J., Amy
See Johnson, Amy

J., Jack
844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately in hospital

James, William
fn.224/1037; The Principles of Psychology with The Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion; where Lenz keeps his stash, 543; Catharsis, 544; 718;

806; at Inner Infant group Hal stumbles upon

384; Presidente of Mexico & co-Vice Chair of O.N.A.N.

Jivaro shaman
30; of the South-Central L.A. basin

Johnson, Amy

475; new girl at Ennet House; 539; 595;

Johnson, Ken N.
957; had affair w/Avril I.; played Amway representative in Himself'sVarious Small Flames; played son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Johnson, S.
1049; Incandenzas' dog that Orin pulverizes; "spotless doggie-dish under the table" 744; being discussed by Hal and Mario, 771; 950;

725; A.F.R. member ("the red-bearded workhorse") who views the Entertainment

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