M., Gene
See Martinez, Eugenio

fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student

Madame, The

542; hallucinogen Doony Glynn did in 1989

Made Guys from the North End
609; presumably "made" members of the mafia. (Becoming a made man is something akin to getting tenure.) (Or so I've read.)

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
191; "depressing book" read by Madame, The.

Mainwaring, Reeves
238; at Notkin's party

233; possibly Dusan Makavejev, Belgrade-born filmmaker.

Makulic, Bernard
634; "little 14-C" at ETA

411; owned TCI cable TV network

fn.24/987; filmmaker parodied in Himself'sDeath in Scarsdale

Man o' War Grille
682; Portuguese restaurant on Prospect in Cambridge, where Matty Pemulis is;

129; slang term for face; personal map, 196; "personal competitive map" fn.75; "utter demapping" fn.75; "eliminate their own map for keeps" (commit suicide), 220; 231; "keep his map shut when he's got nothing important to say" 276; 280; de-mapping, 300;

Marathe, Gertraud
89 (unnamed); 126; wife of Rémy; dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; born w/o a skull, 429; 529; 752; "among the first Swiss children of southwestern Switzerland to become born without a skull" 779; her condition, 779; in a comatose state for almost one year, 780;

Marathe, Rémy
88; member of "Wheelchair Assassins" and quadruple agent (fn.40/995); "Something bigger than the self [...] You are what you love" 107; wife dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; "eidetic, near-perfect in recall" 127; reports to M. Fortier, 127; 317; wife was born without a skull, 429; father's death, 490; dreams of father, 528; A.F.R. believes him to be a triple agent, 529; at Ennet House, 730; "prepared to die violently at any time" 732; w/paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people, 735; at Ennet House w/Pat M., 747; aka "Henri" 748; w/Kate Gompert, 774; how he met his wife, 777; "a used Kenbeck pacemaker for Maranthe's father, now deceased" fn.313/1062;

55; where ADA and wife go to "celebrity sailing thing"

386; perpetually wet former ETA student & Orin's doubles partner

Martin, Dean
863; American actor and singer

Martinez, Eugenio

177; volunteer alumnus counselor at Ennet House & Gately's counselor when he was a resident; 196; 273; "ex coke and -phone-bunko guy whose left ear had been one of his Losses" and "grizzled Filipino" 466;

Marxist Film-Cartridge Theory
227; subject of Notkin's oral critique for Ph.D.


639; 70s TV show with which Steeply's father was obsessed; U.N. Korean Police Action only lasted two years, 644; 834;

"blank facial masking" 72; Lemon Pledge husks "a battery of five-holed masks" 223; Notkin's Karl Marx, 227; guy in wheelchair tailing Orin with "some kind of domino-mask" 245; "Wayne's father is an asbestos miner who [...] wears triple-thick masks" 262; "a disguise that makes [Lenz] look like Cesar Romero after a terrible accident" 276;

Massachussetts Department of Public Health
138; of which Division of Substance Abuse Services is a part

222; dope

Mathis, Johnny
102; American pop crooner (50s-60s); "Chances Are"

McCartney, Linda
978; wife of Paul; CD of just her contributions to Wings tunes

McCartney, Paul

978; former member of the Beatles and leader of Wings

McDade, Wade
177; resident at Ennet House; tatoos, 206; 363; "a young hard-core flask-alkie from Ashland KY" 469; 533;

fn.304/1055; "-like chaos" unknown reference

880; "the freaking crime dog;" Smokey The Bear-ish mascot for law enforcement.

462; where Gately did some time (Mass. Correctional Institution, in Billerica.)

McKenna, Kieran
341; ETA student

McLachlin, Kyle
944; KyleMacLachlan, American actor who worked with director David Lynch onBlue Velvet,Twin Peaks, andDune.

McLean Hospital
249; where Himself did "a two-day purge and detox" while working on the Entertainment; fn.145/1027; in Belmont, MA, where J.O.I. planned out Found Drama ("the ultimate Neorealism") "to get revenge" on critics of his films

McNair, Stokely ("Dark Star")

129; junkie in Boston; 300; "the late" 690;

137; MA Department of Correction; 210

Meech Lake Accord
1013; I, II & III; III was "Ottawa's last attempt to placate Québec with a constitutional amendment formalizing the Gallic province's right to 'preserve and promote' a 'distinct society and culture.'" 1021;

219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment

229 (unnamed); "beautiful young woman" high on Ecstacy, dancing in front of mirror, at Notkin's party; 233; 235

105; king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon.

