N., Dicky
445; Crocodile

N., Didi
See Neaves, Didi

N., Maureen
826; C. Treat's counselor at Ennet House

N., Tamara
445; at AA meeting

9; collegiate athletic association

Naked I Club
370; where "skinny hard-faced Advanced Basics girl" at Boston AA meeting was a stripper at 16-years-old

National Clays
287; tennis tournament in Indianapolis IN

National Cranio-Facial Pain Foundation
267; where Schacht interns in Enfield, MA; where Sorkin gets treated, 913; ad featuring painting of headachey Sorkin, 977;

Near Eastern Medical Attaché
78; 87;

Neaves, Didi
208; "new black girl" at Ennet House resident w/skull tatooed on her upper abdomen; 543; works at ETA, 634;

Neeld, Harper
253;Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love

235; something on Notkin's bathroom's sink

404; "in Spin" dept of Gentle's administration

See G., Nell

neo-Thomist Realism
745; "Personalistes, an aesthetic schoolf of great influence over French Catholic intellectuals circa 1930-1940" 745;

New Choice
503; "grim" juvenile rehab in Dorchester MA

182; "Newton's II" possibly a reference to Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion (though the "For Every Action There's An Equal But Opposite Reaction" vibe would more accurately be conveyed by Newton's 3rd.)

78; aka Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

291; Orin's doubles partner; 296;

Nickerson Farms Meat Facsmile[sic]
291; Orin's strabismic B.U. doubles partner is an heir to its "fortune"


Nightmare on Elm Street XXII: The Senescence
825; McDade bitching about having to watch

Nixon, Richard
147; "N[ixon]-K[ennedy] debates of B.S. 1960"

NoCoat Lingua Scrapers
151; 235

North American Junior Tennis
431; biweekly & trilingual magazine

Notkin, Molly Cantrell("near-Professor")
219; Ph.D. In Film and Film-Cartridge Theory from MIT; former lover who believed there were "only a finite number of erections possible in the world" 220; father, 234; "thick swart girl" 625; on Himself's "early oeuvre" 740; interrogated by Rod the God Tine, 787;

Notre Rai Pays
222; 753; 1013; 1017; 1019; literally "our spoken country." (possibly this is a term used by Quebecois to refer to their country, separate from Canada?)

N. Paducah Technical H.S. Rivermen
742; football team

Nucci, Vinnie ("Nooch")
886; "favored Dilaudid and spent over a year without ever taking the belt off his wing, dropping through Osco skylights at night on a rope"; "for whom Gately also occasionally held the rope on late-night Osco-and-Rite-Aid-skylight missions" 914; at AA/NA meeting (?), 960;

341; of Framington MA; Cranio-Facial Pain ads, 413;

Nwangi, Tony
98; ETA prorector; "hatchet-faced Kenyan" (fn.73/998)

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