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'''Patty citizen type'''<br />
'''Patty citizen type'''<br />
128; straight person (?)
128; slang for a Patrician type &#151; respectable citizen, person of means, &c.
'''p-dope'''<br />
'''p-dope'''<br />

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P ------- , Luria
See Perec, Luria

88; desolate region in extreme southwest Québec; fn.304/1058;

"weird Taoist paraboloid logo" 265;

Fenton the paranoid-schizophrenic, 47; "Pemulis's poster of the paranoid king" 60; "dealers that stay around any length of time tend to be on the paranoid side" 75; "Nothing brings you together like a common enemy" 113; "It'll help your attitude to look for evidence of design" 113; "Accident? Random happenstance?" 114; Pemulis "fears the dealer's Brutus" 156; "They" 175; "the people to be most frightened of are the people who are most frightened" 204; paranoid king, 213; "Yes, I'm paranoid--but am I paranoid enough?" fn.211/1035;

Parias-Carbo, Alphonso
363; Ennet House resident; 611; "the totally ununderstandable Cuban" 887;

Parrot, Annie
279; Asst. Mgr. at Ennet House; Ass't Director at Ennet House, 434; to "go get certified in jet-engine maintenance at East Coast Aerotech on a Mass Rehab grant" 822;

Patch the Pony Who Says Nay to Strangers
879; toy manufactured by ChildSearch.

Patty citizen type
128; slang for a Patrician type — respectable citizen, person of means, &c.


Pearson, Heath
672; former ETA student; in Himself's films, 687; founder of the sub-14's Tunnel Club, 899; "former tow-truck shareholder" fn.209/1035;

Pei, I.M. (Ieoh Ming)
184; Chinese-born American architect, b. 1917. Architect of the MIT Stratton Student Center, building W20, 84 Mass. Ave., which dates from the late 60's. The original student center, still standing near Ames St. and Memorial Drive, 142 Memorial Dr., is the Walker Memorial, building 50. This is the one with the columns.

Peckinpah, Sam
185; American filmmaker parodied in Himself'sFun with Teeth, fn.24/987

Pemberton, Hugh
fn.110; ETA student; 1009;

Pemulis, "Da"
683; abusive father of Matty and Michael, who came over "on a boat from Louth in Lenster in 1989;

Pemulis, Matty (aka "Mad Matty")
682; 23-year-old prostitute brother of Michael; described, 683; former crewmate of Poor Tony Krause, 691;

Pemulis, Michael Mathew
40; student at ETA and Big Buddy; rooms w/Troeltsch & Schacht in subdorm B in the back north part of the second floor of West House (171); "reptilian" (according to Avril); 50; "One kid asks you to please commit a crime" 75; "has this way of looking warily from side to side" 95, 211; Big Buddy to Lord & Possalthwaite, 116; clean-urine sales (w/Axford), 151; about, 154; "Please commit a crime" 156; DMZ arrangements with "day-shift Ennet House kid at the booth who raises the portcullis" at ETA, 171; Tenuate (methedrine) spansules, 216, 329, fn.321/1065, fn.324/1068; considering dosing Wayne, 213; puking at Port Washington, 262; "physically 'drine dependent" 267; dosed tennis opponent at P.W., 281; PowerBook, 431; waiting to see Tavis, 509, 526; interrupting Avril & J. Wayne, 552; holding forth on annulation, 570-74; "He goes to the library and pores" 785; trying to cut down on places with 'N' in their name, 908; crawling into the ceiling at ETA, "Entrepôt-bound" 916; to Hal: "cut yourself off of it altogether, you die inside. You lose your mind" fn.321/1065; takes two Tenuate spansules before a tennis game, fn.324/1067; got out of urine-test by threatening to bust Avril and J. Wayne for "major-sport interlude" fn.324/1068; "how 17 can actually go into 56 way more than 3.294 times" fn.324/1069;

921; doctor at St. Elizabeth's tending to Gately

Penn, Jeffrey Joseph ("J. J.")
327; ETA student, "a high-ranked thirteen-year-old but not exactly the brightest log on the Yuletide fire"; roommate w/Ingersoll, 338; perhaps seriously injured, 452 (see p.341);

Penn, Michael H.
333; 21-year-old brother of J.J. and "sworn foe" of Pemulis for calling him "Penisless";

Penn, Miles
687; ETA student in Himself's films

Penn, W. (William)
216; English Quaker colonizer in America, founded Pennsylvania in 1681.

perdre son coeur
fn.304/1060; French: "lose his heart"

Perec, Mlle. Luria

30; "of Lamartine, county of L'Islet, Québec; stenographer to Tine, Sr., and to DuPlessis, 92; with whom R. Tine is "smitten" 92, fn.156 (1030); 440; aka "Swiss" woman, 566, 598, 655, 726, 845, 971-2;

Perot, Ross
382; elfin Texas businessman; presidential candidate in 1992 & 1996

personal-injury attorney
See Ewell, Eldred K., Jr.

