involving bloodshed

Whale, Carl ("Mobes")
119; 13-year-old ETA student; 568; rooms w/"Beak" and "Virgilio" 757

WhataBurger Southwest Junior Invitational
4; 14-16; held during Thanksgiving week at Randolph Tennis Center in Tucson AZ, 217

Whatever's Beyond Eidetic
317; "on the Mnemonic Verbal Inventory" Hal tested on, eidetic meaning extraordinarily detailed and vivid visual recall.

Wheelchair Assassins of Southern Québec
89; "remote embryonic disseminatory Ops base in AZ", 106; "of the E.W.D.-receptacle-festooned Papineau region of southwestern Québec", 1022; "penchant for showing off", 419; and the Antitoi brothers, 484-88; "suicidal Nuck cult [...] that worshipped a form of Russian Roulette that involved jumping in front of trains", 560; at Antitois, 719; intentions, 722, fn.304/1057; about, fn.304/1055-62; "To hear the squeak", fn.304/1057

1050; (see Wounded, Hurting, Inadequately Nurtured but Ever-Recovering Survivors)

441; "east-Canadian idiom for vigorous high-pitched complaining, almost like whining except with a semantic tinge of legitimacy to the complaint"

White, Coach Kirk
4; Univ. of Arizona varsity tennis coach

White Flag
209, a Boston AA group; "old guys with suspendered bellies and white crew cuts and geologic amounts of sober time, the Crocodiles", 278; meet at Provident Nursing Home on Hanneman Street, a couple blocks from ETA, 343; 354

Wichardson, Wonnie
181; "petwoleum jelly salesman outta of Bwookline"; USMC flier who always comes to Nickerson Stadium to give away petroleum-jelly samples, 295

Wilander, Mats
757; Swedish tennis pro; b. 1964, appeared in eleven grand slam finals from from 1982 - 1988, winning seven (3 Australian Opens, 3 French Opens, 1 US Open)

37; lives with Wardine (brother?)

Williams, Venus
17; famous tennis pro? Power-game tradition; 1012; (b. 17June80. As I'm keying this in--on 6/24/02-- Venus has won four grand slams and her sister Serena has won two. They are currently ranked 1 and 2 in the world respectively.) [Note the question mark, which should date the initial version of this index rather nicely. Also note that Venus won her first professional tennis match in October of 1994 but did not win her first major until July of 2000. And finally, note that Wallace wrote Infinite Jest from 1993 - 1996. Hell of a guess, eh?)

Willis, Dick
647; "empty of intent"

Willis, Yolanda

508; Ennet House resident "on the I/O nightshift" at B.S.S.; 565; being sexually harassed by Lenz, 565; 601; during Gately/Nuck fight, 614; spiked her heel through Nuck's eye and killed him, 827

Wingo, Amy
fn.209/1035; ETA student

Winkler, Henry
415; "hairless and sugar-addicted in La Honda CA" in 1999; (as implied in the text, Winkler played the astronomically popular character of Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on the 1970s TV sitcom Happy Days)

Winter Hill Special School
188; in Cambridgeport, MA; Mario's school until 3 years before Y.D.A.U.

Wo, Dr.
131; Chinese high-priced-dope dealer in Hung Toy's Cold Tea Emporium in Chinatown; 300; where Facklemann purchases bulk Dilaudid, 931

589; station Mario listens to: "narcotizing orchestral arrangements of old Carpenters songs" 589

Woman with Big Breast
16; giganticism

Words to Live By
"evil people never believe they are evil, but rather that everyone else is evil", 202; "you will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do", 203

129; hypodermic needle, spoon, tie, i.e., a junkie's hardware

with respect to

Wounded, Hurting, Inadequately Nurtured but Ever-Recovering Survivors
372; 12-step program for incest and child-abuse survivors, to which Joelle belongs

170; FM-109; "Largest Whole Prime On The FM Band", out of MIT in Cambridge, MA; "Those Were the Legends That Formerly Were" 181-82; 450; 726; 769; "doing its weather-report via mimesis, broadcasting raw static" 949


475; addictive drug; fn.199


Yale Journal of Alcohol Studies

See Rader, Graham


Yee, Carl E. ("Buster")
876; Director of Marketing and Product-Perception, Glad Flaccid Receptacle Corporation

Yevtuschenko, Yevgeny
70; 695;psychotic depression; (Russian poet. "In the early '60s -- when Soviet Communism briefly softened --Mikhail Gorbachev heard him read his poetry and was changed instantly. Thus the seed was planted that would later bear the fruit of glasnost, perestroika, and the fall of Soviet power." - Wall Street Journal, 31Oct2000)

See Willis, Yolanda

See Minty, Emil


Zegarelli, E., D.D.S.
27; ETA dentist under Group Plan; 509; 526; 1010; fn.352/1077;

903; lectured on by the Naval M.P. [?? Orkin man, see line 25] to young Gately; Antisemitic/white-supremacist/extremist acronym for Zionist Occupied Government.

Zone, The
"when you feel perfectly calibrated" 242; "self-consciousness that kills the magic [...] Tightening Up" 249; "I was in The Zone, therapeutically speaking" 256; "a pitcher who has a no-hitter going" 260;


Zweig, Felicity
756; young student at ETA; 761

Infinite Jest Alpha Guide
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