H., Morris
See Hanley, Morris

Habitant Soup
425; 480;

Hagia Sophia
952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man

"That most angelic of distortions" 97; "a kind of pale sweet aura, a luminescence76. Halation, Axford observed" 218; "everything milky and halated through her veils' damp linen" 221; "rain's wet veil blurs things like Jim had designed his neonatal lens to blur things" 222; "fiery violet aura around the heads of respectables" 304; "holding a light-meter and something else too halated to make out on the tape" 410; "the rising sun behind him gives his white head a pinkish corona" 452; "his dental overhead light's corona giving him one of those malperspectived medieval halos" 526; "the stars shine right through people's heads" 617; "as if he's seeing her through a kind of cloud of light, a milky filter" 851; "plus I think a milky blur. Neonatal nystagmus" 939; "pale sweet aura that an LSD afterglow conferred, some milky corona, like almost a halo of approved grace" 999; "a corona of sweat shimmering around him" 1034

49; aka Hal Incandenza


Hamilton, M(argaret)
191; actress who played the West Witch inWizard of Oz, color Xerox of in Avril's study;

"Riverside Hamlet" 171; "signifying zip" 174; 238; 900; "never once doubts the reality of the ghost"; Poor Yorick Entertainment, fn.24/990; "the graveyard scene from" fn.337/1076;

Hanley, Morris

205; Ennet House resident; "special tollhouse cookies" 205; 279; 363; 564; baked cream-cheese brownies for hospitalized Gately, 826;


Happy Patches
420; fn.169/1031; 474;

Happy Slippers ("pisscatchers")
85-86; what they wear at Ennet House

Harde, Dave ("Fall Down Very")
152; narcoleptic old ETA janitor; fn.93; "Flight of the Bumblebee" 405; 666; "spinal funiculi" fn.324/1066;

Hartigan, Neil
454; laconic ETA prorector; "traditional Tahitian shirt and Gaugin-motif sweater" 460; 525; 667;

802; at Inner Child group

Harvey, Paul
271; radio personality known for "The Rest Of The Story."

883; "tie-ins with"

Hawaii Five-O
584; 60s TV detective show

Hayworth, Rita
209; American film actress of mid 20th century.

834; 70s TV sitcom

Millicent Kent hairdo, 122; eye popping out of "C's map" 134; Mario's "large but sort of withered-looking head" 154; "Hal's head, closely monitored by deLint and Staff, is judged still level and focused" 155; Himself "transcending that overlarge head" 158; "the sound of your head revving, and head is still just body" 159; "pencil-necked big-headed asthmatic little kid staring up through Coke-bottle lenses" 182; "The engineer [...] has extremely bad skin" 183; "M.I.T.'s near-new Student Union [...] one enormous cerebral cortex" 184; "a living corporeal head" 189; "phrenologically malformed" 190; "Two-Baggers" 190; "the utterly noseless" 191; "Kornspan's red face is leaping around on his skull" 199; "mesomorphic head" 200; "99% of the head's thinking activity consists of trying to scare the everliving shit out of itself" 204; Didi N.'s tattoo of "tattered screaming skull" 208; "synthetic-narc-addicted kid" named Skull, 208; "her brain heving around in its skull" 226; "brain heaving in its bone-box" 231; "lifted her veil back to cover her skull like a bride" 235; "[Schacht's] own big sick head" 262; Mario's "poor big head" 267; "They identify their whole selves with their head, and the Disease makes its command headquarters in the head" 272; "head-gaming" 273; Treat's "ruined face" 274; "Disease chewing away inside his head" 274; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid [...] face very slightly smunched in on one side" 276; "bird-like head movements" 276; "look of a mean clown" 277; Gately's "massive square head" 277;

Heath, Pam
fn.24/987; played dentist's wife in Himself'sFun with Teeth; played wife in Himself'sVarious Small Flames, fn.24/988; plays "Death as a lethally beautiful woman" in Himself'sMöbius Strips, fn.24/990;

Heaven, Paul Anthony
910; thumbless; played dull Academic inGood-Looking Men ...; "data entry drone for Ocean Spray"; narrated"There Are No Losers Here" fn.24/986; played a son in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991;

Heidegger , Martin
233; Ger. philosopher

Henderson, Clenette

37; half-sister of Wardine; at Ennet House, 180; 363; janitor at ETA, 527; the maid in C.T.'s office when Hal & Pemulis got spot urinalysis by O.N.A.N.T.A. urologist, 633; brought "shitload of cartridges" from ETA dumpster to Ennet House, 825;

Herman The Ceiling That Breathed
447; in "decayed beach-cottage" in Salem MA where Gately lived as a child; 923;

Family name for James O. Incandenza


189; Headmaster's House at ETA, where Avril I. and Chuck Tavis live

Ho, Don
583; Hawaiian pop singer; "My Lovely Launa-Una Luau Lady" 586; "voice has the quality of a type of:ointment" 587;

Hobbes, Thomas
12; English philosopher; "Hobbesian sewers" 44

Hoffman-Jeep, Pamela
465; Gately's "totally alcoholic past girlfriend"; about the relationship, 924;

Holt, Gretchen
755; younger ETA student

Home Group
209; "Ewell's chosen"

Hooley, Maureen
876; Vice-President for Children's Entertainment, Interlace Telentertainment, Inc.;

Hope, Bob
51; code for marijuana; fn.27/994 (Bob Hope, American comedian)

82; tennis teacher (? listed with Nick Bolliteri, famous Floridian nurturer of tennis youth.)

551; Stice family dog back in Kansas, and Stice's name for his anger

Howell, Mr.
169; Pemulis' ~ hat, presumably after character Mr. Howell, played by Jim Backus in American TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island."

906; Allen Ginsberg's famous poem about his lost generation

Hoyne, Henri F.
507; head of Data Analysis at B.S.S., victim of "the Entertainment"; 647;

Hoyne, Miriam
508; wife of Henri

Huizenga, Wayne
415; owner of Blockbuster Entertainment (and at least one professional sports franchise.)

Hundt Act
184; regarding FM bandwidth (1966)

Hung Toys
131; front for Wo's dope business

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