B., Louise
348; White Flag Group member and attempted suicide

199; "Bacon's popes"

Bain, Kevin
800; Marlon's older brother, at Inner Infant group Hal happens upon; parents killed in traffic helicopter accident, 803; "short thick person with a dark swart face" 805;

Bain, Marlon
46; ETA student in Orin's dream; Orin's affair with his sister, 47; 246; ETA student when Orin attended, 284; 296; had O.C.D., 1039; excessive sweating, fn.234/1039; inDeath in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; never leaves home, which is one room, "practically lived" with the Incandenzas in Weston AZ, fn.234/1043; letter to Steeply, fn.269/1047; mother "decapitated by a plummeting rotorblade" 1051; in Himself's films, 687; dislikes meeting people outside his home and office, 663

726; A.F.R. member making rounds of halfway/rehab houses; haven't located veiled performer as of 11/19/YDAU, 845; going to place large mirror on highway to commandeer Québec team's bus, 846;

435; breaking & entering;

186; poem


Bash, Jennie
114; ETA student; 551

Baum, Crosby
229; "academic" at Notkin's party

Bay Bank
130; "off Sherman Street" in Boston

491; 745

Beak, Peter
97; 12-year-old student at ETA; sleeping with eyes open, 110; 460; rooms w/Whale and Virgilio, 757;

32; "I Want To Tell You"; 243; Dr. Robert, 927; See also McCartney, Paul

Belbin, Jennifer
207; Ennet House resident w/teardrop tatoos; 363; 596;

Benny, Jack
828; American entertainer

235; "Ecstacy of St. Theresa"

Better Late Than Never
209; AA group at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; 534; "St. E's" 540;

834; 60s TV sitcom

Big Book
360; AA's book

Big Buddy
66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E.T.A. player in 18-and-Unders has four to six 14-and-Unders kids he's supposed to keep his more experienced wing over" 98

Big Red Soda Water
222; Joelle's favorite soft drink from childhood

3; Dean of Athletics at Univ. of AZ, "interviewing" Hal

Bing [Crosby]
545; slang for cocaine; "the 'Express Elevator to AA'"; 712; fn.27/994

Bioavailable Five
582; rock band

Birch, Herbert G.
fn.24/987; plays the dentist in Himself'sFun with Teeth; plays son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

204; metro Boston for a jail sentence


Blanchard's Liquors
546; "off Allston's Union Square"

Bloom, Professor H.
fn.366/1077; "turgid studies of artisticinfluenza "

Blott, Kent
97; 10-year-old student at ETA; father "a cutting-edge E.N.T. oncologist" 111; confessing anxiety re masturbation to Lyle, 390; "humanities-type kid" 668;

Bly, Robert
806; American poet and author ofFire In The Belly; "The fire in the belly" fn.321/1066;

Bodine, Jethro
1007; "Ass't Mailroom Technician for the N.O. Saints"; 1014;

20; headshop in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Bollettieri, Nick
79; in Sarasota, tennis camp

Bonk, Mildred L.
38; beautiful 8th grader; 179; 207; the name Bruce Green has tattooed on his right triceps

Bonk-Green, Harriet
39; daughter of Mildred Bonk and Bruce Green; 180

Boone, Bridget C.
49-50; ETA student; introduced Hal to marijuana, 67; 633;

Boston AA
343; Betty Crocker Cake Mix trope, 467;

Boston Univerity
284; Terriers, 286;

Bouncety-Bounce, Mr.
35; host of Interlace Spontaneous-Dissemm. children's program; "-brand bow-biters" 111; 520; "appears in his old cloth-and-safety-pin diaper and paunch and rubber infant-head mask" 648; 878; Gately loves the show, 922;

129; gay bar in Harvard Squar[e], Boston

314.1-3; lost or impaired ability to make decisions or act independently, abulic.


Brando, Marlon
157; American film actor who ruined two generations "with their own bodies and everyday objects" 157;

Brandt, Otto
32; janitor at ETA; "Submoronic-to-moronic" 873; appeared inZero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;

Bread & Circus
478; organic, chi-chi grocery in Inman Square, Cambridge MA; shopping carts with calculators attached, 623;

944; compared to Himself

185; Parisan-French filmmaker compared to Himself; 944

Brewster's Angle

138;See alsoGlynn, Doony

Brighton Fence & Wire
607; where Glynn Doony worked;

Briggs electrode
470; implanted in brain to prevent seizures

Brigham and Women's City of Boston Hospital

Brighton Best Savings Bank (B.B.S.B.)
542; 708;

88; (fn.38) "Goethe's well-known"; 641

825; usually brodie, to commit suicide by leaping off a bridge

Brookline Young People's Mtg. (B.Y.P.)
555; AA group "on Beacon neary the Newton line"; 736

185; ??

Broullîme, M.
127; member of Les Assassins; Marathe's superior, 420; 722; lectures on Trans-3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid, a material present in "the sweat of grave mental illness" 733-34;


140; Before Subsidization; last year B.S. Was 2001

Québecois Sepératiste Left term for Office of Unspecified Services; See Unspecified Services

Bud, Uncle
221; Joelle's; 239

Bulat, Doshka (?)
447; Gately's missing Estonian father

Bunyan, J.
322; author ofPilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come

185; French ?? filmmaker

Burns, Major
642; M*A*S*H character

Burroughs, William
21; American writer of the "Beat" generation; 212

695;melancholia ;

Bush, G. (George)
63; American president, 1988-92; 230; 473;

Byrne, F. X. ("Follow That Ambulance")
512; "rapacious personal-injury J.D."

Byzantine Erotica
Hal's interest in, 29; "a triptych of high-quality" 35; 950

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