P ------- , Luria
See Perec, Luria

88; desolate region in extreme southwest Québec; fn.304/1058;

"weird Taoist paraboloid logo" 265;

Fenton the paranoid-schizophrenic, 47; "Pemulis's poster of the paranoid king" 60; "dealers that stay around any length of time tend to be on the paranoid side" 75; "Nothing brings you together like a common enemy" 113; "It'll help your attitude to look for evidence of design" 113; "Accident? Random happenstance?" 114; Pemulis "fears the dealer's Brutus" 156; "They" 175; "the people to be most frightened of are the people who are most frightened" 204; paranoid king, 213; "Yes, I'm paranoid--but am I paranoid enough?" fn.211/1035;

Parias-Carbo, Alphonso
363; Ennet House resident; 611; "the totally ununderstandable Cuban" 887;

Parrot, Annie
279; Asst. Mgr. at Ennet House; Ass't Director at Ennet House, 434; to "go get certified in jet-engine maintenance at East Coast Aerotech on a Mass Rehab grant" 822;

Patch the Pony Who Says Nay to Strangers
879; toy manufactured by ChildSearch.

Patty citizen type
128; straight person (?)


Pearson, Heath
672; former ETA student; in Himself's films, 687; founder of the sub-14's Tunnel Club, 899; "former tow-truck shareholder" fn.209/1035;

Pei, I.M. (Ieoh Ming)
184; Chinese-born American architect, b. 1917

Peckinpah, Sam
185; American filmmaker parodied in Himself'sFun with Teeth, fn.24/987

Pemberton, Hugh
fn.110; ETA student; 1009;

Pemulis, "Da"
683; abusive father of Matty and Michael, who came over "on a boat from Louth in Lenster in 1989;

Pemulis, Matty (aka "Mad Matty")
682; 23-year-old prostitute brother of Michael; described, 683; former crewmate of Poor Tony Krause, 691;

Pemulis, Michael Mathew
40; student at ETA and Big Buddy; rooms w/Troeltsch & Schacht in subdorm B in the back north part of the second floor of West House (171); "reptilian" (according to Avril); 50; "One kid asks you to please commit a crime" 75; "has this way of looking warily from side to side" 95, 211; Big Buddy to Lord & Possalthwaite, 116; clean-urine sales (w/Axford), 151; about, 154; "Please commit a crime" 156; DMZ arrangements with "day-shift Ennet House kid at the booth who raises the portcullis" at ETA, 171; Tenuate (methedrine) spansules, 216, 329, fn.321/1065, fn.324/1068; considering dosing Wayne, 213; puking at Port Washington, 262; "physically 'drine dependent" 267; dosed tennis opponent at P.W., 281; PowerBook, 431; waiting to see Tavis, 509, 526; interrupting Avril & J. Wayne, 552; holding forth on annulation, 570-74; "He goes to the library and pores" 785; trying to cut down on places with 'N' in their name, 908; crawling into the ceiling at ETA, "Entrepôt-bound" 916; to Hal: "cut yourself off of it altogether, you die inside. You lose your mind" fn.321/1065; takes two Tenuate spansules before a tennis game, fn.324/1067; got out of urine-test by threatening to bust Avril and J. Wayne for "major-sport interlude" fn.324/1068; "how 17 can actually go into 56 way more than 3.294 times" fn.324/1069;

921; doctor at St. Elizabeth's tending to Gately

Penn, Jeffrey Joseph ("J. J.")
327; ETA student, "a high-ranked thirteen-year-old but not exactly the brightest log on the Yuletide fire"; roommate w/Ingersoll, 338; perhaps seriously injured, 452 (see p.341);

Penn, Michael H.
333; 21-year-old brother of J.J. and "sworn foe" of Pemulis for calling him "Penisless";

Penn, Miles
687; ETA student in Himself's films

Penn, W. (William)
216; English Quaker colonizer in America, founded Pennsylvania in 1681.

perdre son coeur
fn.304/1060; French: "lose his heart"

Perec, Mlle. Luria

30; "of Lamartine, county of L'Islet, Québec; stenographer to Tine, Sr., and to DuPlessis, 92; with whom R. Tine is "smitten" 92, fn.156 (1030); 440; aka "Swiss" woman, 566, 598, 655, 726;

Perot, Ross
382; elfin Texas businessman; presidential candidate in 1992 & 1996

personal-injury attorney
See Ewell, Eldred K., Jr.

