R., Sven
fn.195/1033; Crocodile who was a refinisher and fixed table Gately cracked

Rader, Graham ("Yard-guard")

60; ETA student; 264; 869;

fn.234/1038;New Yorker film critic

Ram Das

Rancho Vista Golf and Tennis Academy
453; from which K.D. Coyle was lured at 13 years old

Randolph Tennis Center

64; Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Reality Is For People That Can't Handle Drugs Group
707; NA group Joelle v.D. attends

Reat, Ross
46; of Maddox OH (408); ETA student in Orin's dream; 296; playing E. Clipperton, 408; in Himself's films, 687; picture of, in Clipperton Suite, 759;

92; 1017; Territorial Reconfiguration of NE U.S. and SE Canada, fn.177/1032;

picture frames, 229; hand within hand

Redondo, Guglielmo
759; ETA student; rooms w/Esteban Reynes

Reehegan, Mr.
fn.234/1044; next-door neighbor of Incandenzas in Weston, who was "so-called 'friends' with" the Moms

Reese, Equus ("I'll Stick Anything in Any Part of My Body")

aka Eckwus, 129; "hideous" & addict acquaintance of Poor Tony's, 300; 683; Gately acquaintance, 887;

37; boyfriend of Wardine

Reilly, C. N.
fn.24/986; narratedAnnular Fusion Is Our Friend ;

Ren and Stimpy
834; popular TV cartoon of '90s ("Steempy! Youseek leetlemawnkey!")

Reynes, Esteban
759; ETA student; rooms w/ Redondo

627; 631; rank has its privileges

Richardson-Levy-O'Byrne-Chawaf, Ms. Soma
154; aka "Soma R.-L.-O. Chawaf"; teaches Literature of Discipline at ETA ; J. Incandenza Jr.'s "loyal sound engineer, Best Boy, production assistant, and third-favorite actress, respectively" 188; 515; played in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Rickey, A.Y. ("Vector-Field")
186; "E.T.A.'s original architect, Avril's old [...] friend, the topology world's closed-curve-mapping Übermensch" fn.3/983; designed M.I.T.'s Student Union, hissummum opus; fn.180/1032;

Riley's Roast Beef
578; in Union Square in Allston MA

Riney, Uncle Lum
862; Joelle's Daddy's partner at the shop; "breathed some kind of fume at the shop when I was little, and now he'll always try and climb up on top of shit"

Robert's Rules
668; "for the Tunnel Club;"; Robert's Rules of Order, (Henry Martyn Robert ) The Strunk & White for (usu. governmental) meetings, sort of. First published 1876.)

Rockwell, Norman
271; American painter

87; slang for cigarette

Romero, Caesar
276; actor, played The Joker on the campy Batman TV series.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques
12; French philosopher (1712-1778)

37; lives with Wardine (brother?)

Royal Victoria

Roy Tony
37; Wardine's momma's boyfriend; dealing in Brighton Projects, 129; at Boston NA meeting, 505;

Rub'al Khali
33, "Sometimes called "the Empty Quarter." 1. A desert region in the southeast interior of the Arabian Peninsula. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Rusk, Dr. Dolores
50; ETA psych-counselor; 252; 437; w/Stice, 550;Champion An Inner Child Today , 551;

Ryle's Jazz Club (aka Ryle's Tavern)
479; "upscale pub-type bar" in Cambridge MA; Gender-Dysphoric Night, 691; where Marathe & Kate Gompert are drinking, 775;

Infinite Jest Alpha Guide
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