Mercier Dam
259; Canadian dam on the St. Lawrence.

Merman, Ethel
214; American comic actress and singer noted for her poweful voice. 1909-1984

methedrine addict from New Bedford
194; woman who hangs w/Gately at Ennet House

Metheun-Andover border
456; locus of mammoth effectuators, in no. MA; Metheun Fan-Complex, 571; 670;

193; 1927 film by Fritz Lang; "chilling framed print of Lang directing" 951

232; filmmaker?

958; "alcoholic, addict and a sick fuck" with child visitation issues with his mother and sister

Militant Grammarians of Massachussetts (MGM)
288; led by Avril I.; Tactical Phalanx, 288; fn.234/1039

Millennial Fizzy
182; soft drink; fn.138; taken w/Oreos for "jittery amphetaminic buzz" 200

Miller, W.
581; tracts by, being handed out by Bruce Green's aunt

Minimal Mambo
229; danced at Notkin's party

mint green Ford sedan
327; with Nunhagen Asprin ad on its right rear door, 332

Minty, Emil
aka "yrstruly" (12/YDPAH), 128-35; resident at Ennet House, 178; 207; "hard-core smack-addict punk" 275; 300; 615; (Note, Emil Minty is the name of the child actor who plays the "Feral Kid" in the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie "Road Warrior.")

Miss Diagnosis
450; "alto grad student" who is Madame Psychosis' replacement at WYYY; 624;

Mitchell, Joni
966; disk of, playing in J. Wayne's locker. (singer/songwriter, b. Roberta Joan Anderson, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7Nov43)

M.I.T. Student Union
184; "one enormous cerebral cortex"

472; CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in B.S. '53

M & M's
20; Fackelmann, Dilaudid and, 932

472; Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. A tool (test) used to categorize humans by personality. Similar to (and often used concurrently with) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

An acronym for modulation-demodulation, it is a data-transfer device.

108; Arab prophet of Islam; established a theocratic state at Medina after 622 and began to convert Arabia to Islam. (American Heritage Dict.)

Moment Magazine
Orin to be interviewed by some profiler from, 48; story about heart-in-a-purse lady, 142; article about Army DMZ casualty, 214; "medical, soft sports, personality, and home-entertainment-trends reporting" 227; story on Orin, 244, 1012; "supermarket-checkout-lane-display magazine" 244; "physically imposingMoment girl" 246; "a national magazine for and about exceptional people" 660;

Monroe, Dr. Robert ("Sixties Bob")
927; "septuagenarian pink-sunglasses-and-Nehru-jacket-wearing N.C.-F.P.F. ergotic-vascular-headachetreatment specialized [who] interned at Sandoz [in Switzerland] [and was] one of T. Leary's original circle"; treats Sorkins headaches; big Grateful Dead fanatic; perhaps got the DMZ he sold to Antitois from Kite;

420; Canadian resistance group

Montesian, Ms. Patricia, M.A., C.S.A.C.
176; Executive Director, Ennet House in Enfield, MA; 196; had a stroke, 278; "photo-seizure-prone" 361; her black 1964 Ford Aventura, 461; husband, 461; background & description, 465; and Mars (husband?), 960;

Moore, Lateral Alice
99; ETA administration, C.T.'s administrative ass't; 174; 432; about, 509-;

More Will Be Revealed
540; NA group

Morris [sic] Code

446; Gately's mother's "live-in lover, a former Navy M.P. who used to beat her up on a regular schedule"; 840-43; drove a "cheese-and-egg delivery truck for Cheese King Inc." 841; maiming flies, 842;

314.1+5. having a sharp point

Mulroney, (Martin) Brian
fn.304/1058; Canadian president from 1984 - ??

Munch, Edvard
1016; 1863-1944; Norwegian artist famous for his painting "The Scream."

219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment

Icarus, 65; "Tristan and Isolde. Lancelot and what's-her-name. Agamemnon and Helen, Dante and Beatrice." 105; "Helen and Paris. He of Troy." Menelaus, 105; Medusa, 190, 529; Popogatapec, 243; "It's a myth no one misses [the Substance]" 273; 528; Circe, 529; "Polycleitos body, Hermes or Theseus before his trials" 636; Job, 740, 895; Promethean-guilt angle, 791; Incandenza family, 838; Camilla, "goddess of speed and light step" 965; "visually lethal mythologic females" in Himself's"The Medusa v. the Odalisque, fn.24/988;

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