Dali, Salvador
185; Spanish surrealist painter

See McNair, Stokely

Day, Geoffrey
209; Ennet House resident; "red-wine-and-Quaalude man who [...] manned the helm of a Scholarly Journal" 272; fn.90; "closet poofta" 561; the dark, billowing horror triggered by violin notes and vibrating window-glass, 649; attended Brown University and graduatedmagna cum laude, 650; telling Gately about his brother who "had enormous red loose lips and wore eyeglasses so thick his eyes had looked like an ant's eyes" w/phobic fear of leaves, 828; article on A.F.R. that Struck is reading (by G.T. Day), fn.304/1056;

33; "of maxillofacial yeast"

273; TP viewer

Decade Magazine
284; ran a short interest-piece on Orin

Deep Throat
955; a B.S. 70s porno flick

Delco incident

Deleuze, M. Gilles
792; "posthumousIncest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment

deLint, Aubrey F.
3; ETA prorector; 306; described, 657;

Delphina, Lady
131; dope dealer "down by the Empire" in Boston; selling to Joelle v.D., 225; 300;

DeNiro, Robert
944; American film actor

De Palma
185; (Brian) American film director

Department of Social Services (D.S.S.)

Gompert's clinical, 69; unipolars ("tormented by the conviction that no one lese could hear or understand them"), 75; 692; anhedonia, or simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93; clinical, 695; psychotic, 695-96; a "trapped person [who] reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise" 696; beyond human aid, 697; DISCUSSION

Deren, Maya
185; at Notkin party; 228

Desai, Dick
491; in Data Production, B.S.S.

Desert Beat Theater Project
63; J. Incandenza, Sr.'s interest

725; A.F.R. volunteer who viewed the Entertainment

975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; DesMontes [sp] "had no realy loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078

Dickinson, Emily
fn. 110/1005

Diehl, Gavin
177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596;

Diggs, Mrs.
76; co-worker of K. Gompert

Dimock Detox
272; where Geoffrey Day came from

564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House

"your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357;

Normally a golf term, a divot is the chunk of turf whose ejection leaves a hole in the fairway when one strikes a golf ball.

Dixon, Franklin W.
811; name used for high-interest account of Ewell's Money-Stealers' Club; the pseudonym of the author of the Hardy Boys series of juvenile detective novels

170; [Link to Oneirine] powerful psychedelic described as "temporally-cerebral and almost ontological", akaMadame Psychosis ; 211-15; "envision acid that has itself dropped acid" 214; "time-tested entrepôt" 216; traded to Antitois by old hippy (Sixties Bob?) for "antique blue lava-lamp and a lavender-tinged apothecary's mirror" 481-82; Pemulis researching, 785; fn.8/984; per Pemulis: "doesn't show up on a G.C./M.S. [...] Struck tracked this down off an obscure Digestive-Flora footnote. It's the fitviavi-mold base. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.321/1064; "original intent was to induce what they called quote transcendent experiences in [...] chronic alcoholics in the like 1960s at Verdun Protestant Hospital in Montreal" fn.321/1064;

Doocey, Tommy
18 (not named); "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, 179; 584;

acid trails, 43; one-hitter, 49; at E.T.A., 53; "oral narcotis addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction" 57; Seldane, 60; "Amanita Muscaria, a.k.a. the fly agaric mushroom" 66; Parnate, 70; Thousand-Meter Stare, 76; "involuted marijuana-type thinking" 136; Talwin, 210; Ecstacy, 230; marijuana addiction, 503; cocaine hydrolysis' effect on various characters inIJ, fn.232/1037; "Marijuana Thinking" fn.269/1048; "operating a pharmaceutical company without a license" 699; "humboldt County hydroponic marijuana" 804; Tenuate, fn.3/983; P.S. (Pulmonary Sloth), fn.6/984;

A.F.R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditionalfleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S. Leap like a knight of faith into the arms of Peano, Leibniz, Hilbert, L'Hôpital. You will be lifted up. Fourier, Gauss, LaPlace, Rickey. Borne up. Never let fall. Wiener, Reimann, Frege, Green" fn.324/1072;

Doucette, Anton ("The Boogerman")
fn.147/1029; ETA student; confessing to Lyle re booger-like mole, 390; clinically depressed, 567;

"talent's unconscious exercise [...] a long waking dream of pure play" 173; "expect some rough dreams [...] Keep a flashlight by your bed" 174-75; "This is also how not to fear sleep or dreams" 175; "dreamy, dreaming music that had the rhythm of long things swinging" 183; "nightmares where you prepare immaculately and [...] the exam questions are in Hindi" 253; "I kept dreaming of a face in the floor" 254; Dream Duty, 272;

Dretske, Fred
70; (pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Philosophy Dept., Duke Univ.)

Delirium tremens

marijuana cigarette; ("doobie")

Duffy, Maura
973; childhood schoolmate of Gately's

Dukakis, Michael
576; former Governor of Mass., & US presidential candidate who lost to George H. W. Bush in 1988.

Dunkel, Rik
381; ETA prorector; 457;

DuPlessis, Guillaume
30; "the most infamous anti-O.N.A.N. organizer north of the Great Concavity" 58; Gately's strangulation victim (59); "victim's prior involvement with the widow of the auteur " 91; Perec was "stenographer-cum-jeune-fille-de-Vendredi ["Girl Friday"] to, 92; former ass't. coordinator of the pan-Canadian Resistance (92); "once studies under radical Edmonton Jesuits" 420; "late regional patron" of the Antitoi brothers, 480; "of the Gaspé Peninsula" 480; 722;

233; fn.145/1027; film critic at M.I.T.

Dworkinite Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx
929; Brown Univ. feminist protesters at Yale/Brown basketball game Eighties Bill bets on

17; 9-year-old soft-skulled, blind tennis kid from "Nowheresburg, Iowa" who will be enrolling at ETA "next term"; "little blind Illinois kid Thorp thought so well of" 246;Moment article on, 247; 518; 567;

Infinite Jest Alpha Guide
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