Personnes Qui On Doit

Peterson, Sidney
234;The Lead Shoes; 185; "Peterson-shaped directorial chair" 788;The Cage in background ofGood-Looking Men..., 911; 957; "1947 classicThe Cage " fn.24/986; "low-budget classicThe Cage , which is mostly about a peripatetic eyeball rolling around" fn.366/1077;

Peterson, "Sleepy T.P."
115; ETA student; 330;

254; ETA teacher

Prettiest Girl Of All Time

Phelps and Phelps
fn.304/1058; authors ofThe Cults of the Unwavering I

Phiely, R. Bill ("Touchy")
510; "of California's Rolling Hills Academy"; infamous pediphile

Philips Andover Academy
915; Gately made false MA driver's licenses for the rich kids there

961; 12-Step splinter Ass't D.A. attends - codependency-issues

Phoenix House
503; halfway house in Somerville MA; visited by Fortier, 727;

Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
798; "Seated Harlequin" print hanging in Quabbin Recovery Systems; Spanish artist.

274; homosexual

Pine Street Inn
434; "the biggest and foulest homeless shelter in all of Boston" where Gately works as a janitor

Pinker, Steven
fn.24/987; debate w/Avril I. which was subject of Himself'sUnion of Theoretical Grammarians in Cambridge

204; metro Boston for "really quite wonderful" pronounced PISS-ah

358; aka Bernard; "industrial-grunge post-punk" at Ennet House

Plate, Sylvia
593; Gately's foggy memory of Sylvia Plath, an American writer (1932-1963) who committed suicide by sticking in her in an oven

975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; "had no real loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078

17; tennis player in Hal's age group

Poor Tony
See Krause, Tony

Port Washington Tennis Academy
103; I.D. Day; where ETA-PW tennis tournament is held on Long Island; "the Xerox Inc. Of North American tennis academies" 217; "a fancy tri-domed system of permanent all-weather Lung" 258;

fn.145/1027; Brandeis film critic

Possalthwaite, Todd ("Postal-Weight")
98; "the great lobber" at ETA; "endomorphic thirteen-year-old from Edina MN" 330; broken nose, 758; Minneapolis-developer father, fn.324/1068;

Post-Coital Vestibulitis
928; rare neurological disorder that Yale's star power forward has

Poutrincourt, Mlle. Thierry T.
309; ETA prorector who taught a class called "Separatism and Return: Québecois History from Frontenac Through the Age of Interdependence" in Québecois French; 523; described, 673, 675; suspects Helen Steeply is neither a "civilian soft-profiler nor even a female" 1052; "History of Canadian Unpleasantness" course, fn.304/1055;

Powell'sPeeping Tom'''
502; still-posters from in J.O. Incandenza's childhood bedroom in Sepulveda CA (1963)

417; perhaps the BST Apple Mac computer with RISC processor

Presque Isle Maine
571; near Loring A.F.B.

Pressburger orPrissburger, Dr.
920; w/Gately and gorgeous R.N.

Pricket[t], Mrs. Miriam
188; endowed-for-perpetuity at ETA; 229

Prince Q -------

Prins, Diane
fn. 92; Bernadette Longley's doubles partner; 311; 757;

ETA post-graduates "who stay on for two years and serve as deLint's" assistants, 283; "teach one marginal class per term and serve as on-court assistants" fn.94;

Provident Nursing Home
198; near Boston, MA; Hester Thrale works there, 601;

Psychosis, <A NAME="#mpsych">Madame</A>
170; (10/22/YDAU) hosting "Madame Psychosis Hour," M-F 0000h.-0100h., on M.I.T.'s semi-underground WYYY, FM-109, "Largest Whole Prime On The FM Band"; 181; main theme is film and film-cartridges, 185; "issue of enclosure" 189; "strangely empty" voice, 189; music, 190, 191; "Madame's Downer-Lit Hour," 191; 450; 589; inaugural year: YW, 591; 625; "used to read an Eve Arden beauty brochure all the time where [she] says: 'The importance of a mask is to increase your circulation'" 774; mother killed in a garbage disposal, 788; in Gately's dream "with wings and no underwear and asks if they knew him, the dead guy with the head" 934; in Himself'sLow-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991; <A HREF="#jvd">See alsovan Dyne, Joelle </A>

Public Garden
427; Marathe's favorite off-duty place, in Boston MA; draining the pond in November, 621;

Puente, Tito
22; latin singer and bandleader (b. Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr., Apr 20, 1923, NYC.)

Purity Supreme Market
461; in Allston MA, where Gately shops for Ennet House

129; junkie in Boston

pursuiva le bonheur
427; French: "pursuit of happiness"; "il ne faut plus qu'on pursuive le bonheur" 483;

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