I, Mrs.
154; aka Avril Incandenza

231; Chaplin-archivist at Notkin's party

I.B.E.W. Local 517
813; Ewell's father's union ("International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers")

Incandenza, Mrs. Avril M. (Mondragon) T. ("The Moms")

10; native of Canada; Hal's mother; "assignations with a certain unnamed bisexual bassoonist in the Albertan Secret Guard's tactical-bands unit" (per Himself), 30; affair with medical attaché, 30, 91, 1049; slipping "certain organic testosterone-regeneration compound distilled by the Jivaro shamen of the South-Central L.A. basin" into Hal's cereal (according to Himself), 30; "agoraphobic workaholic and obsessive-compulsive" 42; working hard not to show her "maternal dread" 50; "black phobic dread of hiding or secrecy," "rarely travels above ground" 51; marriage to Himself, 64; "taught out at Brandeis where [DuPlessis had] done his residency" 91; teaches triad of required Grammars at ETA, 154; 187; "had this effect on older men" 286; "E.T.A. Dean of Academic Affairs and of Females" 288; smokes Benson & Hedges, 391; "The Black Hole of Human Attention" (Family Trivia) 521; "at 50+, is still endocrinologically compelling to males" fn.210/1035; Politeness Routine, 523; w/J. Wayne, 552; father was a potato farmer in Québec, fn.234/1041; style of "abuse" 1050; reaction to S. Johnson's demise, 1051; "views the recipients of [her] charity not as persons so much as pieces of exercise equipment on which [she] can develop and demonstrate [her] own virtue" fn.269/1052; AFR spy ?, 726; "the family's light and pulse and the center that held tight" 737; everyone at the table inclines toward Avril "like heliotropes" 745; chattin with Mario in her office, 762; grandfather's unlucky gamble on Delaware Punch, 765; drunk father, 766; "Death incarnate, 790; "engaging in sexual enmeshments with just about everything with a Y-chromosome" 791; "mother had been ethnic Québecois, her father Anglo-Canadian" 897-98; father was a binge-drinker, 898; "The Moms full name is Avril Mondragon Tavis Incandenza, Ed.D., Ph.D. She is 197 cm (6' 5 1/2") tall in flats" 898; "had Himself interred in her family's traditional plot in L'Islet Province" 907; "birth-mother had died in Québec of an infarction when [the Moms] was eight, her father during her sophomore year at McGill under circumstances none of us knew" 953; affairs with "Bain, graduate students, grammatical colleagues, Japanese fight-choreographers, the hairy-shouldered Ken N. Johnson, the Islamic M.D." 957; "has O.C.D. Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder" fn.234/1039;

