G., Francis
See Gehaney, Francis

G., Nell

resident at Ennet House; complaining about someone's drumming on table, 176; 177

Gabor, Dennis

Gala, the
102; Interdependence Day

880; the Cat

Garton, Dr.
73; Kate Gompert's therapist; 76; 78; 776;

Gately, Donald W.
with Wayne and Hal, digging up Himself's head 17; 3 months in Revere Holding, 55; "twenty-seven-year-old oral narcotics addict" 55; "reliable and double-mufflered 4 x 4" 58; 176; 178; resident at Ennet House 194; live-in Staffer, 208; 270; "Substance-free for 421 days today" 274; "almost twenty-nine and sober and just huge" 277; "oral narcotics man" 278; 344; Gehaney is his sponsor, 357; dream of the well-dressed Sergeant at Arms, 359; 997; Higher Power, 442; childhood, 446; Bulat, Gately's missing Estonian father, 447; aka Bim ("Big Indestructible Moron"), 448; Ennet House chef, 461; "solidly pro-American" 479; story of Chuck, 531; moving residents' cars at midnight, 602; altercation with Nuck Hawaiians, 608; in hospital, 707; "the [hospital] ceiling bulged and then deflated, shiny as a lung" 809; polyurethane vacuole, 809; dream of mother getting sucked up by tornado, 816; Otis P. Lord in adjacent bed in hospital, 817; dream of tiny acne-scarred Oriental woman at whom Gately looks up, with rigid dog in distance, 828; appearance of wraith, 829; and the M.P., 840; w/ R.N. nurse addict in Malden, 843; dream of Joelle w/face of Winston Churchill, 847; dream of Joelle as Mrs. Waite, unveiled with angelic face, but is Death, 850; "this certain woman who kills you is always your next life's mother" 850; "the sense of endless Now" 860; shame at lusting after Joelle, 863; resisting Pakistani M.D.'s insistence on his taking Demerol, 887; dream of grabbing Pakistani pharmacologist's balls, 889; and Demerol, 891; scams w/Fackelmann and Kite, 892; "shot cement instead of narcotics" 893; and nurse "out of a racy-nursewear catalogue" 895; childhood, 902; 13-15, "devotee of Quaaludes and Hefenreffer-brand beer" 904; "The Attack of the Killer Sidewalks" 904; "Rite-Aid pharmacist's assistant with disfiguring eczema and serious gambling debts" 906, 975; how he met Sorkin, 911-12; Dilaudid "created a terrible five-second mnemonic hallucination where he was a gargantuan toddler in an XXL Fisher-Price crib in a sandy field under a storm-cloudy sky that bulged and receded like a big gray lung" 915; gorgeous R.N. (C/Kathy) and a goopy-eyed M.D. (Pressburger) rigging bed next to Gately's, 918, 920; late-day dread, 923; dreaming, 933; "dreams he's with a very sad kid and they're in a graveyard digging some dead guy's head up and it's really important, like Continental-Emergency important [and] the sad kid is trying to scream at Gately that the important thing was buried in the guy's head and to divert the Continental Emergency to start digging the guy's head up before it's too late, but the kid moves his mouth and nothing comes out [...] while the kid holds something terrible up by the hair and makes the face of somebody shouting in panic:Too Late." 934; wrecked on Dilaudid w/Fackelmann, 934; comes to "on the beach in the freezing sand, and it was raining out of a low sky, and the tide was way out" 981

Gates, Bill
415; owner and CEO of Microsoft Corp.

Gaudeamus Igitur
Latin: "Therefore, let us rejoice."

