L., John
345; AA member;

Lac de Deux Montaignes region
732; region of Québec where Maranthe lived as a child

Lace-Forché, Noreen

415; "USC-educated video-rental mogulette"; 620; fn.301/1054

Latrodectus Mactans
159; aka Black Widow; fn.24/987; phylum and species of the black widow spider (ChrisO: ChrisO@fieldschool.com)

Lamb, Mrs.
575; at Parents' Day at Bishop Anthony McDiardama Elementary School w/Mrs. Lenz

Lang, Fritz
48; German filmmaker;Metropolis, 193; "chilling framed print of Lang directingMetropolis " 951; parody/homage to hisRancho Notorious, in Himself'sThe Night Wears a Sombrero

Leary, Dr. Tim(othy)
170; famous acid-head and comedian

234; as Doinel

717; clothing store in Cambridgeside that Lenz rips off

Legal Seafood
743; where Orin took Joelle to meet Himself, in Brookline MA

Le Groupe Vidéotron
412; owner of "five big Canadian Shop-at-Home networks"

Leisure Time Ice
39; where B. Green worked; 577

Leith, Disney R.
51; History of Entertainment and Optics teacher at ETA; 96; 298; Quadrivial colloquium "Reflections on Refraction" 511; fn.145/1027;

Lemon Pledge
99; Furniture polish

Lendl , Ivan
259; "Czech Kid" actual tennis champion who did retire but who has not, as far as can be determined, "suicided" himself.

Lenz, Mrs.
575; mother of Randy; "a thrice-divorcée and Data Processor [...] unspeakably obese";

Lenz, Randy
207; Ennet House resident; 270; described, 276; "small-time organic-coke dealer" 276; 363; 533; walks home from meetings, 539; room w/Glynn & Day, 539; demapping rats, 540; progression of appetite, 541; 553; mother & stepfather, 557, 561; harassing Yolanda, 565; from Fall River MA, 575; Polish Curse, 692; discharged from Ennet House, 692; post-discharge, stalking two Chinese ladies, 716; escaping Chinese ladies, 728; A.F.R.'s "newly acquired test-subject" for viewing the Entertainment, 845;

Leroux, Mrs.
575; at Parents' Day at Bishop Anthony McDiardama Elementary School w/Mrs. Lenz

1014; small African country contained, Vatican-like, within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.;

Limbaugh, Rush
177; radio personality and mouthpiece for the Republican political party; inIJ, a former US President; 382; Limbaugh Era, 411, 562; poster of on Sorkin's office door, 929;

Lindistairne Gospels
950; "tiny pornographic scenes in the Byzantine weave"

254; ETA teacher

Linville, Maury
643; actual first name is Larry. Actor who played lipless and peevish Major Frank Burns in M*A*S*H, American 1970s TV dramedy.

LipoVac Unltd.
413; ads done by Viney and Veals

Liquor World

Little Lisbon
717; area in Cambridge ?

Loach, Barry
102; ETA Trainer; 316; 525; "resembles a wingless fly--blunt and scuttly" 967; was in a Jesuit seminary but lost his religion

Loach, Therese
967; Barry's sister, who carries match-number cards at pro fights

Lobokulas, Stavros
434; foot-fetishist who works with Gately at Shattuck Shelter and "owns the company that contracts with the Commonwealth for the Shattuck's maintenance"; 922;

L'Odalisque de Ste. Thérèse
396; "character out of old Québecois mythology who was supposedly so inhumanly gorgeous that anyone who looked at her turned instantly into a human-sized precious gem"; "In most versions an opal" 529;

710; large Boston airport where black addict works; where Québec team is to land, 853;

130; junkie in Boston; 300;

Longley, Bernadette
50; ETA student; 282;

Lopate, Mrs.
753; catatonic at the Shed; "the objay dart from the Shed that they come and install next to the Ennet House viewer some days" 818;

Lord, Otis P.
116; ETA student & "thirteen-year-old baseliner and calculus phenom from Wilmington DE, who 'Wears the Beanie' as Eschaton's gamemaster and statistician of record" (322); "stats-wienie and Eschaton game-master," 171; 264; Hitachi monitor still over his head from Eschaton violence, 456; in Tavis' office, 527; in hospital bed next to Gately, 817; Hitachi monitor removed on Thursday, 948;

Loring A.F.B.
571; near "what used to be Presque Isle Maine"


150; actually "Luddism;" opposition to technical or technological change

257; Luke Skywalker, character inStar Wars who in the movie's climactic battle sequence does not "remove his targeting helmet" but in fact merely switches off his targeting computer in favor of "The Force" (the movie's quazi-religion.)

Lung, The
51; inflatable covering for ETA tennis courts November-March; 153; inflation day (fourth Monday of November), 268;

103; presumably Martin Luther, German theologian and leader of the Protestant Reformation. Perhaps he wore wooden sandals while dumping too.

114; guru in ETA weight room, who lives off others' perspiration; 127; Deus Providebit ("God Provides"), 198; and Himself, 249; 316; 379; dispensing wisdom for sweat, 387; visited in Ontario by Himself, fn.234 (1041); "appearance outside the weight room, upright and walking across the grounds" 433; hovering cross-legged "just a couple mm. above the top of the towel dispenser" 700; met and bonded w/Himself on Canada's Northwest coast, 706; "'I Don't Know (How to Love Him)' from an old opera Lyle sometimes [...] listened to at night in the weight room" 808; taught ETA kids that "panic sharpens the senses almost past enduring" 896; says that "the most advanced level of Vaipassana or 'Insight' meditation consisted in sitting in fully awakened contemplation of one's own death" 898;

Lynch, David

944; American film (Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway) and TV (Twin Peaks, On The Air ) director; parodied (?) in Himself's Safe Boating is No Accident; Wikipedia

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