Incandenza, Harold ("Hal") James

3; in Univ. of AZ Administration office in 11/Y.G.; "verbal scores that are just quite a bit closer to zero than we're comfortable with" 6; essays parroting his parents' interests, 7; "familiar panic of feeling misperceived" 8; "Call it something I ate" 10; mold-eating incident, 10, fn.234/1041; in an emergency room "almost exactly one year back" (from 11/Y.G.), 16; digging up his father's head, 17; "Is Himself still having this hallucination I never speak?" (Hal is 12), 29; interest in Byzantine pornography, 29, 950; "obsession with having nobody [...] know he's high" 54; drugs and, 67; "atavistically dark-complected" 99; pedigree, 100; ankle, 104; gets high daily, 114; "Blott and Arslanian are looking at him. 'Are you OK?'" 114; "a twinge in a tooth on his mouth's left side" 121; "60% of what he told Orin on the phone since Orin had abruptly started calling again this spring was a lie" 136; paper on modern v. post-modern hero, 140-42; "the catatonic hero, the one beyond calm, divorced from all stimulus, carried here and there across sets by burly extras" 142; bunks in subdorm A on 3rd floor of Comm.-Ad.; date of birth: 10/91, 155; about, 155; training, 172; "the window of opportunity [to take DMZ] looks to be 11/20-21" 217; discovered J.I. in microwave, 248; and the grief-therapist, 252; his tennis game, 260; "asymetrically hobbled on the care-too-much side" of tennis proficiency, 269; "the substance-compulsion's strange apparent contribution to Hal's erumpent explosion up the rankings has got to be a temporary thing, that there's like a psychic credit-card bill for Hal in the mail" 270; "feels at his own face to see whether he is wincing" 342; craves dope, tobacco & sugar, 395; "an almost obsessive dislike for deLint" 460; taking care of the blind kid from Philo IL who had "cranium-issues" 518; "at complete ease with" Stice, 521; lying on his back "photosynthesizing" 560; relationship to the Moms, fn.234/1040; near-loss to Stice, 627; "lifetime virginity is a conscious goal" 634; "a whole new and chemical-free Hal" 635; "Hal's in essence a torturer" as a player, 659; Pump Room hideaway sniffed out by kids, 668; his tennis game, 680, 682; chewing Kodiak, 686; "the sleek little show-offy kid" 745; ONANTA guy holding him and Pemulis by the ear, 759; dream of losing teeth, 770; "O.N.A.N.T.A. guy didn't really extract urine samples from us" 772; how people lie, 773; Mario tells him he, Hal, is sad, 782; shows up at Ennet House, 786; driving to NA group (he thinks), 796; "had become a steadily more and morehidden boy, toward the wraith's life's end" 838; wraith's "youngest and most promising son was disappearing" 838; first-person, 851; zoo dream, 851; inadvertently showing hilarity (cachinated), 875; "My full name is Harold James Incandenza, and I am 183.6 cm. (6' 1/4") tall in stocking feet" 898; reciting random facts, 898; "Himself, for two years before his death, had had this delusion of silence when I spoke: I believed I was speaking and he believed I was not speaking" 899; "I was the meat in the room's sandwich" 902; w/Pemulis, 907;thinks Pemulis is trying to get him to agree to take DMZ, 908; making cage of his hands, 909; "trying to align myself along some sort of grain in the world I could barely feel" 950; 3rd person narration, 964; at ETA Gala, Hal's face "assumed various expressions ranging from distended hilarity to scrunched grimace, expressions that seemed unconnected to anything that was going on" 966; DMZ-dream that he's the soldier and is "screaming for help and everybody's acting as if [he's] singing Ethel Merman covers [...] a quality ofloneliness " fn.321/1063;

Incandenza, James Orin, Sr.
50; "former top U.S. jr. tennis player and the promising young pre-Method actor" 63; Hal's paternal grandfather; wife ("a shover and a thruster"), 157; 1956 Mercury Montclair" 159; father ("A golf man") and mother, 163; aka "Himself", 165; "the Man From Glad" 313; w/wife & squeaky bed, 491; Man from Glad, 492, 494; father was "the blank wooden man who [...] had 'driven' [JOI, Sr.] to 'the bottle' and unrealized potential and an early cerebral hemorrhage" 838;

Incandenza, Dr. James Orin ("Himself") (b. c.1950; d. Y.T.-S. D. B., aka 2004)

