O., Bud
844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately at St. Elizabeth's Hospital; broke his wife's nose so that it laid flat against her face and refused to let her have it fixed;

203; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

17; Oxford English Dictionary; 28; 30; 245;

Ogilvie, Mr. Urquhart, Jr.
140; teaches "Introduction to Entertainment Studies" at ETA; 188; 411; 515; "Reflections on Refraction" class, 756;

Old Nurse who Asks For Help
196; retired Air Force Nurse in Unit #4 at Ennet House; 608; "HELP WANTED sign up under the window of the lady in Unit #4 that shouts for Help" 894;

471; Canadian scientist at the Brandon Psychiatric Center who discoveredp-terminals, aka "Rivers of Reward." The name Steeply is trying to remember is Olds; James Olds is one of the psychologists who co-discovered the pleasure centers. He made this discovery in Canada, but he's actually an American.

65; Organization of North American Nations (U.S., Canada, Mexico); tumesence of, 283; history, 391; 1013;

4,7; Organization of North American Nations College Athletics Association; 111

36; Organization of North American Nations Medical Association

Organization of North American Nations Tennis Association; urine testing, 151; toxologist, 156; 259;

63; Office of Naval Research, U.S.D.D.; 67

Oo Is 'E When 'E's at 'Ome
834; TV show?

Oxbridge Quadrivium-Trivium curricular model
8; 188; fn.64/996-97

819; Likely malapropism for "iota", double-entendre with "Tater Tot"

Oriental women w/shopping bags (11/7)

Orwell, George. (Pen name of Eric Arthur Blair)
288; 1903-1950, British writer whose works include Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949).
288; "Politics and the English Language"

O'Shay, Gwendine
927; Sorkin's secretary, "howitzer-breasted old Green-Cardless former I.R.A.-moll"

Ossowiecke, R.
726; A.F.R. member making rounds of halway/rehab houses; 845;

See Unspecified Services, Office of

185; filmmaker?

Infinite Jest Alpha Guide
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