Tallat-Kelpsa, Audern
118; younger ETA student; 265;

Tap & Whack
515; grueling tennis drill, aka "Puker"

Tarantino, Quentin
185; American filmmaker (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction)

Tarkovsky, Andrey
185; "some Russian guy" (1932-1986), Soviet film director

722; A.F.R. volunteer to view cartridges; partial colostomy, 725;

TaTung Corp.
975; box carried by a "very bland groomed collegeish guy in a Wembley tie, during Fackelmann's demise

Tavis, Charles ("C.T."), Ed.D.
3; bald, plump & 48 years old (314); Headmaster at Enfield Tennis Academy; half-brother of Avril Incandenza; "a former engineer most recently employed in Amateur Sports Administration at Throppinghamshire Provincial College, New Brunswick, Canada" 64; "either Mrs. Incandenza's half-brother or adoptive brother, depending on the version' 81; "his collection of platform shoes and unconvincing hairpieces and StairMaster" 253; 285; becomes Assistant Headmaster at ETA, 286-87; possibly Mario's biological father, 451; "a reverse-Buddhism, a state of Total Worry" 451; background, 516; "possibly the openest man of all time" "a cross-section of a person" 517; 526; 655; "a master charmer past all social gauge" fn.266/1046; "Gretel the Cross-Sectioned Dairy Cow" fn.269/1048; "misadventure at Himself's funeral" 907, 910;

Tavis, Elizabeth
901; Avril's step-mother, "an American widow [who] seems almost certainly to have been a dwarf" 901; "still alive and somewhere in Alberta" 953;

tecato gusano
200; "some kind of interior psychic worm that cannot be sated or killed" (Latin slang for one's addiction)

Tech Talk Daily
182; CD-ROM student paper at MIT

See TP

Tenderhole, Bridget
300; Boston prostitute who copes for Poor Tony

and drugs, 67; combination of chess & boxing, 81; Schtitt's theories on, 81-84; "The true oponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself" 84; Stan Smith cartridge, 110; "It's an individual sport" 112; 3 types of student (Despairing; Obsessive; Complacent), 115; "sheer repetitive weight makes it sink down into the gut" 117; and Brando, 158; the ball, 160; The Zone, 166; service,172; seeding, 174; in the groove, 242-43; 258; "largely mental" 269; college recruiting, 284; after achieving top ranking, 436; the Fresno family that's poisoned, 436; dawn drills, 452; "This second world inside the lines" 459; "junior players don't have the emotional juice left over after tennis to face what dating requires" 635; "Axiom: the man who has to hit up from the net is going to get passed" 653; what top tennis requires, 675-76; famous burnouts, 676;Billboard Who Walks, 676;gestalt orcomplete game, 679; "ability to transcend the goal" 680; Sydrome of the Endless Party, 681; "Life is like tennis. Those who serve best usually win." 952; match-wrap, 966; See also Show, the;

44; roach exterminators in Phoenix, AZ. (No evident relation to Terminix.)

Thode, Mary Esther
113; "Girls 16's/18's prorecter" at ETA (338); "regarded by the upperclassmen as probably insane" 307; "The Toothless Predator: Breast-Feeding as Sexual Assault" 307; takes lots of thiamine, 339; her sister Ruth, a senior at ETA during Orin's time, 955

Thorp, Corbett
188; prorector who teaches Trigonometry of Cubes at ETA; prorector in Hal's dorm, fn.82; "Deviant Geometries" 306; terrible stutter, 456;

Thrale, Hester
180; female Ennet House resident; Earth tatooed on her stomach, 207; Alfa Romeo gets towed, 823;

Thrust, Calvin
195; Ennet House alumnus & volunteer counselor, former NYC porno actor; Bruce Green's counselor, 582; cartridge Gately saw of Thrust having sex with a lady with only one arm" 819; recounting Ennet House fight w/Nucks to Gately, 819-21; air of imminent departure, 823;

Tilden on Spin
171; Tennis book written in 1937

Tilden, Bill
289; tennis champ of early 20th century. BookTilden On Spin, p.171

Tine, Rodney, Sr.
92; Chief of Office of Unspecified Services; acknowledged architect of O.N.A.N. and continental Reconfiguration; and Luria P.("a great and timeless love"), 94, 105-06; 312; 392; "former O.C.D.-support-group-sponsor and later Clean U.S. Party campaign manager" fn.156/1030; penis measuring, 548; in State House Annex, 622; White House Adviser on Interdependent Relations, 876;

Tine, Rodney, Jr.
622; D.S.S. Regional Operative; meeting re ads telling kids not to watch dubious entertainment cartridges

Tingly (Tingley)
208; Ennet House resident; "stout alcoholic kid" 609;

34; chocolate candy imported from Switzerland; 48

Tode, Mary Esther
80; prorector at ETA

Tolan, Billy
fn.24/987; plays academic in Himself'sFun with Teeth

Tolstoy, Count Leo, (Lev Nikolayevich)
95; sentence syntax; (1828-1910) Russian writer/philosopher. (War and Peace, Anna Kerenina)

Tommy S. or F.
364; U.H.I.D. member at AA meeting;

961; wife of Ass't D.A. after Gately

what Hal listened to over and over after Himself died, 41; "protracted death-aria from" "There is no music for free-floating misery likeTosca" 896; Puccini aria.

Totalitarian's Guide to Iron-Fisted Spin
404; by Pol and Diang

Toucan Sam
880; cartoon character; (for Froot Loops cereal, a la "Tony The Tiger")

Tough Shit But You Still Can't Drink

442; AA Group in Braintree


20; Teleputer: combination television/VCR/computer/videophone; power-Tps described, 60; "difference [...] between your historical broadcast TV set and a cartridge-capable TP" 96; "InterLace-designed R.I.S.C.-grade High Def-screen Pcs with mimetic-resolution cartridge-view motherboards" 417;

Trappist monks
705; Catholic monks who have taken a vow of silence

Traub, Philip
118; younger ETA student

Treat, Charlotte
207; Ennet House resident; 270; "violently red hair" & former prostitute & HIV-positive, 277; "secret dream [...] to get her G.E.D. and become a dental hygienist" 575; "father had been one-time Chair of the Northeast Regional Board of Dental Anesthesiologists" fn.239/1044; developed "goopy Virus-related eye infection" 826;

Tree, Sir Herbert
185; "hoary dramaturgy of" British actor/stage director of late 1800s/earlt 1900s.

Tree Lady
196; catatonic at The Shed who comes out and touches the tree in #5's lawn

Treffert, Gilbert
757; tennis pro (possibly fictional)

Triple Bind
441; faced by Gentle's administration: "Outflows required, inflows restricted, balance demanded"

8; 188; (see FN # 64)

Troeltsch, Jim
50; ETA student and Big Buddy; rooms w/Pemulis & Schacht; "promoting" Pemulis's Tenuate, 60, fn.5a.983; "constant 'drines" 267; wants a tennis-broadcasting career, 308; "left-eye-nystamic" 329; paranoid about powdered milk, 630; "and sex: no way" 634; 673; "heavy-browed red-nostriled kid" 677; sleeping in Axhandle's room, 869;

Trudeau, Pierre
282; PM of Canada

443; See Tough Shit But You Still Can't Drink

922; "fake-Turner fog-and-boat print" on Gately's hospital room wall

Turner, Ted
411; owned TBS cable TV network; 473

Turner Diaries, The
903; lectured on by the Naval M.P. [?? Orkin man, see line 25] to young Gately; 1978 novel by William Pierce (pen name Andrew Macdonald), leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. About an Aryan revolution that deposes the US government.

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