16; father of Hal; belief that son Hal does not speak, 29; committed suicide at 54; about, 63-65; buried in Québec's L'Islet County, 65; awareness of the Moms' affairs, 29-30; "gyroscopic balance sensor andmise-en-scène appropriation card and priapistic-entertainment cartridge implanted in [Himself's] anaplastic cerebrum" 31; fear of black widows, 45; "A.E.C.-optics man" 82; Geometrical Optics Scholarship, 154; in 1960, 157; his films, 174; "reviews of his multiple-exposure melodramas" 175; 187; "his neonatal lens to blur things in imitation of a neonatal retina" 222; "Infinite Jim" 225; the completed assembly of what she'd appeared in [...] and doubts that any sum of scenes as pathologic as he'd stuck that long quartzy auto-wobbling lens on the camera and filmed her for could have been as entertaining as he'd said the thing he'd always wanted to make had broken his heart by ending up" 228; 229; "aka The Mad Stork, The Sad Stork, 238; working obsessively on the Entertainment, 249; suicide, 249-58; "half-full bottle of Wild Turkey found on the counter not far away, with a large red decorative gifwrappish bow on the neck" 250; "Himself's head had popped like an uncut spud" 257;Homo Duplex (movie on "John Waynes"), 260 (fn.24/988); films, 297; his father's father Mario, 313;The Man Who Began to Suspect He Was Made of Glass , 375; Found Drama, 376, (fn.145);The ONANtiad , 380;The Medusa v. The Odalisque, 396, fn.223/1036;The Joke , 397; and InterLace, fn.167/1031;Annulateur , 490; and squeaky bed, 491;Death in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; "the victim of the most monstrous practical joke ever played" (sez Orin), fn.234/1041; "helped design these special holographic conversions so that the team that worked on annulation could study the behavior of subatomics in highly poisonous environments" 572;Dial C for Concupiscence , 590; scopophile, never missed Boston's pond-draining, 622;Wave Bye-Bye to the Bureaucrat, 687-89;Blood Sister: One Tough Nun, 689, ("one of Himself's few commercial successes") 703-06, 710-14, fn.289/1053;The American Century as Seen Through a Brick, 695;The Night Wears a Sombrero, 704;Low Temperature Civics, 706; post-carrot anhedonic, 706;Le Masque (as he was called by Avril I), 737;Pre-Nuptial Agreement of Heaven and Hell, 740, 742; unable to speak to Hal or Orin "without their mother's presence and mediation" 743; top collegiate tennis player, 743; referred to his films ironically as "entertainments" 743; funeral took place in "L'Islet Province of Nouveau Québec [...] featuring an interment, not a cremation" 790; "remained alcohol-free for the whole next three-and-a-half months [until] the date of his suicide" 790;The Unfortunate Case of Me, 792; as wraith in Gately's hospital room, 829-40; replicating "life's real egalitarian babble of figurantless crowds" 835; "spent the whole sober last ninety days of his animate life working tirelessly to contrive a medium via which he and the muted son could simplyconverse [...] something so compelling it would reverse thrust on a young self's fall into the womb of solipsism, anhedonia, death in life" 838; "his most serious wish was:to entertain" 839; "used to see his father's ghost on stairways sometimes [...] black-widow spiders in his hair, too" 870;Zero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874;Good-Looking Men in Small Clever Rooms ..., 900; "joked about making something quote too perfect" 940;Accomplice!, 941; "had no interest in suckering the audience with illusory realism" 944; didn't use real actors, 944; Dancing Gland, 944; "remained obsessed with something until he became successful at it, then transferred his obsession to something else" 949; "hetero-hardcoreMöbius Strips and the sado-periodontalFun with Teeth " 954; afraid porno would give Orin "an impoverished, lonely idea of sexuality" 956; "made so many films titledCage " 957; "God and the Devil playing poker with Tarot cards for the soul of Cosgrove Watt" 971; "cartridge with the held-open eyes and dropper had been the one about ultra-violence and sadism" 981; "in the days prior to [Himself's suicide], a so-called 'word' appeared on a 'fogged' 'window' of Mrs. Inc's pale yellow Volvo" fn.269/1048; "loved [The Cage] and stuck little snippets of it [...] anywhere he could" fn.366/1077;

Incandenza, Mario

32; brother of Hal (1 year older); "Eighteen in May [...] designated function around [ETA] is filmic" 54; leptosomatic (frail), 79; "a born listener [...] Brady-kinetic" 80; "one of the short strange Himself-influenced conceptual cartridges" he makes, 153; Mario's "conceptual film-type project based on part of [the RiversideHamlet]" 171;Tennis and the Feral Prodigy, written by Mario, 173; "fanatical listener/observer" 189; "his short and upbeat annual documentary" 265; birth & description, 312-17; J.O. Incandenza's "honorary assistant production-assistant" 314; his "kid's adaption" ofThe ONANtiad , 380; with Clipperton, 410; birthday: 11/25, 589; Familial Dysautonomia ("can't feel physical pain very well"), 589; 625; dislike of flourescent lighting, fn.244/1044; "cross between a puppet and one of the big-headed carnivores from Spielberg's old special-effects orgies about reptiles" 746; shooting his documentary w/Bolex H64, 755;

