K., David
See Krone, David

K., Glenn
352; White Flagger whose "chosen Higher Power" isSatan ; 367; "Evening, Ladies" joke, 445;


Kahn, Petropolis
17; ETA student; aka "W.M." ("Woolly Mammoth"); "thick and solid" 457;

Kastenbaum and Kastenbaum

Keck, Rutherford
229; "academic" at Notkin's party; 232


Kemp, Jack
177; actually a U.S. Senator from NJ; inIJ, he's a former President of the U.S.; "his exploding home" 422;

Ken-L-Ration-Magnavox-Kemper-Insurance Forsythia Bowl

Kent, U.S.S. Millicent
121; student at ETA; of Montclaire, NJ; came upon Husky VI-brand tripod, 122, 126; transvestite father, 123;

32; janitor at ETA; dreadlocked black guy, 873; "received his doctorate in low-temperature physics from U.Mass at twenty-one and taken a prestigious sinecure at the U.S. Office of Naval Research" 873; appeared inZero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;

118; 251; 512; 527; 569; 575; 630; 784; 869; fn.324/1069; fn.324/1070;

Kierkegaard, Soren Aaby
12; Danish religious philosopher, parodied in Himself'sSafe Boating is No Accident ; "and Regina" 105;

Kimberly-Clark Corp.'s Depend Asorbent Products Division
260; maker of the Depend Adult Undergarment

234; as Paganini

Kite, Trent ("QuoVadis")
55 & 56 (unnamed accomplice of Gately's); 614; "[A.F.R.'s] fatal technical interview of the young burglar" 721; "Dilaudid. Blues. [...] Kite's steep-angled decline" 886; "background was he'd been a computer-wienie at Salem State before he got the shoe for hacking the phone bills of certain guys deep in trouble over 900 sex-lines into the S.S. Adminstration's WATs account"; "rig up an identity and credit record sufficient to rent them a luxury furnished apt." 892; "dyed-in-wool laptop-carrying wienie, chinless and with a nose like a tapir, and pretty much the last fanatical Grateful Dead fan under age forty" 904; "QuoVadis" (Quaalude-isotopes), 904; "got the administrative Shoe from Salem State" 915; "32 Uses for Sterno Me Lad" 980; "once the A.F.R. got through with him" fn.363/1077;

Kittenplan, Ann
330; "butch and suspiciously muscular" 12.5-year-old steroid-addled ETA student; 511;

Klamkin, Maury
9; Coach White's predecessor at Univ. of AZ

Knievel, Evel
859; motorcycle daredevil of the 1970s who became famous jumping his cycle over ever-increasing number of parked cars.

114: Hal's brand of chew

Kondo, Ms. Tawni
35; InterLace aerobics-guru; poster of, 62; 620;

Kornspan, Eliot
198; "steroidic" 15-year-old ETA student; fn.324/1070;

Kosinski, J.
fn.24/987; novelist parodied by Himself inFun with Teeth

Krause, Poor Tony
128; gay junkie in Boston who hangs with C. And "yrstruly"; and "red leather fags" 129; purse-snatching debacle involving lady with heart in purse, 143; stroke, 299; withdrawal, 300; late obstetrician father, 301, 721; 11/11/YDAU, in the stall, 655; 683; former crewmate of Matty Pemulis, 691; running from Ruth van Cleve, 719, 728; "with a supine person Krause vaulted lifting a decayed head from the alley floor to counter with:Go" 721; "newly acquired test-subject" for viewing the Entertainment, 845; probably one of the red-leather-coat girls w/Bobby C. during Fackelmann's demise, 976;

Krone, David

754; crab-like resident at Ennet House; 786; 824;

Kubitz, Glenny
885; relates Ennet House debacle to Ferocious Francis

Kübler-Ross, Elizabeth
253; author of "On Death & Dying"

Kurosawa, Akira
232; Japanese filmmaker.

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