Personnes Qui On Doit

Peterson, Sidney
234;The Lead Shoes; 185; "Peterson-shaped directorial chair" 788;The Cage in background ofGood-Looking Men..., 911; 957; "1947 classicThe Cage " fn.24/986; "low-budget classicThe Cage , which is mostly about a peripatetic eyeball rolling around" fn.366/1077;

Peterson, "Sleepy T.P."
115; ETA student; 330;

254; ETA teacher

Prettiest Girl Of All Time

Phelps and Phelps
fn.304/1058; authors ofThe Cults of the Unwavering I

Phiely, R. Bill ("Touchy")
510; "of California's Rolling Hills Academy"; infamous pediphile

Philips Andover Academy
915; Gately made false MA driver's licenses for the rich kids there

961; 12-Step splinter Ass't D.A. attends - codependency-issues

Phoenix House
503; halfway house in Somerville MA; visited by Fortier, 727;

Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
798; "Seated Harlequin" print hanging in Quabbin Recovery Systems; Spanish artist.

274; homosexual

Pine Street Inn
434; "the biggest and foulest homeless shelter in all of Boston" where Gately works as a janitor

Pinker, Steven
fn.24/987; debate w/Avril I. which was subject of Himself'sUnion of Theoretical Grammarians in Cambridge

204; metro Boston for "really quite wonderful" pronounced PISS-ah

358; aka Bernard; "industrial-grunge post-punk" at Ennet House

Plate, Sylvia
593; Gately's foggy memory of Sylvia Plath, an American writer (1932-1963) who committed suicide by sticking in her in an oven

975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; "had no real loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078

17; tennis player in Hal's age group

Poor Tony
See Krause, Tony

Port Washington Tennis Academy
103; I.D. Day; where ETA-PW tennis tournament is held on Long Island; "the Xerox Inc. Of North American tennis academies" 217; "a fancy tri-domed system of permanent all-weather Lung" 258;

fn.145/1027; Brandeis film critic

Possalthwaite, Todd ("Postal-Weight")
98; "the great lobber" at ETA; "endomorphic thirteen-year-old from Edina MN" 330; broken nose, 758; Minneapolis-developer father, fn.324/1068;

Post-Coital Vestibulitis
928; rare neurological disorder that Yale's star power forward has

Poutrincourt, Mlle. Thierry T.
309; ETA prorector who taught a class called "Separatism and Return: Québecois History from Frontenac Through the Age of Interdependence" in Québecois French; 523; described, 673, 675; suspects Helen Steeply is neither a "civilian soft-profiler nor even a female" 1052; "History of Canadian Unpleasantness" course, fn.304/1055;

Powell's Peeping Tom
502; still-posters from in J.O. Incandenza's childhood bedroom in Sepulveda CA (1963)

417; perhaps the BST Apple Mac computer with RISC processor

Presque Isle Maine
571; near Loring A.F.B.

Pressburger orPrissburger, Dr.
920; w/Gately and gorgeous R.N.

Pricket[t], Mrs. Miriam
188; endowed-for-perpetuity at ETA; 229

Prince Q -------

Prins, Diane
fn. 92; Bernadette Longley's doubles partner; 311; 757;

ETA post-graduates "who stay on for two years and serve as deLint's" assistants, 283; "teach one marginal class per term and serve as on-court assistants" fn.94;

Provident Nursing Home
198; near Boston, MA; Hester Thrale works there, 601;

Psychosis, Madame

170; (10/22/YDAU) hosting "Madame Psychosis Hour," M-F 0000h.-0100h., on M.I.T.'s semi-underground WYYY, FM-109, "Largest Whole Prime On The FM Band"; 181; main theme is film and film-cartridges, 185; "issue of enclosure" 189; "strangely empty" voice, 189; music, 190, 191; "Madame's Downer-Lit Hour," 191; 450; 589; inaugural year: YW, 591; 625; "used to read an Eve Arden beauty brochure all the time where [she] says: 'The importance of a mask is to increase your circulation'" 774; mother killed in a garbage disposal, 788; in Gately's dream "with wings and no underwear and asks if they knew him, the dead guy with the head" 934; in Himself's Low-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991; See also van Dyne, Joelle

Public Garden
427; Marathe's favorite off-duty place, in Boston MA; draining the pond in November, 621;

Puente, Tito
22; Latin singer and bandleader (b. Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr., Apr 20, 1923, NYC.)

Purity Supreme Market
461; in Allston MA, where Gately shops for Ennet House

129; junkie in Boston

pursuiva le bonheur
427; French: "pursuit of happiness"; "il ne faut plus qu'on pursuive le bonheur" 483;

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