Incandenza, Orin

9; Hal's oldest brother (by 9 years); punter for AZ Cardinals, 42; fear of roaches, 44; roaches under inverted tumblers, 45; flying with the Cardinals, 65; morbid fear of heights, 65; "dodger of flung acid extraordinaire" 223; being followed, 244; Eschaton game-master, 284; punter for B.U., 293; "interview" w/Moment fragment, fn.145/1038; 565; Swiss Subject, 566; "Excitement-Hope-Acquisition-Contempt" cycle, 574; Swiss Subject is left-handed, 598; 11/11/YDAU, "once again embracing a certain 'Swiss' hand-model" 655; "a one-trick pony as a player" 661; "has come to regard the truth asconstructed rather thanreported " fn.269/1048; impression of Avril, 1051; A.F.R. believes most likely to have a duplicate master of the Entertainment, 723; pathological liar, 771; possible affair, as a child, with the Moms, 791; Gately watching him play w/Boston U. on TV, 916; imitation of Himself's mother in wheelchair, 953; in inverted tumbler (glass cage) being interrogated about the Master by Swiss hand-model (Mlle. Luria P.) (see also p.45), 971-72;

Incision, The
233; film

Infant, The

feral, 211; in the Concavity; worshipped by Rastafarians, 559, 562; "propitiate the outsized feral infant" in Himself'sStand Behind the Men Behind the Wire, fn.24/991; "oversized feral infant" fn.24/991;Propitiating the Infant, 562; fn.304/1055;

Infernatron viewer
229; 877; Sorkin's, 930;

Infinite Jest
36 (not yet named - 4/1/YDAU); aka "the Entertainment" (discussed by Steeply & Marathe), 90; "'anti'-Entertainment" 126; 2-D man in a wheelchair anti-ad, 224, 721; "a finalopus somagnum he'd claimed to have had it locked away" 228; "Was the allegedly fatally entertaining and scopophiliac thing Jim alleges he made out of her unveiled face here at the start of Y.T.S.D.B. a cage or really a door?" 230; "the mother-death-cosmology and apologies she'd repeated over and over, inclined over that auto-wobble lens" 230; "cartridge-as-ecstatic-death rumor" 233; "The Face of the Deep" 238; "so bad he didn't want it released" 253; 318; 430; Bertraund Antitoi stole cartridges from wheelchair anti-ad, 483; A.F.R. and, 489; holography, 490; curious victims, 507; eyes "empty of intent" 508; spreading (early November YDAU), 548; opening sequence, 549; describing what happens to the viewer, 647-48; "It was unlikely that any one game figured much in the Entertainment" 658; DuPlessis copy "secured and verified" 724; "anti-samazdat cartridge of F.L.Q.'s allegation" 752; Notkin's detailed description, 788; meeting re ads warning against viewing, 876; Joelle describing, 938-41; Master is buried with Himself, 940-41;Infinite Jest (I) "first attempt at commercial entertainment" fn.24/986;I.J. (V) "its Master cartridge either destroyed or vaultedsui testator, fn.24/993;

Iimura, Taka
fn.24/986; Himself dedicatedDark Logics to him

Ingersoll, Evan
97; 11-year-old student at ETA, "eyebrowless" from Binghamton NNY; engenders dislike, 99; parents founded Rhode Island version of shopping by TP, 112; description, 114; roommate w/J.J. Penn, 335;

Interdependence Day, Continental
31; held on November 8; 52; 221

InterLace TelEntertainment
"two hubs of manufacture and dissemination in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. and Boston" 33; conceived of by Lace-Forché, 415; "4.8-mb PC-diskettes InterLace was marketing as 'cartridges'" 416; 648; Dissemination Grid, fn.18/985; "copyable Master cartridges require special OS-codes and special hardware to run [...] which keeps most consumers out of the bootleg-cartridge business" fn.301/1054-55;

InterLace Subscription Pulse-Matrix
35; broadcasts "spontaneous dissiminations"

Introduction to Montague Semantics
760; Dowty, Wall and Peters's seminal work, on the Moms' desk;

Irish Luggage
541; slang for Hefty bags

608; slang for handgun

Ives, Burl
86; rotund, bearded American folksinger & actor, "Ewell's radically downscaled" version of

221; dumpsters (International? Waste Disposal)

Infinite Jest Alpha Guide
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