Gehaney, Francis ("Ferocious Francis")

209; Crocodile in White Flag AA group; 273; emphysemic, 356; Gately's sponsor, 357; "one of the most ancient and gnarled of the Crocodiles" 468; with Gately at hospital, 884;

Gentle, President Johnny (Famous Crooner)
65; "Famous Crooner" and U.S. President; 283; library phase-out, 288; "né Joyner, lounge singer turned teenybopper throb turned B-movie mainstay, for two long -past decades known unkindly as 'the Cleanest Man in Entertainment'" 381; 398-407; presidential campaign managed by P. Tom Veals, 418; 1013; affair with wife of Canada's Minister of Environment and Resource-Development Enterprises, fn.176/1032;Sans-Christe Gentle, 481; endorsing products, 558; poster of in Ennet House, 831-32;

832; come into Gately's mind in presence of wraith; 922;

77; Kate Gomper's cat

Giovanni's Room
191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. (1956 book by James Baldwin)

Giving It Away
"people are virtually unlimited in their need to give themselves away" 53; "Our attachments are our temple [...] What we give ourselves to" 107; 12th Step: speaking in front of AA Groups, 344; "We are all dying to give our lives away to something [...] A flight-from in the form of a plunging-into" 900

Glass, Philip
802; minimalist American composer

Gleason, J(ackie)
fn.324/1070; "Leith's historical b/w" American sitcom actor (played buffonish and noisy character Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners," a program that ran before color TV.)

fn.324/1070; male ETA student w/ locker between Freer's and Hal's

Glynn, Dwayne "Doony" R.
bricklayer accident, 138-39; Ennet House resident with tatooed neck, 206; 275; 363; skygrid, 542; VW bug, 578; "has recurrent diverticulitis" 594;

does Hal believe in, asks Mario, 40; "the God of their understanding helps them find parking places" 204; "speaks and acts entirely through the vehicle of human beings" 205; "God might regard the issue of whether you believe there's a God or not as fairly low on his/her/its list of things s/he/it's interested in re you." 205; "Coordinated as God" 242;

fn.24/988; his "neoconceptual structuralist films" parodied in Himself'sVarious Small Flames

Gompert, Katherine Ann ("Kate")
68; suicidal drug-dependent patient; data-clerical in a Wellesley Hills real estate office, 69; resident at Ennet House, 206; 361; at NA meeting, 503; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714; drinking with Maranthe, 774; missing from Ennet House, 824; [NOTE: there is a real life Kate Gompert, and she sued Wallace over the use of her name in Infinite Jest]

282; author ofOblomov

Good Morning, Midnight
191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. (1939 novel by Jean Rhys. Also a poem by Emily Dickinson, 1830-1889)

Gopnik, Josh
119; younger ETA student; 330;

Grateful Dead
208; 481; 904; 918; 927;

Great Bisbee Palm-Rot epidemic
167; in AZ in 1933

Great Concavity
58; 67; 233; provenance, 402-03; "three-quarters of the Concavity's northern border runs contiguous to Québec" 1017; 1018; reason for being, 572; "a surrounding environment so fertilely lush it's practically unlivable" 573; delimited by "Lucite walls and ATHSCME'd checkpoints" 670;

Great Convexity
59; 233; "the glass-walled Great Convexity whose southernd array of ATHSCME Effectuators blow the tidy U.S.'s northern oxides north" 385; provenance, 402-03;1018; "massive lucite walls" 438;

Green, Bruce
38; 8th grader who fell in love with Mildred Bonk; at Ennet House, 179; 207; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid" 276; 363; Lenz's confidant, 546; 553; parents, 578-81; "'For God's sake no Mr. Ho don't light it!'" 651; broken nose, 819;

Green, Bruce, Sr.
578; father of Bruce; former aerobics instructor (till leg shrank/grew), then "worked in a Waltham novelty or notions concern, something with 'N in the name" 579; packed cigars with tetryl-based explosives, grossly decapitating 3 Rotarians and 24 Shriners, 581;

Green Babies
288; Avril's houseplants; 745;

Green Door, The
955; actuallyBehind the Green Door, a 70s porno flick

Gregg pen
622; stenographer's pen; 656; 659;

16; and Hal (to alleviate the Moms' guilt), 252; 954

Griffith, D.W.
fn.24/986; Himself dedicatedDark Logics to him

Gunther, Nell
208; Ennet House resident; has a glass eye which she wears backwards, 362;

Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name
137; founded Ennet House; 465;

Gymnasium Kaiserslautern
460; where Schtitt went to school, in Germany

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