vade mecum
156; " A useful thing that one constantly carries about; A book, such as a guidebook, for ready reference." (American Heritage Dictionary)

Valayat, Pir
34 ; promulgater of "North American sufism"

van Cleve, Ruth
595; "brand-new Court-Ordered female" at Ennet House "who looks like one of those people you see in pictures of African famine"; 698; dumped her baby in an alley, 699; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714;

van der Meer, Dennis
82; "a Dutch immigrant low-level pro who became a major pro coach and tennis-education-theory guru" (fn.184); 457;

van der Rohe
191; architect

fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student

van Dyne, Joelle

219; "retreat into broadcast sound" 220; wears a linen veil, 220; contemplating "the absolute end of her life and beauty" 221; "excruciatingly alive and encaged" 222; "veilless [...] like some grotesque clown" 223; involved w/Jim Incandenza, Jr., 224; "after the acid, after first Orin left and then Jim came and made her sit through that filmed apology-scene and then vanished and then came back" 225; "Imitate the wife and mother they both declined to shoot" 225; aka Madame P., 225; formerly lived w/Orin I., 227; living on Himself's "generous trust" 228; "has never seen the completed assembly of what she'd appeared in [...] and doubts that any sum of scenes as pathologic as he'd stuck that long quartzy auto-wobbling lens on the camera and filmed her for could have been as entertaining as he'd said the thing he'd always wanted to make had broken his heart by ending up" 228; "mirror of quality plate" 229; background, 234; "deveiled, too pretty for words, maybe the Prettiest Girl of All Time" 239, 290; 249; 289; "the prettiness getting visibly worse day by day" 298; admitted to Ennet House on 11/8/YDAU, 345 (& fn.134); 361; 364; vegetarian, 475; talking w/Gately, 531; the veil, 533; "I'm so beautiful I drive anybody with a nervous system out of their fucking mind" 538; aka "Joe L."543; inI.J. , 549; 563; "after [J.v.D.] had been disfigured" 634; considering showing someone "the face" 710; obsessing on her teeth, 723; dream of Gately, 724; and cleaning, 736; and earplugs, 736; and Orin, 736; aka "Pokie" 737; introduced to Himself by Orin, 739; majored in "Film/Cartridge Studies" at MIT, 743; "terrible accident and deformation" 790; father "a low-pH chemist for a Kentucky reagent outfit" 792; the horrible accident described, 793; real name: Lucille Duquette, 795; bull named Mr. Man and mule named Chet, 861; being interrogated by B.S.S., 938-41; returning to Ennet House after interrogation and seeing in parked in front "the Middlesex County Sheriff's car [with] a uniform at the wheel absently feeling his face" 958; See also Madame Psychosis

van Dyne, Joe Lon
295; Joelle's father, of Shiny Prize, KY, and of the Dyne-Riney Proton Donor Reagent Corp. Of Boaz KY; 315; still "sucking air" 563; mother died same Thanksgiving Day that Joelle had "irreparable facial trauma" 791; real name: "Earl or Al Duquette of extreme southeast KY" 795; never named dogs, 861;

van Slack, Duncan
fn.148/1029; ETA student; "kid who carried a guitar around with himself everyplace but never played it" fn.324/1071;

van Vleck, Brian
115; ETA student; 460;

265; ETA term for Vector/Angle/Pace/Spin; 568;

Vaught Caryn
214; 17-year-old ETA student & twin of Sharyn, from Akron, OH; ONAN's top-ranked junior women's doubles team (w/Sharyn); "special one-match doubles exhibition" 217; twins "play as one" 218; 661;

Vaught, Sharyn
214; 17-year-old ETA student & twin of Caryn, from Akron, OH; ONAN's top-ranked junior women's doubles team (w/Caryn); "special one-match doubles exhibition" 217; 661;

281; Victory by Default

259; #1 American tennis "kid", in Florida

Veals, P. Tom
415; co-owner of Viney and Veals; Gentle's campaign manager, 418; Veals Associates Advertising, 440; 11/20/YDAU meeting re ads warning against viewing dubious entertainment cartridges, 876;

Velvety Vocalists Guild
381; "the tanned, gold-chained labor union" headed by Johnny Gentle; enforced "Live Silence" strike-thing

64; 190; stress, 144-51;Video-Physiognomic Dysphoria (VPD), 147;Transmittable Tableau (TT), 149;Optimistic Misrepresentational Masking (OMM), 149; Tableaux, 149, fn.234/1039;

Vienna, Virginia Szechuan steakhouse
411; "where ... Subsidized Tim was conceived";

204; street argot for the bookmaker's commission on an illegal bet

Viney and Veals Advertising
360; in Boston MA; orchestrated cable campaign against the Big Four; 393; 412;

Vinoy, Kely
129; prostitute in Boston

231; of Emerson College, at Notkin's party

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